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Comcast® is deriving customer insights through the queries cable customers make via the X1 Voice Remote. The Comcast® Vice President of Research and Development, Amit Bagga, talked about this at an event held in Austin, titled ‘2018 South by Southwest’. He said that customers made voice queries while streaming the 2018 Winter Olympics through Comcast’s NBC broadcast network. To be specific, a customer of the cable giant could use the voice remote to stream live content on Xfinity® TV, search info pertaining to the games and athletes, and replay a highlight they may have missed.

“We doubled the number of [voice] commands from Rio, which was a Summer Olympics,” Bagga said. “And the Winter Olympics are not as popular, or as watched, as Summer Olympics. That just gives you the scale in terms of how many people used voice to actually discover the [Winter] Olympics’ content.”

He also added that the voice command would affect how Comcast® customers discover content and how they would stay interactive not just while programming but even when ads air on the TV. While the best internet provider has employed an array of communications methods in order to illustrate the usefulness of voice-controlled navigation of X1, many customers will query about something that interests them at a given time.

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Voice-Controlled Navigation

Bagga said, “A lot people do ask those questions. And people will try and see if it works. And that allows us, in turn, to gather the data and build some of the feature developments. We do look at the data we are getting.”

For instance, a query which a Comcast Xfinity® customer often voice out to their voice remote includes a request to order a food item while watching the TV. As an example of that, the VP of Comcast’s Research and Development said, “Pizza is one [thing] a lot of people will ask for: Ordering pizza, because a lot of people want pizza with it. That’s one that a lot of people ask for, and it’s something that we plan to support at some point.”

It is not possible always for a particular brand to satiate the requests from a Xfinity® customer, but figuring out what consumers need from the service throws cues to customer behavior and how Comcast® can derive strategies in the future based on that.