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31 Mar

A Brief Comparison Of AT&T® And Charter Spectrum® Internet Plans

Internet Providers

Internet Plans Comparison

If you are in search of an internet provider who offers reliable and fast internet service in the United States, then AT&T®and Charter® are two of the most popular and best choices available to you. However, it is true that you will have to consider a few factors before deciding between Charter® and AT&T® for home broadband.


AT&T® U-Verse is actually a broadband phone, cable, and internet service provider. They offer connectivity to customers via fiber networks and DSL. On the other hand, Charter Communications offers business and residential fiber internet, cable, and phone under the brand name Spectrum®. Here are a few details on some of the popular internet plans offered by both AT&T® and Charter ®Communications. We hope that this will help you to choose the fastest internet provider for your needs.

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AT&T® U-Verse Internet Deals

The basic internet plan offered by AT&T® U-Verse is available to customers for just $40 a month for the first 12 months. Customers will receive a maximum downloading speed of 45 Mbps and an uploading speed of 6 Mbps with a data cap of 1000 GB per month. However, customers will have to pay an installation fee of $99 initially. In addition to that, the price of this package will increase to $70 a month after one year of installation.

If you are not happy with the speed of 45 Mbps, then you could subscribe to the second internet plan of AT&T® U-Verse. Customers who are under this plan will be able to enjoy a download and upload speed of 100 Mbps. The data cap for this plan is also 1000 GB a month. The 1-year promo rate for this package is $70; however, the price of the package will increase to $99 after a year.

Charter Spectrum® Internet Deals

Fastest Internet Provider

AT&T® Vs Charter Spectrum®

The internet only package offered by Charter Spectrum is available to customers for just $44.99 a month. Charter offers an incredible download speed of 100 Mbps and there are no data caps in this package. However, the price of this package will rise to $64.99 after one year. In addition to that, you will also have to pay a setup fee while installing the equipment.

If you are looking to bundle your cable, internet and home phone package, then Charter allows you to do so at just $89.97 per month. However, this is the 1-year promo rate but the regular rate is $148.97. Customers will receive a maximum downloading speed of 100 Mbps with no data caps through this plan.

14 Oct

The Growing Trend Of Online TV Services

Dish Network Packages

DirecTV® Now

Sling TV of Dish Network and PlayStation VUE of Sony have been selling television packages for the last eighteen months like the cable companies, but via internet. Trends show that many more providers are also planning to follow their lead.

Experts say that Apple, Amazon, YouTube from Google®, and DirecTV® from AT&T®, are all working enthusiastically to jump in the internet delivered live streaming TV services arena. A recent report on live streaming TV showed that these options would reach a subscriber base of 15 million by the end of 2020.

The expected 15 million subscribers of live TV services is very small when compared to the 100 million US homes that pay for TV services from satellite or cable TV provider, but the growth of online TV packages looks big when compared to the shrinking traditional pay TV services. Satellite® and cable TV services have lost a total of 1.1 million users in the last year, and streaming alternatives are the sure cause of this fall.

It is believed that online TV services could be the next technology change in TV watching habits of Americans. In wake of that, many traditional TV providers and tech firms are rolling out online TV packages. However, there is also bit of throwback in these services, as those like Sling TV are very similar to the cable television services that people have been buying for years. It is a collection of channels, available for a fixed price; the only being the medium of broadcast.

Dish Network Packages

Online TV Services

The typical appealing factor of online Pay TV service is the small number of channels that are included in the service. As there are only few channels, the service tends to be less expensive. For instance, Sling TV from Dish® Network offers a collection of 25 channels for a price of 20 dollars per month. So, if the number of channels were to be increased, the price of the package would be hiked accordingly.

Cable TV companies are not yet worried about the online TV services, but these services are a potential risk to cable TV networks. Online TV channels have so far been pitched as a service for those Americans who do not pay for any traditional TV services. However, the streaming services offered by Sony, Dish, and many others are potential assault on cable TV services.

29 Sep

Which Of The DVRs Is Best In Skipping Commercials?

Dish Network Channel Guide

Hopper 3 DVR

At CEDIA 2016, Dish had some fresh competition in the TV commercial skipping front, as TiVo also skips television ads now. So, which of the two is the best? The comparison of these DVRs shared here sheds more light on the two devices.

Dish® AutoHop

Dish® Network service works flawlessly for the prime time shows with the AutoHop technology, and it is obvious that this feature keeps users happy. The feature works so well because Dish® has people who sit and watch the show as it is aired to flag the beginning and end of the advertisements for AutoHop. The bigger treat is the PrimeTime Anytime service from Dish®, that records big TV network shows in crucial hours, and with the 2 TB storage space offered with Hopper 3, this feature is really a treat.

Besides that, Dish® tags only some of the primetime shows in a selected number of networks, and the worst part is that AutoHop feature will not be available for some days after the show airs. In addition, Dish also has to maintain their relationships with the major networks, out of which, most of them sued and then settled to some agreement with Dish ®Network over AutoHop.

TiVo SkipMode

TiVo comes with Roamio, Bolt, and Bolt+ SkipMode services. TiVo does not need to appease any network or studio as Dish does, so they can skip anything. The latest SkipMode services from TiVo cover all the top 20 channels in the US, and the best part is that commercial-free versions of the programs are available in about five minutes after the original airing.

Dish Network

TiVo SkipMode

TiVo tags only the beginning of the TV segments and not the end. This means that they are bookmarking the chapters of the program, and so, a user can press the skip button to go to the next segment of the show. The feature is handy not only to skip commercials but also to jump through slow bits of a show. The only downside is that the user needs to be at the remote always to skip the ads.

29 Aug

Get The Dish® 2 Year Price Lock Deal | Call 1-855-398-2985

If you are a satellite TV subscriber, you might have run across the two-year price lock options that are offered by Dish Network and DirecTV®. This article compares the two year price lock plans from both these satellite TV providers and the total cost for the users across the life of the contract. If you observe closely, you can understand that each of the providers have a slightly different way of qualifying for the plan.

Who Qualifies For The Deal

Like all the recent promotional plans, this 2 year price lock deal can be availed only by the new customers. However, if you either had a Dish® or DirecTV® connection years ago, there are chances that you may qualify for the plan.

There are not much qualifying terms with Dish® Network, but only those Dish Network packages with Hopper DVR are on offer. All charges for DVR are included in the two-year price lock deal and customers do not need to worry about any additional charges for the device.

DirecTV®, on the other hand, has definite qualifying terms for its 2-year price lock deal. As they recently merged with AT&T®, DirecTV® needs the subscribers to bundle at least one of the AT&T® service to be qualified for the two-year price deal. AT&T® services include Internet, telephone, and wireless.

Dish® 2 Year Price Lock Plan

Dish Network Packages

Dish® Network Offers

The 2 year price lock deal is a very good way to avoid the possibility of a price hike for the next two years. There are advantages like paying the same bill every month, no price hikes in between plans, and no hidden fees. It will be easy for you to plan your budget around it, as you get the same bill every month for twenty-four months.

Another thing that you need to take into account is the unexpected price hike, which is quite a lot common these days. You never know when the TV service provider will increase their rates; so going for a two-year price lock deal will help you avoid such price hikes in the future. Even with the rise in cost of living, inflation, and other economic factors, you could safely be assured that the cost of your entertainment needs will not go up over time.

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05 Jul

Cable TV’s And Its Alternative

Cable TV Alternatives

DirecTV® Channels

Cable TV is the oldest known way of delivering entertainment channels to the people. It is best known for the flexibility of selecting your preferred channels to watch, instead of paying for a package with unwanted channels. However, the traditional way of watching TV is suffering huge competition from other cable TV alternatives for a long time and is slowly losing to them. Cable TV has become more costly compared to other options, when taken into consideration the features and clarity they offer. Here are some prime cable TV alternatives you can choose from, if you were planning a move.

Satellite TV

Dish Vs DirecTV

Dish® Packages

This is the leading provider of entertainment channels and services. Some notable names in this segment are Dish and DirecTV®. When comparing Dish vs DirecTV®, you can see that both offer some unwanted channels as part of their packages, but the customer services and quality of the signal make them a better choice.

CBS All Access

Starting at around $10 a month, this is one of the best cable TV alternatives you can opt for. It allows streaming access to network and on demand access to your favorite shows. It also gives access to around 7500 shows, without any interruptions.

05 Jul

Which Provider Is Better For Soccer Fans?

Dish Vs DirecTV

DirecTV® Services

Soccer is in the air, and soccer fans are in search of television networks that cover complete matches. Before signing up for the common service providers like DirecTV ®or Dish Network, you will need to compare the services that are offered by them. The Dish vs DirecTV® comparison shared here will help you decide the best-suited service provider for you.

Both DirecTV® and Dish® offer many networks that cover soccer matches. In addition, they offer access to streaming services like NBC Sports® Live Extra, Fox® Sports GO, and belN® Sports Connect. There are also the overflow channels that broadcast games that are not available on the regular network. It is understood that DirecTV® offers more channels than Dish Network, but the subscription charges are bit higher.


Dish® Network Channels

As per the rating of World Soccer Talk readers, the quality of transmission offered by DirecTV® is better than that of Dish® Network. Also, DirecTV® offers UEFA overflow channels that allow users to watch Europa League and Champions League games. On the other hand, the advantage of going with Dish® Network is that you can have the latest Hopper 3 DVR that offers picture quality that is equal or better than that of DirecTV®.

If only the soccer networks offered by the service providers are taken into account, you will understand that DirecTV® offers most of the channels in High Definition, where Dish ®Network offers some of these channels in Standard Definition.

From the above discussion, it is clear that for the die hard soccer fan, DirecTV® will be the best network to choose. So, what are you waiting for? Sign up for any of the DirecTV ®packages today, and enjoy soccer in High Definition channels!

01 Jul

A Snapshot Of DirecTV® And Its Offered Packages


DirecTV® Offers

DirecTV® is one of the leading satellite TV service providers in the United States, Latin America, and Caribbean. DirecTV® enables users to connect up to 8 devices wirelessly to on HDDVR. It has a Reverse Time feature that allows you to watch missed programs in the last 72 hours. It also features a 14-day list of programs.

DirecTV® offers exclusive programs like NFL Sunday Ticket and can watch up to eight NFL® matches at once. DirecTV® is the best option out there for every die-hard sports fan. It offers the largest number of Premium and Sports channels with HD clarity.

Genie, DirecTV®’s most advanced HD DVR system, is capable of recording up to 5 shows at once and can store up to 200 hrs of HD entertainment. It also has a tune in feature, where you can keep track of your favorite sporting events at one place, and view them with the click of a button.

Genie DVR is filled with features like picture in picture, which allows a person to see two channels on one screen simultaneously. Genie Minis allow you to watch, pause, record, and delete shows in any room using a single Genie DVR.

DirecTV® have 13 satellites in orbit ensuring good connection in the North American Continent. In comparison to other cable service providers and networks, subscribing to DirecTV® costs 50% less, where offering 3o% extra channels at the same time.

DirecTV® Packages

DirecTV Packages

Satellite TV Provider

DirecTV® packages comes under six categories, namely SELECT, ENTERTAINMENT, CHOICE, XTRA, ULTIMATE, and PREMIER. DirecTV® Select package offers you 145+ channels, including all local channels for 12 months and premium channels from HBO®, STARZ® and ShowTime® for a limited time of 3 months. The DirecTV® Select package comes for $50 per month.

The DirecTV® Entertainment package features 150+ channels at the rate of $55 a month, where the DirecTV® Choice package offers 175+ channels at a monthly rate of $60 for 12 months. The DirecTV® XTRA package comes for $70 a month for 12 months and offers 220+ channels, where the DirecTV® Ultimate package features 240+channels at a monthly cost of $75 for 12 months.

The DirecTV® Premier package offers you 315+ channels at a rate of $125 per month for a year. All DirecTV® packages except for the DirecTV® Select package have free subscription of NFL Sunday Ticket MAX. So, if you are a sports and movies fan, DirecTV® would be the best match for your entertainment needs.

27 Jun

A Brief Comparison Of Dish® Vs DirecTV®

Cable TV Alternatives

Dish® Network Packages

Thinking on cutting the cord and move to satellite TV? You may be confused on the satellite TV connection to subscribe, as there are two leaders in the market, Dish® Network and DirecTV®. To simplify the task, the Dish® vs DirecTV® comparison shared below outlines on the content of the programs transmitted by both the providers.


It is true that the basic program packages that are offered by DirecTV® and Dish® Network are similar in many ways. Both these satellite TV networks offer

  • 300 plus channels
  • 200 plus HD channels
  • Access to local broadcasts
  • Free subscription of STARZ®, Showtime®, HBO®, and Cinemax®
  • Sports packages like MILB Extra Innings, NBA League Pass, MLS Direct Kick, NHL Center Ice, ESPN Full Court, and ESPN College Football

This means that both the providers have many things in common. If you go with Dish Network, you can get free access to HD programs. You need not pay any extra money to access these HD channels. You can also get a subscription to Sirius XM, which allows you to access satellite music channels together with the Pandora app.

Dish Vs DirecTV

DirecTV® Packages

On the other hand, if you go for DirecTV ®subscription, you will not get the free HD offering, but you can get access to the NFL Sunday ticket for free. This is an exclusive add-on, which is available only with the DirecTV® network. Also, you can get the bundled SmartMusicTap subscription with DirecTV®.

The last difference is the languages that are supported by the service. Dish® network offers programs in a variety of languages from Spanish and Italian to Tagalog and Urdu, but DirecTV® offers programs in just eight languages. This means that unless you need to watch NFL Sunday Ticket or you are looking for specific language programs, both the satellite TV services offer identical programs and shows.

17 Jun

Which Is Better: DirecTV® Or Dish® Network?

Users of the satellite TV services know that different service providers offer a variety of services. Both Dish Network and DirecTV® have their own benefits and disadvantages. DirecTV® offers good customer service, but Dish offers Live 24/7 customer support.

Dish® Network also offers the Hopper DVR that helps users skip ads in Primetime. However, DirecTV® offers some basic HD channels that are missing in the Dish Network. Below is a Dish vs DirecTV® comparison that might help you find the best satellite TV network.

Dish® Vs DirecTV® Rundown

As per the opinion of the users, Dish® offers the best balance of channels, features, and value for money services. It is true that Dish Network lacks the NFL Sunday Ticket, which is a prime offering by DirecTV®, but the Hopper DVR and Joey boxes provided by them are excellent pieces of hardware. A key advantage of having Hopper DVR is that the users can skip commercials on popular channels and it can be accessed in any location with Internet.

Also, the three year price lock offered by Dish Network helps users to avoid the hike in cost in the middle of a contract. The three-year price lock is actually a good feature for customers, if they choose the packages wisely and judiciously.

Dish Vs DirecTV

NFL Sunday Ticket

In case of DirecTV®, their channels lineup is the main attraction. DirecTV® packages offer most of the HD channels, while Dish® Network does not. Also, DirecTV® provides discounts on the premium channels at the commencement of the service. Users can also avail discounts on additional premium channels after adding them to the subscription list.

DirecTV® offers access to many On Demand shows and movies, and users can watch shows from anywhere on a variety of devices like a tablet, laptop, or cell phone. Another advantage, after the acquisition of DirecTV® by AT&T®, is that users can bundle DirecTV® subscription with AT&T® Internet packages.

From the above discussion, it is clear that both the networks offers attractive packages. So users needs to make the selection of the television network based on their need.

08 Jun

Television Streaming And Traditional TV

Dish Network Packages

Cable Networks

Streaming videos is the latest trend in the television industry, and PlayStation VUE has made streaming easy for the people. Apart from this, service providers like Sling TV is adding more and more features and stations to their services. These changes, together with the announcement of YouTube and Hulu offering streaming services, have provided the users with more choices to watch TV than ever.

The only limiting factor of the streaming services is the price and this is the factor that leaves users wondering if they need to drop their satellite or cable TV network just yet. When television streaming services is compared with the traditional Dish Network packages or cable networks, we can understand where these services sit, especially in terms of cost to the customers.

Popular television services like DirecTV® and Dish® Network offers packages that include more than hundred channels with two-year subscriptions. Television streaming services do not offer this pricing guarantee to the customers, as these services does not have contracts.

DirecTV Family Package

Streaming Television

However, the price of the television services offered by Cox Communications is comparable to that of television streaming. Cox® offers a lower tier package than the satellite TV providers, but the package does not come anywhere near satellite or streaming television offers in terms of sports channels and family programs.

Sling TV can be considered the pioneer in television streaming. As per the CEO of Dish® Network, Joe Clayton, the introduction of Sling TV to their list is the “launch of a new industry.” Surely, the service provider is going to benefit a lot, if streaming trend grows bigger.

Television streaming can be a viable option from the outside, but when the rates are considered, satellite TV networks is the most feasible option in the current situation. We can hope that the service providers will cut down the charges and make these services more affordable to the public. Only then, streaming options would allure more customers to ditch their traditional satellite or cable TV networks.


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