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23 Nov

How Carriage Disputes are Affecting American Pay TV Users

Dish Network Packages

American Pay TV Users

Terming the negotiating approach of Dish Network® “bizarre”, the CEO of Univision Communications®, Vincent Sadusky, explained that the carriage dispute of the media company with the satellite provider is “likely permanent”.

While Sadusky issued warnings earlier along the same lines, his comments during the third quarter earnings call of the media giant with some Wall Street analysts signaled a fresh chapter in the era of cord cutting. Carriage disputes have gone rampant as the subscription-TV bundle now shows a strain of competing with cheap customer options, though the language’s finality is remarkable. Unsurprisingly, the impasse and the effect of it on Univision Communications® dominated its earnings call.

Taking into account Dish Network® packages of satellite TV and the company’s Sling TV® streaming service, it has millions of customers. Dish Network® packages for Hispanic audiences, served under its DishLATINO™ brand, enjoy a leading position in the US market. Yet Univision Communications® estimates many of those subscribers have switched.

Sadusky said that, “conversations have been ongoing,” when asked for the latest information on talks between the companies, “but we’ve been really challenged”. While the media company has taken “every reasonable effort,” he said, “it’s all about economics. It’s very odd that they’ve been unwilling to recognize the power of the Hispanic audience. It’s really strange. Normally, these conversations are challenging … but their position has been bizarre.”

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During the third quarter earnings call of Dish Network®, its chairman Charlie Ergen said that Univision’s blackout, and a new conflict with HBO®, explain why it lost many customers in Q3. However, he said that it had intensified to the point that he would risk even a backlash from customers in case he was to restore the network, given the likely increases in price that move could necessitate.

The third quarter outputs of Univision Communications® showed the carriage dispute’s impact with its revenue declining 17 percent. While the company is a privately held one, it has chosen to hold conference calls from time to time and report quarterly outputs to communicate them with both the investment community and media.

Vincent Sadusky joined Univision Communications® last year, replacing its previous CEO Randy Falco. He has strategically led a return to its traditional Hispanic media origins following a phase of exploring digital as well as crossover English content during the management under Falco.

Sadusky told analysts a marketing campaign would get going soon. The advertisements will inform its audiences about the end of the road with Dish Network®, pushing viewers toward the streaming service titled Univision Now or other subscription TV providers.

29 Sep

beIN SPORTS Sign a Long-Term Renewal Agreement with Dish Network®

Dish Network Packages

Video Broadcasting Services

The executives from beIN SPORTS, a global network of sports channels, recently announced that they have signed a new long-term content distribution renewal agreement with Sling TV® and Dish Network®. This means that the sports channels of beIN SPORTS will be available in all Sling® and Dish Network® packages.

Dish Network® is one of the leading TV providers in the United States and they have been partnering with different networks and channels to offer more content to their customers. In addition to that, most of the Dish Network® packages offer customers access to a wide variety of channels with excellent TV shows, blockbuster movies, news updates, sports events, and more.

According to this new deal, customers of both Dish Network® and Sling TV® will be able to continue accessing the programs offered by beIN SPORTS. The sports channels under this global network broadcasts live football club matches from both Ligue 1 and La Liga. In addition to that, Sling TV® and Dish Network® subscribers will be able to watch races from MotoAmerica championship series and MotoGP.

The sports networks under beIN SPORTS also offer the coverage of tennis tournaments that feature some of the top players from the Women’s Tennis Association. Apart from that, game analysis, player stats, and expert opinion on different sports events will also be available to customers through the amazing sports channels of beIN SPORTS.

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High Speed Internet

The Deputy Managing Director for the US and Canada division of beIN SPORTS, Antonio Briceño, said, “This renewal, which allows beIN SPORTS’ availability across the U.S. via both satellite and over-the-top streaming, could not come at a more exciting time given the new soccer season and the kick-off of the Conference USA football season. These popular sporting events have proven to be fan favorites, and we’re thrilled that both our existing Dish® and Sling TV® viewers will be able to catch all of the action this fall.”

Commenting on the reports, the Vice President of Sling® and DishLATINO, Alfredo Rodriguez Diaz-Marta, said, “Our goal is to deliver great content at a great value, connecting our viewers to the news, sports and entertainment they want in both Spanish and English. We are pleased to continue our relationship with beIN SPORTS, delivering fans the season’s must-see soccer matches and coverage.”

Customers who are planning to subscribe to the TV service of Dish Network® to enjoy the contents of beIN SPORTS should check whether the sports channels are available in all Dish Network® packages or not before making a buying decision.

24 May

Top Dish Network® Packages for French

Dish Network Packages

International TV Packages

Dish Network® is one of the leading TV providers in the country and they offer a wide variety of TV plans and bundling options to customers to ensure that all their needs and requirements are met. The international TV packages of Dish Network® give you access to some of the best international channels. For instance, if you are a person who loves to watch Italian movies and TV shows, then the Italian Dish Network® packages will be an absolute treat for you. In addition to Italian, Dish Network® also offer packages that allow you to watch French, Spanish, Indian, Brazilian, and more international channels.

Dish Network® has an amazing collection of programs and channels in French. The telecom giant is currently offering two different French TV packages to customers. Below are a few important details about these packages that will help you to decide which one is the ideal choice for you.

French Bouquet

French Bouquet is one of the most popular International Dish Network® packages. Customers who subscribe to this package will be able to enjoy access to excellent French and African TV programming including music videos, classic movies, game shows, cultural programs, kid’s programs, documentaries, movies, musical programs, drama series, news, sports events, and more.

TV Providers

Favorite TV Shows

The French Bouquet TV package is available to customers for just $19.99 a month, and it lets you watch eight popular international channels. Some of the best TV networks that are included in the package are EuroNews, TV5 Monde, TV5 Monde HD, Afrotainment Movies, and France 24.

French TV5 Monde

This excellent Dish Network® package gives you access to a number of excellent TV programs from Canada, Quebec, Switzerland, Belgium, and France. Customers who subscribe to this package will be able to watch sports events, cultural entertainment programs, movies, documentaries, current affairs programs, and latest newscasts.

French TV5 Monde TV package contains just a couple of channels though, namely TV5 Monde and TV5 Monde HD. So, if you need access only to just a few French channels, it is best to choose this package. French TV5 Monde TV package is available to customers at $9.99 per month.

09 Jan

Amazon Alexa Will Work With Dish DVRs And Lenovo Smart Speaker

Dish Network Channel Guide

Dish Network Hopper DVR

The digital brain of Amazon is growing out of their home network. Recently, Dish Network and Lenovo announced Alexa powered and supported devices at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Lenovo debuted their own voice-activated speaker named Smart Assistant, which is powered by Alexa. The speaker from Lenovo looks like a cross between Google Home and Amazon Echo, and the speakers are available in light green, gray, or orange colors. Lenovo said that the speaker has eight far filed microphones when compared to Echo that has only seven microphones. These speakers will be able to hear you from a distance.

Dish Network, on the other hand, said that they are the first television provider to offer devices that are fully compatible with Alexa. Customers can pair Hopper DVR with speakers that are powered by Alexa like the Amazon Echo and control the device using voice.

It is reported that fruits of the new partnership between Dish Network and Amazon will debut in the first half of the year and users will be able to make use of voice search function to find and play programs by mid-2017. Besides that, search on the device can also be performed based on title, channel, genre, and actor.

Dish Network Packages

Lenovo Smart Assistant

In 2015, Amazon opened Alexa to developers. This was done to encourage developers to build skills for Echo and other devices that are powered by Alexa. As a result, developers have made and posted more than 5,400 skills that can be executed by Alexa. Developers who like to add to the abilities of Alexa can write code that is capable of working with Alexa in the cloud.

Dish reports that users can just ask Alexa voice assistant to tune your television to your favorite show. This feature will be introduced to the Hopper DVR lineup from Dish Network. It is expected that all of the broadband connected DVRs of Dish Network will have deep integration with the popular voice interface of Amazon by the middle of 2017. It is expected that the users will be able to ask Alexa to tune to specific channels and to do basic navigation through the Dish Network channel guide.

The timing of the smart home capabilities from Dish Network is in line with another upcoming enhancement from Dish Network, multi-room music. It is reported that together with Amazon Music, users can expect to stream music through Pandora and iHeartRadio in more than one room at the same time making use of the Dish Hopper box.

16 Dec

Cable Fees To Rise In New Year

Dish Network Packages

Cable Fees To Increase

Despite of the increase in affiliate fees, pay TV operators are trying hard to keep basic video rate increases below five percent for 2017, even though the hikes are more for broadcast and local sports network fees. Pay TV operators are considering big cost increases via different charges on the user bills to cover for retransmission rights for broadcast stations and for high sports rights fees.

The overall video rate hikes are under five percent for many of the top cable TV providers. Charter Communications, which is the second largest cable operator in the US, was not willing to offer any information on the matter. However, it is reported that charges under “sports surcharges” and “broadcast fees” have climbed to as much as 66% in some of the cases.

Comcast, the largest cable operator of the country with almost 22 million video subscribers, is planning to increase the monthly rate for by 3.8% on average from Jan 1, 2017. In addition to this, Comcast is also planning to increase their broadcast charges, a fee to help them offset the hike in retransmission consent charges by 40%, to seven dollars per month from five dollars per month. Also, the regional sports network fee will increase by 66% to five dollar per month from just three dollars a month.

“We continue to make investments in our network and technology to give customers more for their money – like faster Internet service and more WiFi hotspots, more video across viewing screens, better technology like X1 and a better customer experience,” Comcast said in their statement.

TV Providers

Local Sports Networks

“Unfortunately, the costs we are charged to carry popular networks continue to increase significantly – especially broadcast television and sports programming, which are the largest drivers of increases in price adjustments. On average, nationally, the customer bill will increase by 3.8% in 2017, less than half the projected increase in our programming costs,” officials added.

Dish Network had managed to avoid implementing RSN and broadcast surcharges previously, but they are also unable to hold on as the retransmission fees are increasing. “The largest cost for Dish is the amount we pay programmers,” Dish said in a statement.

“The fastest growing programming costs relate to local channels. We work hard for fair deals that keep channel costs as low as possible,” Dish Network representatives said. “Unfortunately, Dish and all other TV providers have had to accept some significant price increases from programmers. Dish is absorbing some of these costs rather than passing everything on to our customers.”

30 Nov

Sling TV Plans To Introduce A Cloud DVR

Dish Network Packages

Sling TV Plans

The competition between streaming service providers will certainly heat up with the launch of DirecTV Now. Dish Network’s Sling TV has enjoyed abundant success over the last few months and they are still one of the leading streaming service providers in the country. However, Sling TV has faced tough challenges from other major competitors including Sony’s PlayStation Vue, and the competition is going to get even more intense with the launch of DirecTV Now.

This has urged the provider to adopt new strategies to attract more customers to their offerings. As a result, Dish Network is planning to introduce a cloud DVR to Sling subscribers, which will enable them to record movies and TV shows and watch them later at their convenience.

A similar feature is already available in PlayStation Vue, which is one of the major reasons for their huge subscribership. Sling recently announced that their cloud DVR will be initially launched as a beta version by the end of the year, and it will be available to a limited number of subscribers, who watch Sling TV through Roku devices.

It is evident that Sling TV is targeting PlayStation Vue subscribers with this strategy, as the streaming service provider has announced that the recording saved by customers will not expire “even after 28 days”. The recordings on PlayStation Vue can only be stored for 28 days.

Dish Network Channel Guide

Streaming Service Providers

In addition to that, Sling has also promised that conflict-free recording will be available through the DVR and the users will be able to pause, fast forward, and rewind the recorded contents. Reports indicate that Sling TV subscribers will receive approximately 100 hours of cloud DVR storage during the beta trials at zero extra charges.

Sling TV subscribers will be able to record their favorite movies, TV shows, or even the entire series through the DVR. In addition to that, they could easily access the saved recordings by going into the “My TV” screen on their devices or TV. If the DVR runs out of storage space, then it will automatically delete the oldest “watched” recording, in order to make space for new recordings.

Note that the participation in Sling TV’s latest venture is invite-only type, and it will require subscribers to have a Roku device to access the service. Existing Sling customers can sign up for this offering by logging into the official website of Sling TV.

14 Nov

Dish Network CEO Comments On Subscriber Loss

Dish Network Packages

Dish Network Subscriber Loss

Dish Network, one of the major cable TV providers in the country suffered a huge loss of customers even after they offered a lower-priced TV package to their subscribers. In a recent conference call, the CEO of Dish Network, Charlie Ergen, discussed about the future growth of Dish’s online streaming platform, Sling TV, and other online services and about how these services adapt to how customers, pay for video.

“If you really need a channel, you can go to a bar or neighbor’s house. My kids will come over to my house if they want to watch something,” Ergen said. “It’s going to be a transition, just as it was from landline to wireless. It hasn’t really accelerated yet.”

Dish Network has struggled to keep their existing subscribers towards their offerings just like all other traditional pay TV providers. Dish admitted that they lost approximately 116,000 net pay TV customers during the third quarter of 2016, but recent reports reveal that Dish has suffered a quarterly loss of about 281,000 subscribers.

Dish Network CEO said that one of the major reasons for the huge loss of subscribers was the three-month blackout, which happened due to the delayed negations with the Tribune Broadcasting. Dish subscribers were unable to access both WGN and FOX network due to this blackout, and that might have forced them to move on to a different provider.

Dish Network

Pay TV Subscribers

Nonetheless, reports say that almost 13.6 existing Dish Network customers have subscribed to Sling TV, which is the only streaming platform that offers basic package at just $20 a month. The remaining Dish subscribers opted to subscribe for the Flex Plan from the provider, which offers a limited number of channels at an affordable price of $29.99. However, subscribers will have to pay an additional amount of $10 in order to access some local channels.

Sling CEO Roger Lynch said that their online streaming platform has a “good momentum.” Yet again, analyst Craig Moffett commented that Dish Network’s “overall picture continues to be weak” due to the increasing subscriber loss. He also added that Sling TV is the accurate choice to the subscribers, who cancel the online service after the end of the regular season.

Moffett said, “Despite Dish’s commentary to the contrary, we believe that the lifetime economics of a Sling subscriber are significantly less attractive than that of a traditional subscriber.”

14 Oct

The Growing Trend Of Online TV Services

Dish Network Packages

DirecTV® Now

Sling TV of Dish Network and PlayStation VUE of Sony have been selling television packages for the last eighteen months like the cable companies, but via internet. Trends show that many more providers are also planning to follow their lead.

Experts say that Apple, Amazon, YouTube from Google®, and DirecTV® from AT&T®, are all working enthusiastically to jump in the internet delivered live streaming TV services arena. A recent report on live streaming TV showed that these options would reach a subscriber base of 15 million by the end of 2020.

The expected 15 million subscribers of live TV services is very small when compared to the 100 million US homes that pay for TV services from satellite or cable TV provider, but the growth of online TV packages looks big when compared to the shrinking traditional pay TV services. Satellite® and cable TV services have lost a total of 1.1 million users in the last year, and streaming alternatives are the sure cause of this fall.

It is believed that online TV services could be the next technology change in TV watching habits of Americans. In wake of that, many traditional TV providers and tech firms are rolling out online TV packages. However, there is also bit of throwback in these services, as those like Sling TV are very similar to the cable television services that people have been buying for years. It is a collection of channels, available for a fixed price; the only being the medium of broadcast.

Dish Network Packages

Online TV Services

The typical appealing factor of online Pay TV service is the small number of channels that are included in the service. As there are only few channels, the service tends to be less expensive. For instance, Sling TV from Dish® Network offers a collection of 25 channels for a price of 20 dollars per month. So, if the number of channels were to be increased, the price of the package would be hiked accordingly.

Cable TV companies are not yet worried about the online TV services, but these services are a potential risk to cable TV networks. Online TV channels have so far been pitched as a service for those Americans who do not pay for any traditional TV services. However, the streaming services offered by Sony, Dish, and many others are potential assault on cable TV services.

07 Oct

Sling TV Is Not Concerned About The Fall In NFL Ratings

Dish Network Packages

Sling TV Services

One of the major challenges faced by satellite and cable providers during this season is the unexpected and record-low fall in NFL ratings. However, reports from Sling TV indicate that the fall in NFL rating has not yet affected them.

When interviewers asked the Sling TV Chief Product Officer, Ben Weinberger on how their deal with NFL was going on, He replied, “We’re having record-breaking days.” Weinberger seemed confident and content about their deal with NFL Network and on the number of viewers, who are switching to Sling TV to watch the NFL games.

Weinberger said, “Monday Night Football pay television ratings are tanking, but our Monday Night Football viewership numbers are breaking all our own records, increasing week over week. I think there is so much pent up demand for streaming live sports, and people want an alternative to pay television.”

Dish Network’s Sling TV brings an exceptional collection of popular channels, which includes FOX, NBC, ESPN, and many more, at an affordable cost in the range of $20-40 a month. In addition to this, Sling also offers special packages to their subscribers in order to include channels like NFL RedZone, and NFL Network to their package.

Initially, Sling TV encountered enormous challenges to bring the uninterrupted and quality live stream of NFL games to their subscribers. Sling subscribers responded harshly against the network’s inability through social media during its launch period. However, Sling TV has effectively solved the issue, and now, subscribers are receiving an impeccable coverage of NFL games. Consequently, the number of complaints and criticism against the network has also drastically declined over the past few months.

Cable TV Alternatives

Fall In NFL Ratings

“In 2016, we’ve focused on a couple key things, scalability and infrastructure,” Weinberger said. He also added that even though their negotiations with NFL were time consuming, the deal has really paid off. Moreover, Sling was able to draw in more subscribers to their offerings in the past couple of months due to the excellent streaming of popular sports events.

Weinberger thinks that Sling TV is ready to face the large competition between providers to bring the live streaming of NFL games and other major sports events. He said, “Rising tides lift all boats. A lot of people aren’t aware that they can stream NFL games online, more competition sheds light on this, which really helps everyone.”

06 Oct

Easter Eggs From The Flash Season Three Premiere

DirecTV Packages

Season Three Premiere

The third season premiere of DC superhero TV show returned to CW this Tuesday, and the channel is available on all DirecTV packages. The season premiere, which was loosely based on the Flashpoint paradox, was engaging, thrilling, and heartbreaking.

Even though many fans were disappointed with Flashpoint ending in a single episode, all of us are eager for the upcoming episodes, which will possibly reveal the after-effects of Flashpoint. Here are three Easter eggs, which you might have missed in The Flash S03E01.

The Rival

The third season premiere of The Flash introduced another evil speedster, who goes by the name, the Rival. According to the DC comic timeline, he is actually the arch nemesis of Jay Garrick. The show creators have moved a bit away from the comics though, and showed him as the main protagonist of Wally West aka the Kid Flash.

The Rival seems to be much more experienced than Wally and his powers like throwing lighting, creating tornados, and even trying to puncture Wally through the chest makes him a perfect rival for Barry Allen. The last five minutes of the first episode confirms that we will see more the Rival in this season.

Kid Flash

We have always known that Wally West will take up the mantle of Kid Flash and fight alongside Barry Allen/The Flash sometime soon. The season 3 premiere gave us a glimpse on Keiynan Lonsdale’s Kid Flash, all suited up in the comic book-inspired red and yellow costume. We will get to see more of Kid Flash in the upcoming episodes, but we still do not know if it might be due to the effects of Flashpoint.

Reports from several sources also indicate that Barry and Wally might not be the only speedsters to appear in season three. Violette Beane will reprise her role of Jesse Quick and she will supposedly have her speeding powers too. In addition to this, Jay Garrick from earth three is also set to appear in The Flash season 3.

Dr. Alchemy

Dish Network Packages

Easter Eggs

The final scene from the second season premiere teased Zoom as the big bad villain. Similarly, the final scene from the first episode of season three confirms that Dr. Alchemy will be the main protagonist this season. In the final scene, Dr. Alchemy wakes up Edward Clariss just to reveal his name on the mirror.

The addition of Harry Potter famer, Tom Felton as a series regular has already increased the expectations of The Flash. Many fans have assumed that Felton will be playing the big bad Dr Alchemy in The Flash season 3. However, we will have to wait and see whether this theory is true or not.


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