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AT&T Internet Plans

AT&T® is one of the best internet providers in the country with millions of satisfied users across the nation. When you opt for the internet services from AT&T®, you will have access to a high-speed internet service with added wireless home networking capabilities, access to thousands of AT&T® Wi-Fi hotspots and the comfort of browsing the internet with a secure connection protected by the AT&T® Internet Security Suite.

The DSL internet service offered by AT&T® will help you stay connected wherever you go, not just in your home. Their DSL internet offers high security and superb speeds together with wireless home networking capabilities. Whether you are in search of a single-user internet plan or a multi-user one, AT&T® has got you covered. Their different internet plans are discussed below.

AT&T Internet Plans & Pricing

AT&T Internet Plans Internet 5 Internet 100 Internet 300 Internet 1000
Price $30 $40 $60 $80
Download Speed Up to 5 Mbps Up to 100 Mbps Up to 300 Mbps Up to 1000 Mbps
No. of Devices that can be connected 1 to 3 devices 4 to 12 devices 12 to 13 devices 12 to 14 devices
Benefits For checking emails and social media checking Multiple devices can be connected. Allows browsing and streaming Heavy browsing, video sharing, and sharing large files Work at home or remote, sharing large files, video conferencing, and online gaming

Let us explore the Double Play and Triple Play bundle packages which offer you with great benefits like saving your money and combining multiple bills. With double play bundles, you can opt for services which will include any of the two services from the home phone, internet, and TV services. With bundle options, in spite of the slashed pricing, you are also provided with certain waivers like free installation, free equipment, and the like.

AT&T Internet


  • Reliable internet
  • Speed up to 100 Mbps
  • Used for surfing, streaming, chatting, and gaming
  • Professional installation
  • Excellent Customer Support

DirecTV + AT&T Internet


  • Reliable internet with speed up to 100 Mbps
  • Over 155 channels
  • HD picture quality with DVR facility
  • Professional installation and customer service
  • Good Coverage

AT&T Internet + Home Phone + AT&T U-Verse TV


  • Affordable phone services
  • Entertainment with TV channels at doorstep
  • 12 months agreement
  • Fiber optic internet
  • Professional installation and customer support

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Frequently Asked Questions

AT&T has four plans with speeds 5 Mbps to 1 Gbps. Pricing is affordable, which seems to be increasing with the increasing speed. AT&T internet is also available as bundles with AT&T U-Verse TV and DirecTV, which helps you handle multiple bills with ease.
AT&T fiber internet provides higher speed compared to DSL. As fiber optic internet provides high speed internet, there wouldn’t be any disturbance while you play online gaming. But, it requires fiber internet coverage in your area.
Yes, AT&T provides competitive internet speeds of up to 100 Mbps through its DSL technology and up to 1000 Mbps through its fiber optic technology. AT&T DSL has a wider coverage compared to fiber optic coverage. But 100 Mbps with DSL is itself a competitive speed suitable for residential connections.
Yes, it is possible to move or change AT&T internet plans by signing into your online account and selecting the required option either move or change my services.
AT&T internet is available in 21 states in US. It provides both DSL and fiber optic coverage in US. When your house falls in the coverage area of AT&T, you can easily get a reliable AT&T internet connection.
Yes, you can combine AT&T internet, home phone, and TV services of AT&T. You can either go for combining AT&T U-Verse TV or DirecTV for your TV services.

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