Xfinity® Voice is a reliable home phone service offered by Comcast Corporation®. Dubbed as the future of landline phone service, Xfinity® Voice offers incredible calling features that enable users to connect with friends and family around the world. Xfinity® Voice comes with an assortment of calling features that satisfy all the communication needs of customers. Besides, it is also the preferred mode of communication during emergencies for many users, due to its enhanced 911 support feature.

These calling features extend the capabilities of voice calling which will be of great use to the customers. Xfinity® Voice features state of the art infrastructure offering crystal clear transmission and reception of calls to anywhere in the world. Xfinity® Voice is a digital phone service, also called as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) that needs a voice modem for transmission.

Included in the Xfinity® Wireless Gateway are a voice modem and Wi-Fi router to access Xfinity® Internet. These are available to users for rent at a rate of $10 per month. You may also purchase your own modem to use with the service. The following are the major home phone plans offered by Xfinity® Voice.

Xfinity Voice Plan Price Features
Voice unlimited $49.99/month Good voice quality. Unlimited calling facility. Excellent customer support.

Xfinity phone services can be combined with its internet and TV plans. This enables the customers to get all the services with a single provider. This gives them facility to enjoy reliable services with a prominent provider.

Xfinity phone bundles also provide the customers with a facility to enjoy the services at a lesser cost, when they are availed separately. At the same time, it provides facility to manage single bill instead of getting multiple bills for the services availed.

Xfinity® Voice Unlimited

Xfinity® Voice Unlimited offer users with the option to talk to anyone in almost about half of the world. It allows you to call to Canada, China, India, Mexico, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Puerto Rico. Besides, this plan also offers unlimited nationwide calling with exceptional voice clarity. Essential features of this home phone plan are:

  • Xfinity® Connect App - Customers who opt for the Xfinity® Voice Unlimited home phone plan can access the Xfinity® Connect app. This app offers unlimited nationwide calling and texting on any of Wi-Fi enabled devices of the customer.
  • Voice + TV - Bundling Xfinity® Voice with X1 provides advanced calling features such as voicemail and caller ID to customers. This enables subscribers to access voicemail and Caller ID across a range of devices like smart TV, smartphone, tablet, and laptop.
  • Nomorobo™ - Nomorobo™ is an Xfinity® Voice service that aids to automatically block spam calls.

Xfinity® Voice Unlimited Saver

Xfinity® Voice Unlimited Saver is another home phone plan offered by Comcast Xfinity®. Customers opting for this plan are offered with unlimited nationwide calling and exceptional voice clarity. Basic calling features such as Caller ID, Caller ID Blocking, and Call Waiting are available with this plan. You can also add the Voicemail feature to this home phone plan by paying an additional fee of $3.95 per month.

Xfinity Phone Plans & Deals

Xfinity Stream app

Your entertainment right in your hands.

All your TV all in one place with the Xfinity Stream app. Stream live TV and Xfinity On Demand on any device at home or on the go. If you’re an X1 customer you can also stream or download your DVR shows to your device and watch anywhere. Available from iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.


Performance Plus Saver – Double Play Xfinity Package


  • Reliable Xfinity internet at 60 Mbps speed
  • Good quality Xfinity home phone services
  • More than 125 channels to watch
  • Unlimited calling facility
  • 2 years agreement with price guarantee
  • Excellent customer service
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X1 Saver Pro Triple Play


  • Reliable Xfinity internet at 100 Mbps
  • Good quality reliable home phone
  • More than 140 TV channels
  • Unlimited calling facility
  • Excellent customer service
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X1 Preferred Pro – Triple Play Bundle


  • Reliable internet with 400 Mbps speed
  • More than 220 TV channels
  • Reliable home phone facility
  • Unlimited calling
  • Excellent customer service
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Frequently Asked Questions

Xfinity unlimited voice costs $49.99/month.
Yes, Xfinity requires a landline phone and the related equipments to be installed for availing its home phone services.
Yes, Xfinity is a reliable provider providing good voice quality. So, it also provides unlimited calling facilities.
Xfinity voice includes nationwide calling facilities. Special features like caller id, call waiting, and many more are available.
Performance Plus double play package includes phone and internet services. It costs $49.99/month.
Yes, it is possible to bundle internet, phone, and TV services in Xfinity. There are double play and triple play phone bundles available, which can be made use of.

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