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Comcast Business recently announced that it has started providing DOCSIS 3.1 internet service to their customers. Reports say that the service is currently available to business customers around Atlanta, Chicago, Detroit, and Nashville regions. Many schemes are available based on the speed such as Business Internet 1 Gig and Business Internet 500, which caters to the demands of any business customers in the region.

Matt Davis, Program Director for IDC explained about the new service by the company, and said that, “DOCSIS 3.1-based internet will give small, medium and even larger organizations the opportunity to quickly add more network capacity at their locations, supporting new technology applications on-site or in the cloud.” He also added that, “With more business operations moving to a cloud-based model, staying ahead of the bandwidth curve will be an important part of an organization’s migration strategy.”

The addition of the plans Business Internet 1 Gig and Business Internet 500 has enabled Comcast to deploy this gigabit service widely over its network. Upgrading to Business Internet 1 Gig or Business Internet 500 is relatively easy for small and mid-sized businesses located in Comcast served buildings. Besides that, the introduction of gigabit service over DOCSIS 3.1 internet will offer numerous benefits to industries such as healthcare, education, manufacturing, and governmental services.

Kevin O’Toole, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Comcast Business explained the many possibilities of this gigabit service. “High-capacity, high-performance internet can be a difference-maker for businesses that want to leverage software-as-a-service applications to improve their operations or enhance the customer experience by offering in-store Wi-Fi or a robust e-commerce site,” he said.

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O’Toole further explained some of the features of the business internet service and said that, “DOCSIS 3.1 business internet service offers a new and easy plug-and-play option for accessing gigabit speeds in any business environment – whether that is a large distributed enterprise across a wide geographic area or a small business with one or a few locations.”

The new service will exist along with the other gigabit and multi gigabit options provided by the company like the Comcast Business Ethernet plan. Comcast Business is also planning to carry forward these two business internet plans into a majority of its service areas in the upcoming years. The other information regarding the pricing of these services is unclear, but is expected to vary based on the location and the services needed by the businesses.