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Home Phone Provider AT&T Verizon Century Link Frontier Cox
Plan Unlimited North America Digital Voice Unlimited Basic Home Phone Voice Service Voice Premier
Starting Price $22/month (while combined with internet) $35/month $23.34/month $10/month (on bundling with internet) $29.99/month
Calling Features Caller Id and call waiting More than 20 special calling features included - More than 20 calling features included More than 14 calling features
Benefits Unlimited nationwide calling and facilities to call a few other places Unlimited nationwide calling and calling facilities to Canada and Puerto Rico Unlimited local calling facilities Unlimited calling nationwide and to Canada and Mexico Unlimited calling nationwide

Today, people are not only dependent on home phones, but, they also require internet and TV services for their home use. It is now possible through the double play and triple play bundles, through which you can combine either of the two services between internet, home phone, and TV services or all the three services.

The home phone, internet, and TV bundles are pocket-friendly. They help you save lot of money. At the same time, when you combine the services that you have opted for, you will also be able to get a single bill for all the services. Also, you can stay connected to your home, world, and entertain yourself through the services in a single step. Let us take a look at some of the bundle packages.

AT&T Home Phone + Internet

1 year agreement

Wi-Fi gateway available to connect your devices

Access to Wi-Fi hotspot included

Quality voice services

Browsing, gaming, chatting, and all other online activities possible

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AT&T home phone + Internet + DirecTV

Includes DirecTV Select Package with over 155 channels

1 year internet agreement and 2 year TV agreement

HD DVR facility included

Excellent home phone facilities

Wi-Fi gateway available to connect your devices

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AT&T home phone + Internet + U-Verse TV

U-Family TV package

More than 180 channels included

12 months TV and internet agreements required

HD DVR facility included

Includes installation facilities

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TheTriplePlay is the ideal destination to know in detail about the various home phone packages offered by leading telecommunications companies operating in the US. We offer comprehensive information regarding all of the available home phone services by different telecoms. Our expertise in the different telecom plans and offers will help you in getting the best deals in your region of choice. TheTriplePlay has collaborated with some of the industry leading telecom operators such as AT&T®, Cox Communications®, Charter Spectrum®, CenturyLink®, and Comcast Xfinity® to bring you the best deals offered.

The importance of home phone is ever increasing in the country. Home phone has its own advantages compared to solely opting for a cellular telecom service. The consistency and reliability of landline telecommunication systems make them the preferred voice communication medium for residential users. Having a separate home phone facility in your home will help you in achieving your different communication needs. Besides, the telecom providers are also beefing up their home phone packages nowadays making it the best time to opt for a home phone service.

Voice communications are simply getting better each day and our expert comparisons and reviews will help you a lot, especially if you are searching for a reliable home phone provider. We have a dedicated team that is well versed with the recent developments in the telecom industry. They have good understanding about the various schemes and bundle packages offered in the home phone services of major telecom providers.

Since the phone services offered by most of the providers vary, it will be increasingly difficult for a customer to choose the right service for their needs. You can talk with our experts to ensure that your home is equipped with the most modern home phone along with the best package that goes well with your requirements. Moreover, with the array of telecom providers operating in the country you can be sure that there exist a package that can fulfill all your voice communication needs.

You only require the right guidance in choosing the appropriate provider that offer home phone service. The assortment of plans offered by the different providers is presented in a comprehensible way on TheTriplePlay. This will be of great help to you in finding the right home phone service.


Home phone services keeps you connected to your home, when you are not at home. You can get the cheapest home phone at $10, when you combine it with internet services. This has the highest benefit of saving your money.
Some of the prominent telecom providers like AT&T, Verizon, Century Link, Frontier, and Cox provide home phone. These services can also be bundled with internet and TV services.
Professional installation and support is provided by most of the providers. Cost of installation varies depending on your locality. It might cost in the range of $550.
Yes, home phone services can be bundled with internet and TV services. As bundle packages have the benefit of saving money, prominent providers provide bundle options to combine home phone services with internet and TV services.
When you travel for your work away from your home, you can stay connected to your home through the home phone services. The land line is the most reliable service that works even during electrical outages and the sound quality will also be excellent.
AT&T provides landlines with excellent voice quality. It also provides wireless options and quality equipment. The landline phone plans are also affordable.

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