Binge video watchers, music lovers, social media junkies, and gamers have one thing in common – they demand unlimited data. Not just unlimited data but they would want data at an affordable cost. It is this phenomenon that is driving more and more people to go for prepaid plans. Prepaid plans give you the power over your spends yet you have the freedom to use your data uninterrupted because it’s unlimited and loaded with many features.

T Mobile’s attractive unlimited plan was already acquiring new subscribers and then comes in MetroPCS with its constellation of dazzling prepaid offers. MetroPCS was the first to allow calls using LTE Data way back in 2012 and went on to offer the best unlimited High-speed Data Plans. Now it’s merged with T Mobile. So why would two popular carriers merge as one? The only answer one can think of is a logical one. The best have to be together to offer the best in the prepaid space.

MetroPCS Stores in the real world

Wireless phones seem very detached and make one wonder if they are firmly planted in the air or if they exist at all. The key strength of MetroPCS is its 10000 + physical stores. Their plans and phones are available exclusively in the stores only and its not even available at T Mobile stores as of now.

So why is that the physical store so important? What if you want to weigh the options and discuss with a real person? What if you want to touch and feel and have a conversation in the store while buying? A store is a dedicated space and it’s important since choosing a mobile service provider is not a picnic. Well then the stores are there only for you to take the decision to buy but for support, you don’t have to stand in long lines or make endless calls.

All you have to do is download the free app from google play store. The app allows you to make changes to the account, check the balance and due date. You can review your 4G data usage, and make payments and change the plans and features and lots more. All this can be done without standing in line or calling up someone.

The plans are competitive in fact it’s the best in its category. Now add the special offers you get in the stores. MetroPCS has a big plus with its stores sprinkled generously all over. These stores can provide you with big offers. As of now, you get an iPhone 6s for $49 in or you can get a 91% discount at the store if you plan to switch to MetroPCS from another carrier.

The potency of the MetroPCS prepaid offers.

Let’s try to unpack the fizz and power behind MetroPCS prepaid offers. On October 2018 MetroPCS rechristened as Metro by T-Mobile, unveiled two new data plans and added more power to their existing ones. Offering a potent fusion of 10 gigs and high-speed data for its $40 plan.

MetroPCS is without any doubt has the best array of all-unlimited plans spiced up with offers from Amazon Prime and Google One for $60. While Amazon Prime loads up its shopping and entertainment benefits into the MetroPCS plan you have Google One offering 100 GB storage to store your photos and videos and other documents.

Metro PCs uses the T Mobile network which means its coverage is close to 99% in the US covering more than 323 million people. Dominating on the prepaid segment with a virtual stranglehold of the market. It’s the best-prepaid provider with its plans ranging from its existing $30 and $40 and then the newly launched $50 and $60. Before we get into the plans it’s important to understand the pros and cons of the carrier.

The network is robust in urban zones but tends to dip in rural areas. So its best that you check the coverage maps to make sure it works for you. It does not provide you with an auto pay discount but the rates include taxes. On the positive side, it sure is the best provider for talking, texting, and data. Its performance matches that of its parent company T-Mobile.

In the 2018 JD Power annual survey on the industry both T-Mobile and MetroPCS come up with identical scores, 828 on a 1000 point scale. The survey takes care of the qualitative on the quantitative aspects. While it may consider the network quality it also takes into account what the customers feel about the service and the brand. T Mobile topped in the full-service carrier segment while MetroPCS topped the prepaid sector.

Being a prepaid service provider with a competitive price line would mean that its the hot favorite for the demanding and discerning consumers in the days to come.

MetroPCS prepaid plans

What makes MetroPCS the best. The price point is a big advantage. Most of the leading players in the prepaid segment charge close to $30 for 1GB or less. For the same $30 you get 2 GB with MetroPCS. Being the first wireless career to launch 4G LTE has its advantages. Now with the merger with T Mobile which has the same LTE coverage as MetroPCS means that as a provider it has a lot going.

MetroPCS plans are uncomplicated and clean. The choice available is simple. Four plans and two of them offer unlimited data. It offers a plan for the family with a discount of $10, $20 or $30 discount for every single line that you add up in a given plan. The 10GB Plan has unlimited music streaming from top streaming services, including Pandora, iHeartRadio, Apple Music, Slacker, and Spotify.

The best thing is streaming music from either of them will not count in the 4G LTE data plan. Which means the data charges do not apply. Just in case if you tend to get overboard and move from music to videos you still in a safe zone. MetroPCS Data Maximizer will optimize the videos streamed from some select services which mean it does not gobble up your data.

Here are the plans:

  • 2GB: $30. (high-speed data)
  • 10GB: $40 (Music Unlimited Included Stream 40+ music apps without using up your data Hotspot not included Save $10 on each additional line
  • Unlimited: $50 (includes 5GB mobile hot spot data and Google One 100GB cloud storage)
  • Unlimited: $60 (includes 15GB mobile hot spot data, Google One 100 GB Amazon Prime)

Security and flexibility

If you are looking for a low-cost cellular plan and not particular of the big names in the business then you have a lot to choose from. Now with MetroPCS, you still have the option of choosing a low-cost carrier and yet have the comfort of being under the wings of a big brand. This synergy puts MetroPCS ahead of many of the providers in that category. While you drive a bargain by choosing MetroPCS you can also be assured that the commitment and the service quality is top notch. This is the combination that is winning more and more subscribers to the network.