One America News (OAN) and A Wealth of Entertainment (AWE) are the two channels from Herring Networks. You can now watch the two Herring Network channels, OAN and AWE channels on AT&T- owned DirecTV and also on the online streaming service, the DirecTV Now.

AT&T, the parent company of DirecTV is one of the best internet providers in the US. The cheap and best internet deals offered by the telecom giant have attracted plenty of customers towards their offerings over the years.

Glimpse on OAN, AWE, and the Service Providers

One America News on DirecTV will be accessible on channel number 347 and AWE will be available on channel number 387. According to Herring Network, addition of their channels to DirecTV are made available to the customers in high definition format or standard definition format depending on the service they subscribe. The channels are available in a broadly distributed package.

It would be great news to millions of people in the US as Herring Network has reached an agreement with DirecTV and DirecTV Now, which will enable them to broadcast the two channels OAN and AWE. In spite of it, the two channels, namely, AWE and OAN will reach out to at least 30 to 35 million homes across the US through various other distributors such as Century Link Prism TV, Frontier Communications, Verizon Fios, and many more.

One America News on DirecTV and DirecTV Now

OAN is an international news channel owned by Herring Networks. It has been founded by them in a goal to deliver incredible news coverage, all through the day. Most of its political talk shows are primarily shaped with a conservative perspective. The OAN channel is noted for its pro-Trump coverage as per the Washington Post. The channel is mainly noted for the contents like pro-Trump coverage, anti-Clinton coverage, and stories on Presidential election 2016.

In 2017, OAN obtained a permanent seat in the White House’s briefing room. OAN is well-known for its coverage on Trump’s administration as well.

One America News has become one of the reliable sources of news giving 21 hours of live news coverage every weekday. The channel also provides two-hour political talk shows like the Daily Ledger and Tipping Point with Liz Wheeler. The news coverage given by OAN is quite high compared to other news channels operating in the US.

According to Herring Networks, the news channel provides opinions only in the talk shows. Other programs in the channel are not opinion-driven and are just balanced. OAN is trying to expand and also compete with CNN and Fox news channels.

A Wealth of Entertainment – AWE Channel on DirecTV and DirecTV now

AWE is an entertainment and lifestyle-based channel owned by Herring Network. The channel launched one of the famous programs for boxing, “Wealth TV’s Fight Night.” This brought many boxing fans to the channel.

In spite of it, you can also watch many fun-filled and inspiring programs like amazing homes, live world championship boxing, health and fitness programs, thrilling travel destination based programs, and many more on AWE. AWE is a family-oriented TV channel. The channel provides you a way to bring all your family members together under a single roof, at some point of time. Thus, you can have a thorough enjoyment along with your entire family.

Conclusive Thoughts

The addition of OAN and AWE networks on DirecTV and DirecTV Now has made it easy for the people to obtain wide news coverage and entertainment available at their doorstep. The channels have drawn many different types of customers to join the network because of the trust-worthy programs.