DirecTV is a satellite service provider that transmits satellite television and audio to almost all parts of US. It competes with Dish network as well as cable service providers and places itself in an esteemed position.

DirecTV offers family-friendly channels through which you can focus about bringing together your entire family in the leisure time at your home. You can watch your favorite music channels on DirecTV. At the same time, if you have people from different age groups in your family, you can also opt for sports, game shows, and movie packages exclusively meant for entertaining your family members of various age groups.

Quick look on HD Channels

The videos broadcasted through the HD channels are clear and sharp. HD channels facilitate digital sound transmission. Just by sitting at the comfort of your home, you can experience a fun-filled theatre experience.

Directv has added two HD channels, namely Game Show Network and FM Music to its list of channels. Let us discuss a few points about the two HD channels.

Game Show Network

The game show network broadcasts both the originally produced game shows and repeat of the programs featured by other networks. DirecTV and Sony own the rights for Game Show Network together and the DirecTV has taken a long time for adding the GSN in high definition. Here are some of the most popular shows featured on Game Show Network.

Family Feud

Family Feud is a family game show created by Mark Woodson. Two family teams are involved in the competition to win cash and prizes. Two members of the winning family will play the final fast money round to win a cash bonus. The grand prize for the competition varies with time.

Family Feud ranked number 3 on GSN’s 2006 hit list of game shows and it was also there on TV Guide’s 2013 game shows hit list. The Family Feud show is presently directed by Ken Fuchs and Rubin Ervin is the narrator of the show.

Skin Wars

Skilled and extremely talented body painters compete against each other to win the game show, skin wars. It is a reality show hosted by Rebecca Romijin. The contestants of Skin Wars accept a series of challenges in every episode. At the end of every episode, one competitor will be eliminated. The final contestant who is still in the competition will be winner of the season. So far, several seasons have been conducted and the contestants have won prizes in the show.


Idiotest is a popular game show broadcast by GSN. The contestants in the series compete in a group of two. They have to solve the brainteasers and puzzles. The winning team will go ahead and participate in the bonus round to increase their prize.

Another interesting feature introduced to the Idiotest game show offered an opportunity to the viewers to win prizes by answering a few questions related to previous episodes.

The FM Channel

The FM Channel is one of theDirecTV music channels. The FM channel focuses primarily on music programs targeted on young Americans. The channel features videos and other programs as well and is owned by the Fuse Network. The programs of Nuvo channel were merged into FM channel since the launch of the music channel. Thus the programs previously featured on Nuvo TV were also broadcasted on the FM channel.

The FM channel, one of the popular music channels on directv broadcasts one of the popular crime dramas, Dexter. The drama series is focused on a forensic technician, Dexter Morgan and his secret parallel life as a serial killer who hunts down murderers. This show is based on the novel, “Darkly Dreaming Dexter.”

The Game Show Network is on channel 233; Whereas, one of the directv music channels, FM music channel is on channel 386 on DirecTV.


With the addition of GSN and FM music channels, you can aim at refreshing days ahead. You can make your holidays interesting with the game shows  and other programs on GSN channels and add a melody to your life with FM music channel. You can also have a good entertainment with the comedy shows, crime and other types of dramas and shows on FM music channel.