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Now that their acquisition of Time Warner’s media assets is completed, AT&T® is planning to launch a new streaming service, and acquire more companies to bolster its advertising platform. The CEO of AT&T®, Randall Stephenson, revealed their future plans to a news channel, a day after the Telco acquired Time Warner® and got control of Turner Broadcasting, Warner Bros., and HBO.

The best internet provider will make a formal announcement about the acquisitions it will make in future to improve their advertising platform. “We’re standing up a significant advertising platform; you should expect some smaller [mergers and acquisitions] in the coming weeks to demonstrate our commitment to that,” Stephenson said.

Reports say that the Telco will launch AT&T® Watch TV in the upcoming months, which is a streaming service that comprises the programming from Turner’s cable networks. The AT&T® CEO said that Watch TV is an extremely “skinny bundle” that will not comprise programming centered on sports. “It will be entertainment-centered. If you’re an AT&T® unlimited customer it will be free, or you can buy it for $15 a month on any platform.”

The unlimited wireless plans of AT&T® already have HBO prior to the purchase of the media company, which came into effect after a federal judge announced a ruling in their favor recently. “Those are the kinds of things we’ll be bringing to market [because of the Time Warner® buy],” Stephenson further said. “These will be ad-supported models.”

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He also said that, “Every single one of our mobile customers will get” the streaming service, even though it is unclear as to what it means because only subscribers with unlimited data packages will get AT&T® Watch TV for free. More details about the streaming service will be revealed once the best internet provider makes a formal announcement soon. Meanwhile, the spotlight remains on the advertising platform’s launch, which was revealed to a channel after the acquisition of Time Warner®, now renamed it to WarnerMedia, by AT&T®.

The fastest internet provider has been making ads a larger part of their business over the recent past, and is expected to deliver content inclusive of advertisements on different platforms now that the streaming service is on the cards. Although, the media speculates that AT&T® could let their non-unlimited mobile subscribers stream AT&T® Watch TV without having to use up the data limits.