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HughesNet® Voice features an ensemble of home phone services especially suited for residential use. It delivers home phone service via satellite internet connections and utilizes a highly advanced Voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology to provide an excellent home phone service that contains numerous features. The use of satellite connectivity and the VoIP technologies offers exceptional clarity in voice calling and other services. The home phone service offered by HughesNet® is available combined with internet connectivity. The customers who opt for HughesNet® Voice service will receive an affordable and reliable service than a traditional landline telephone.

It offers customers a chance to save about 45 percent over a standard home phone service. Since HughesNet® Voice uses a satellite connection, there is zero chance of any interruption in the internet service and the service plan data. The customers will receive an analog telephone adapter (ATA) device that routes the phone calls via the satellite modem and the dish. One of the key features of HughesNet® Voice is unlimited local and long-distance calling in U.S and Canada.

HughesNet® Voice comes with an assortment of standard features to the customers such as caller ID, call waiting, outbound caller ID, call forwarding, Call block, simultaneous ring, enhanced voicemail, web self-care portal, and unlimited long distance calling. While opting for HughesNet® Voice no number change is needed and the subscriber can keep their same old number or choose a newer one. The voice equipment will be provided with free voice equipment while ordering.

HughesNet® Voice is offered to the customer’s two plan options that are with or without a two-year period commitment. Customers can save more by ordering both the phone service and the internet together. This is available to the customer at a rate of $24.95 per month for a period of 24 months. Besides, HughesNet® Voice service also includes two international calling plans, International 200 and International Unlimited.International 200 is a calling plan that is available to the customers at a rate of $9.95 per month. This plan offers 200 minutes of calling to about 60 different countries. The International Unlimited plan, on the other hand, is available to customers at the rate of $22.95 per month. This plan offers unlimited voice calling to around 6o countries.

HughesNet Phone Plans & Pricing

HughesNet Phone Plan HughesNet Voice with 2 years agreement HughesNet Voice without agreement
Price $19.95/month $39.95/month
Features Quality voice service. 2 years agreement required. Unlimited nationwide calling facility. Good calling features. Quality voice services. Unlimited nationwide calling. Good calling facility.

HughesNet Voice can be bundled with HughesNet Gen5 internet services. Bundle options always help you to save lot of money. It also helps you in combining your voice and internet bills. This in turn helps you to handle a single bill for the services availed with ease.

Moreover, the bundle options also provide the users with some beneficial waivers, which HughesNet also provides. This enables the users to get pocket-friendly packages.

All HughesNet Gen5 Plans Include:


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No Hard Data

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Video Data

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HughesNet Voice and HughesNet Gen5 Internet Bundle

  • Reliable HughesNet internet
  • Speeds up to 25 Mbps
  • Save up to $10/month
  • Unlimited calling with good voice quality
  • Special calling features


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What's New?

A lot! HughesNet Gen5 was built with new, quality technology that makes it the best HughesNet experience yet.
Gen5 offers new plans with faster speeds, more data, and built-in Wi-Fi—so you can do more of everything you love online!

HughesNet Phone Service

Faster Speeds

HughesNet Gen5 is faster than ever with 25 Mbps** on every plan. Do all the things you want online- even faster! Give your kids an edge with super-fast connection that lets them learn online. Enjoy more video, music, and sharing photos. Download, surf, and email with the quickest speeds ever offered by America's #1 choice for satellite Internet.


Frequently Asked Questions

HughesNet functions with satellite technology. Calls to the phone will be routed to you through the satellite modem and dish.
HughesNet voice provides special calling features like caller id, call waiting, call forwarding, voice mail, and many more.
Yes, your installation and activation charges for HughesNet are included in the charges mentioned in the plan, when bundled with internet.
HughesNet provides excellent voice and internet services throughout US. It has a wider coverage. It provides reliable services as well.
Yes, HughesNet voice provides two international add-ons, which include international 200 and international unlimited voice plans.
HughesNet voice provides both 2 year contract and no contract plans. It depends on your convenience and requirement to choose the best for you.

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