AT&T Home Phone Plans

The Home Phone service from AT&T® is a comprehensive package offering voice communication services at the best rates. Besides, the service is available to the customers only as a bundled package, with Internet or TV. This bundled package offers advantage to the customers in grabbing the best deals and packages along with other added benefits. AT&T® offers one of the best services making use of their most modern telecommunication infrastructure and equipment.

The voice communication services from AT&T® offer crystal clear clarity to make long distance calls an enjoyable experience to the user. AT&T® has kept their promise of delivering basic phone services to everyone in the country through their exceptional packages, deals, and types of home phone services. The Home Phone + Internet bundled package is one of the best offerings from AT&T®, as both the services are available for discounted rates, which is an exceptional advantage to the customer.

By combining the digital home phone service with internet, AT&T® provides the customers with a highly reliable internet connection for just $60 per month. Home Phone + Internet + DirecTV is another bundled package available at $89.99 per month with a two-year contract.

AT&T Home Phone Plans

AT&T Home Phone Plans AT&T One Rate – Nationwide Direct 10 ¢ Calling Plan AT&T Nationwide calling 150 minutes Direct AT&T Unlimited Plus
Pricing $3.99/month or even lesser than that $16.99/month or even lesser than that $33.99/month or even lesser than that
Features In spite of the monthly fee, it is just charged with 10 ¢ per minute every day. 150 minutes of nationwide calling is allowed. For every additional minute, you are charged with 10 ¢ per minute. Unlimited calling facilities every day.

In spite of staying connected to your home through the home phone services, you are likely to get the benefit of combining your internet and TV services as well. If you bundle the services, you can save your money to a greater extent. It is also possible for you to get the waivers associated with bundling your phone, internet, and TV services.

Some of you might be worried about paying your bills at the right date without forgetting. Bundle services would be a very good option for such people. It is very easy and interesting to handle a single bill for the multiple services that you are likely to avail, which is why these bundle services are highly preferred by the customers.

Let us try to find out more about the bundle packages offered by AT&T.

AT&T® Phone

AT&T® Phone formerly known as U-Verse® Voice allows making and receiving calls via the AT&T® High-Speed Internet service. It comes with many advanced features such Voicemail, Address Book, Do Not Disturb, and a plethora of other useful features that offers extensive functionality for voice communications. AT&T® Phone comes with three basic home plans.

The Phone 200 plan is available for $20 per month. It offers unlimited calling to other AT&T® Phone subscribers along with free 200-minute calls anywhere and at any time in the US, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands.

Phone Unlimited North America is another plan available at $9.99 per month. To avail this service for a 24-month period the customer must select a triple play bundle. This plan offers unlimited calling in the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, Virgin Island, Guam, and Northern Marianas. Phone International Plus offers unlimited calling within the country, and neighboring countries and territories such as Canada, Mexico, and US territories, and is available for $ 40 per month.

Traditional Home Phone Service

The traditional home phone service offers more affordable packages to the customer together with excellent calling features. The service also promises crystal clear voice quality, which is another trademark of AT&T®. There are three local phone plans available in traditional home phone. Complete Choice Basic is offered at $34 per month and provides unlimited local calls. It comes with Caller ID and Call Waiting features.

Complete Choice Enhanced is offered at $38 per month along with unlimited local calling options and other features like Three-Way Calling, Caller ID etc. All Distance Package is available for $59 per month and includes unlimited local and nationwide calling.

AT&T Home Phone + Internet + U-Family Bundle


  • More than 190 popular channels included
  • Reliable AT&T internet with 100 Mbps speeds
  • Good quality home phone
  • Facilities to browse, stream, and play online gaming activities
  • Excellent customer support facilities

AT&T home phone + DirecTV + Internet


  • More than 155 channels to watch from DirecTV
  • Reliable AT&T internet with 100 Mbps internet speed
  • Good voice quality from AT&T digital home phone
  • Hidden charges waived off
  • Price guarantee for 12 months with 2 years agreement for TV

AT&T Home Phone + Internet


  • Price guarantee given for 12 months
  • Reliable AT&T internet
  • Includes AT&T Wi-Fi hot spot network
  • Consistent home phone with good voice quality
  • Customer support provided

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, AT&T provides unlimited digital home phone facility. It provides a consistent service with good voice quality.
AT&T unlimited home phone costs $33.99/month or even lesser with nationwide unlimited calling facilities on all days.
You are charged with $3.99/month for the home phone with 10 Ø being charged for every minute. This facility can be availed for all through 24 hours on all days. It provides facilities for nationwide calling.
No, it is not required to have internet at your home, if you opt for U-Verse TV. You can easily have your U-Verse TV without your AT&T internet installed.
Yes, it is possible to bundle home phone services either with U-Verse TV or with DirecTV services and also with the AT&T internet services. Since the phone, internet, and TV services are owned by AT&T, it is easy to get bundles out of it.
You can easily bundle AT&T internet and home phone services at an affordable price of $72/month, as both the services are available with the same provider.

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