Cable TV Providers Pricing & Packages

Cable TV Provider Cox Spectrum Optimum Xfinity
Starting Price $25/month $44.99/month $59.95/month $49.99/month
Channels Offered 75-140+ channels 125 – 220+ channels 220-420+ channels More than 140 channels
Contract Period No contract also available No contract 1 year 1 year agreement
Benefits Access to local channels along with a few popular entertainment and music channels HD picture quality. Watch movies. Optional DVR facility included Includes HD channels to watch. Facility to include add-ons Facility to watch thousands of Xfinity on-demand channels. Good picture quality.

Cable TV services provide better and cheaper options for viewing all your favorite and popular TV channels. It would provide a way for you to spend time with your family during your leisure time. Moreover, if you wish to save your money, there are ways that your cable TV providers offer you. Cable TV can be bundled with your phone or internet services. It is also possible to combine cable TV with internet and home phone services. All these options would save money. They also help in obtaining a single bill for the services you opt for.

Cox TV + Internet Services (Double Play Bundle)

Reliable internet up to 10 Mbps internet speed

Offers 75+ channels

Cox TV mini-box has parental controls, which helps you have control over your kids

HD picture quality in providing the TV services

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Spectrum TV Select + Internet (Double Play Bundle)

High speed internet up to 200 Mbps

Facility to watch more than 125+ channels

Access to Spectrum TV app is provided

Excellent customer support

Heavy browsing and streaming facilities

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Xfinity TV + Internet + Voice (Triple Play Bundle)

Nationwide unlimited calling

Reliable internet up to 100 Mbps speed

More than 125 channels to watch

Professional installation

Xfinity stream app can be downloaded and watched

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Cable Providers in My Area
Cable Providers in My Area
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TheTriplePlay is your one-stop shop for comparing the cable TV plans and prices of leading cable providers in the country. We will help you find the best TV providers near you in a matter of few seconds. No matter whether you are looking for a cheap cable TV plan or the best lineup of sports, premium channels, and kid's programming, we can help find a package that meets your budget and needs.

We have partnered with some of the leading cable companies and TV providers in the United States including Cox®, Charter Spectrum ®, AT&T®, CenturyLink®, and Xfinity®. This has enabled us to offer a wide variety of TV plans to our customers. If you are moving to a new location or simply wish to switch the TV service at your home, we have made it super easy for you to find the best cable TV providers near you.

Our expert staff members are highly committed to helping you choose the best TV package available in your area. Once you find a certain TV service and plan that meets your requirements, we will immediately place the order and set up an installation date for your new TV service.

Move beyond simple broadcast TV channels and enjoy an extensive collection of popular channels in high definition by signing up with us. The cable TV services at our disposal bring a wide selection of full full-fledged digital TV packages, which will satisfy the needs of any customers. This also implies that you do enjoy the pleasure of choosing exactly how many channels you need in your new TV package.

Additionally, either you can purchase a solo cable television from us or you could bundle multiple services together such as cable TV and internet through providers such as Xfinity®, AT&T®, or Charter Spectrum®. Most cable TV providers offer discounts to customers who are bundling their internet and cable TV services together. Therefore, we will remind you of such factors and help you acquire the best cable deals available in the market.

The increased competition from fiber TV and satellite TV has made cable TV an affordable option for customers who are looking forward to subscribe to a cheap TV service. Furthermore, it has also significantly increased the number of features available to you but the pricing remains unaltered. Take advantage of all these features by simply getting in touch with TheTriplePlay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Cable TV is less affected by weather. So, cable TV service can be considered to be reliable compared to Satellite TV services.
Cable TV provides wide range of plans suitable to different types of customers. Plans are available right from budget customers to customers who prefer watching channels of specific genres. It is up to the need of the customer to select the plans and pricing. The cable TV plans are comparatively cheaper.
Cable TV delivers television channels to its customers through the radio frequency signals transmitted through coaxial cables.
Cable networks are reliable and faster than Wi-Fi networks. So, same coaxial cables can be used for cable TV and internet services.
Coaxial cables used in residences have higher bandwidth possess a lot of bandwidth. So, it is possible to use the same cable for cable and internet. A splitter can be used to send the same line to several devices like TV and internet.
Yes, it is possible to combine internet/home phone with your cable TV services. This is a better option to save your money.

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