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In the age of smartphones and digital communication, one might wonder why home phone plans still hold relevance. However, contrary to popular belief, home phones remain an essential component of a well-connected household. Among the plethora of options available, CenturyLink Home Phone Plans stand out as a must-have for several compelling reasons. Reliability in Connectivity […]

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The North Dakota Public Service Commission has approved an agreement that demands CenturyLink to improve their phone service to some of the communities in western Dakota. The agreement also includes a commitment of 2.66 million dollars in infrastructure improvements. This order came after the Commission filed a complaint against CenturyLink, when they received a series […]

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Recently, the fiber network of CenturyLink was cut in Rexburg, and it was restored after forty-eight hours. The internet and telephone services of the users were restored after restoring the network. Reports say that around 4,200 internet lines were disrupted, out of which, 126 users in Ririe were not even having the “dial tone service.” […]

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The recently approved agreement by the North Dakota Public Service Commission has asked CenturyLink to improve their phone service to some of the western North Dakota communities. In addition to that, the agreement also contains a $2.66 million commitment in infrastructural developments. This new agreement was introduced after a series of formal complaints, which was […]

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