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23 Nov

How Carriage Disputes are Affecting American Pay TV Users

Dish Network Packages

American Pay TV Users

Terming the negotiating approach of Dish Network® “bizarre”, the CEO of Univision Communications®, Vincent Sadusky, explained that the carriage dispute of the media company with the satellite provider is “likely permanent”.

While Sadusky issued warnings earlier along the same lines, his comments during the third quarter earnings call of the media giant with some Wall Street analysts signaled a fresh chapter in the era of cord cutting. Carriage disputes have gone rampant as the subscription-TV bundle now shows a strain of competing with cheap customer options, though the language’s finality is remarkable. Unsurprisingly, the impasse and the effect of it on Univision Communications® dominated its earnings call.

Taking into account Dish Network® packages of satellite TV and the company’s Sling TV® streaming service, it has millions of customers. Dish Network® packages for Hispanic audiences, served under its DishLATINO™ brand, enjoy a leading position in the US market. Yet Univision Communications® estimates many of those subscribers have switched.

Sadusky said that, “conversations have been ongoing,” when asked for the latest information on talks between the companies, “but we’ve been really challenged”. While the media company has taken “every reasonable effort,” he said, “it’s all about economics. It’s very odd that they’ve been unwilling to recognize the power of the Hispanic audience. It’s really strange. Normally, these conversations are challenging … but their position has been bizarre.”

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During the third quarter earnings call of Dish Network®, its chairman Charlie Ergen said that Univision’s blackout, and a new conflict with HBO®, explain why it lost many customers in Q3. However, he said that it had intensified to the point that he would risk even a backlash from customers in case he was to restore the network, given the likely increases in price that move could necessitate.

The third quarter outputs of Univision Communications® showed the carriage dispute’s impact with its revenue declining 17 percent. While the company is a privately held one, it has chosen to hold conference calls from time to time and report quarterly outputs to communicate them with both the investment community and media.

Vincent Sadusky joined Univision Communications® last year, replacing its previous CEO Randy Falco. He has strategically led a return to its traditional Hispanic media origins following a phase of exploring digital as well as crossover English content during the management under Falco.

Sadusky told analysts a marketing campaign would get going soon. The advertisements will inform its audiences about the end of the road with Dish Network®, pushing viewers toward the streaming service titled Univision Now or other subscription TV providers.

29 Sep

beIN SPORTS Sign a Long-Term Renewal Agreement with Dish Network®

Dish Network Packages

Video Broadcasting Services

The executives from beIN SPORTS, a global network of sports channels, recently announced that they have signed a new long-term content distribution renewal agreement with Sling TV® and Dish Network®. This means that the sports channels of beIN SPORTS will be available in all Sling® and Dish Network® packages.

Dish Network® is one of the leading TV providers in the United States and they have been partnering with different networks and channels to offer more content to their customers. In addition to that, most of the Dish Network® packages offer customers access to a wide variety of channels with excellent TV shows, blockbuster movies, news updates, sports events, and more.

According to this new deal, customers of both Dish Network® and Sling TV® will be able to continue accessing the programs offered by beIN SPORTS. The sports channels under this global network broadcasts live football club matches from both Ligue 1 and La Liga. In addition to that, Sling TV® and Dish Network® subscribers will be able to watch races from MotoAmerica championship series and MotoGP.

The sports networks under beIN SPORTS also offer the coverage of tennis tournaments that feature some of the top players from the Women’s Tennis Association. Apart from that, game analysis, player stats, and expert opinion on different sports events will also be available to customers through the amazing sports channels of beIN SPORTS.

TV Providers

High Speed Internet

The Deputy Managing Director for the US and Canada division of beIN SPORTS, Antonio Briceño, said, “This renewal, which allows beIN SPORTS’ availability across the U.S. via both satellite and over-the-top streaming, could not come at a more exciting time given the new soccer season and the kick-off of the Conference USA football season. These popular sporting events have proven to be fan favorites, and we’re thrilled that both our existing Dish® and Sling TV® viewers will be able to catch all of the action this fall.”

Commenting on the reports, the Vice President of Sling® and DishLATINO, Alfredo Rodriguez Diaz-Marta, said, “Our goal is to deliver great content at a great value, connecting our viewers to the news, sports and entertainment they want in both Spanish and English. We are pleased to continue our relationship with beIN SPORTS, delivering fans the season’s must-see soccer matches and coverage.”

Customers who are planning to subscribe to the TV service of Dish Network® to enjoy the contents of beIN SPORTS should check whether the sports channels are available in all Dish Network® packages or not before making a buying decision.

24 Sep

How to Catch the Best Cable Deals in the Market

TV Providers

Online Streaming Services

The launch of online streaming services such as DIRECTV NOW®, Hulu, and Netflix has encouraged several customers to ditch their traditional TV service and enter into a partnership with these streaming service providers. It is true that subscribing to a streaming service will enable you to catch your favorite TV shows, blockbuster movies, sports events, and more. However, the catch is that you will need access to a high-speed internet connection to enjoy a fine streaming experience. Customers who do not enjoy such a luxury should continue to stick with the best satellite and cable TV providers in their area.

Even though they have access to a high-speed internet connection, several customers in the country prefer to subscribe to cable TV providers due to the attractive packages and deals offered by the providers. It is significant to note that most of the cable and satellite TV providers in the country do offer a number of hidden perks and other attractive deals to new TV customers.

Reports from several reliable sources indicate that the immense popularity of streaming services has affected traditional TV services. This is because some of the leading TV providers in the United States have lost thousands of customers. Due to this, most of the TV service providers in the country are trying to lure in more customers towards their offerings by offering the best cable deals in the market.

How to Choose the Best Cable TV Provider

Selecting a cable TV service provider used to be a simple task until a few years ago but that is not the case anymore. This is because there are plenty of cable TV providers out there in the market and most of them offer a wide variety of plans and packages to customers. So, customers who wish to catch the best cable deals in the market will have to thoroughly compare all the plans offered by the TV providers who are operating in their area. In addition to that, they must definitely consider these following factors too, as it will help them to make an informed buying decision.


The first and most important thing you need to do is to do your research and find out the best cable TV service providers who are offering their services in your region. In most parts of the country, two or more cable TV options are available to customers. If that is the case, then make sure to get in touch with respective companies to learn more about their plans, packages, policies, and more. You should also try to reach out to the existing subscribers of the TV providers because it will help you to know whether they offer reliable and good quality service to customers or not.

Another important thing you need to note is that regional and local TV service providers like Cincinnati Bell and WOW offer impressive service at cheap and affordable prices. However, the issue is that the service offered by these providers is available only in 10 states of the country. If any of these providers are operating in your area, then you should consider subscribing to their service, as it will help you capture the best cable deals in the market.

Plans and Pricing

It is significant to note that the number of channels, pricing patterns, bundling options, and contract agreements of one TV service provider will significantly vary when compared to another. So, you should initially decide what kind of TV channels you need access to and how many channels do you really need. In addition to that, you must ensure that the channels that you want are included in the chosen package before making a final decision.

A recent survey conducted by experts in the field of telecommunications revealed that the most customers usually watch 20-30 channels. In fact, even the customers who have subscribed to a TV plan with 250 plus channels just watch only twenty to thirty of these channels. So, check whether the channels you want are included in the basic package. If not, get in touch with your preferred TV service provider and ask him whether you will be able to add additional channels to the basic package. However, you could also look for a new plan with more channels. Either way, you must ensure that you and your family will be able to catch the programs from your favorite TV channels.

Customer Service

Cheap Cable And Internet Packages

Choosing Best Providers

Customer service is another important factor that you will need to consider before subscribing to a certain TV service provider. If you are experiencing regular outages and other related issues with your existing TV service, then you surely need to switch to a new TV provider who offers reliable service and the best cable deals in the market. If you have already found a new TV provider, then you need to ask whether you will experience any sort of issues with the service or not. Even if you experience any such issues, technicians from your TV service provider must be there to help you at all time. So, go online and check the reviews of your preferred TV provider, as it will help you to determine whether they offer high quality and reliable service.

In addition to that, you should also get in touch with the customer service representatives of the TV service provider and ask them whether you are eligible for any deals or promotional offers. This will help you to save hundreds of dollars and acquire the best cable TV deals in the market with utmost ease.

Some of the cable TV providers in the country might ask you to sign a two or three-year agreement with them. If you are not ready to enter into a long-term partnership with any cable TV providers, then it is best to look for a TV provider who does not ask you to sign long-term agreements. The issue with long-term agreements is that customers who cancel the service before the contract period ends might be forced to pay a hidden fee.

Top Cable TV Providers in the United States

Customers who are new to the world of cable TV providers and plans will find it very hard to identify the best TV provider who meets all their needs. Three of the leading cable TV service providers who offer their services in most parts of the country are Frontier Communications®, Comcast XFINITY®, and Cox Communications®. So, if any of these TV providers are operating in your area, then you should definitely consider choosing them. However, if all three TV providers are active in your area, then you will need to compare their plans and pricing pattern to catch the best cable deals in the market.

Comcast XFINITY®

Most of the leading cable TV providers in the country will offer just a single non-bundled option or they provide bundled options where you can bundle your internet and TV service under a single bill. This is what makes XFINITY® different from other TV service providers. Customers who are signing up for the XFINITY® TV service can choose any one of their five TV packages without subscribing to the internet.

Another interesting thing to note is that almost all TV packages of XFINITY® give you access to a wide variety of popular channels. In fact, you will be able to watch the coverage of approximately 200 plus channels by choosing XFINITY® over other TV service providers. For instance, the starter plan of the provider contains 40 percent of most of the popular channels in the country including Hallmark Channel and ESPN. However, specialty sports channels and premium networks like MLB Network and Starz will not be included with the basic plan.

The cable TV service offered by Comcast XFINITY® is currently available in 39 states and around 8,444 zip codes, which implies that Comcast® is one of the widely available cable TV providers in the United States. Even though this leading cable TV provider earned a bad reputation for their unreliable customer service a few years ago, they have been put in extra efforts to dramatically improve their customer service to please subscribers.

Cox Communications®

If you are a person who prefers to troubleshoot and install modems and other devices on your own, then Cox® should be on top of your list. This is because this cable TV provider has an exceptional online resource library with how-to-do video guides that enable customers to set-up and troubleshoot their services with ease. If you encounter any issues with Cox® TV service, then all you need to do is to choose the issue in the search tool, which will automatically redirect you to the accurate instructional manual.

TV Providers

High Speed Internet

The best TV plan offered by Cox Communications® is the Contour TV plan. Customers who choose this TV plan will be able to gain access to more than 140 popular channels, including some of the favorite channels of average TV watchers. However, specialty sports and premium channels will not be included in the Contour TV plan. Cox® customers could also opt for the Contour Flex or starter plan to watch the programs in The CW, ABC, and PBS.

In addition, customers who are opting for the cable TV service of Cox® will be able to choose supplement TV packages and add their favorite sports, movie, or other genre-specific channels. You will only have to pay an additional amount of 10 dollars a month to add a new channel to your existing Cox® TV plan. Finally, Cox® also allows you to self-install the service, which means that you will be able to save hundreds of dollars on installation fees.

Frontier Communications®

If Frontier Communications® is offering their services near you, then you do enjoy the luxury of selecting either Vantage TV or FiOS TV. The most popular option among the two is certainly FiOS TV. The FiOS TV service of Frontier® uses fiber optic cables instead of traditional methods. Customers who bundle the internet and FiOS TV service of Frontier Communications® will be able to enjoy access to a high-speed internet connection and watch more than 100 popular channels.

Several users have recently started to subscribe to the FiOS TV service of Frontier® due to tempting promotional deals and offers the telecom company is offering. For instance, new subscribers of Frontier® will receive a router for free and the installation of the equipment will also be free. In addition to that, customers might also get access to Amazon Prime for 12 months after signing up for FIOS TV.

Customers who are on a tight budget and the ones who wish to bundle their TV service with a high-speed internet connection should definitely choose Frontier Communications® over Cox Communications® and Comcast XFINITY®. This will enable you to get access to the best cable deals in the market. However, the major downfall of Frontier® is that their customer service is just average.


If you are planning to choose cable TV service over satellite, then you need to realize the fact that cable TV providers are not currently operating in all parts of the country. As a result, most customers will have one or fewer than three cable TV options because installing the necessary infrastructure of cable TV service is quite costly and requires time. Still, cable TV providers are trying to expand their TV service to remaining parts of the country, which means that cable TV service will be available in more states in a short span of time.

Finally, customers who are shopping for cable TV services should also note that most of the leading telecom companies in the United States encourage customers to bundle either two or three of their telecommunication services. It is true that bundling TV and internet or TV, internet, and home phone services will help you to save money and gain access to a number of features. However, if you are a person who does not rely on home phone or internet services, then bundling might not be a good choice for you.

28 Jun

AT&T® is Reportedly Planning to Acquire Otter Media This Summer

TV Providers

Acquiring Media Assets

As per reports, AT&T® is looking to acquire Otter Media. Earlier this month, after the telecommunications company acquired Time Warner®, it announced more acquisition plans. This new news on acquisition is circulating on the web only days following the announcement of AT&T® regarding plans for acquisitions in future.

Otter Media is a joint venture between AT&T® and Time Warner®, and The Chernin Group, now known as WarnerMedia. However, being one of the alternative TV providers and internet companies, AT&T® is planning to fully acquire the media company to improve its streaming portfolio. The reports also indicate that this AT&T®-Otter Media deal has been on the radar for years and that it was on hold as AT&T®-Time Warner® was yet to clear regulatory hurdles. Now that the Telco giant has acquired the media company and renamed it to WarnerMedia, other acquisitions are on the cards.

The media company named Otter Media has holdings with Crunchyroll, which is a website that centers on video streaming, and FullScreen. So, acquiring the media company will give AT&T® control of both its subsidiaries. So far, a word is yet to come from AT&T® regarding what they are going to do after the acquisition, which will reportedly cost the Telco over 1 billion dollars.

Internet Providers

High Speed Internet

Since Otter Media’s launch in 2014, its user base has grown as millions have gone into the project. The Crunchyroll website premieres content to those who stream videos, including Japanese anime, and its tie-up with the media company named Funimation has brought plenty of titles to its catalog. However, it is not clear as to how AT&T’s acquisition of Otter Media will affect the services of Crunchyroll but big things are expected out of the deal.

In 2017, Funimation announced that Sony Pictures Television has bought a major stock in the media company so as to make it an acquisition. The deal between Sony TV and Funimation had started in July 2017, and after Sony’s assessment that the media company’s worth is around $150 million, it agreed with the terms of the acquisition which was finalized in October last year.

On the other hand, the competing streaming TV providers will keep a close watch on how things unfold between AT&T® and Otter Media. If the deal is to go through, much like Sony TV’s acquisition of Funimation, it will have an influence on the streaming industry.

24 May

Top Dish Network® Packages for French

Dish Network Packages

International TV Packages

Dish Network® is one of the leading TV providers in the country and they offer a wide variety of TV plans and bundling options to customers to ensure that all their needs and requirements are met. The international TV packages of Dish Network® give you access to some of the best international channels. For instance, if you are a person who loves to watch Italian movies and TV shows, then the Italian Dish Network® packages will be an absolute treat for you. In addition to Italian, Dish Network® also offer packages that allow you to watch French, Spanish, Indian, Brazilian, and more international channels.

Dish Network® has an amazing collection of programs and channels in French. The telecom giant is currently offering two different French TV packages to customers. Below are a few important details about these packages that will help you to decide which one is the ideal choice for you.

French Bouquet

French Bouquet is one of the most popular International Dish Network® packages. Customers who subscribe to this package will be able to enjoy access to excellent French and African TV programming including music videos, classic movies, game shows, cultural programs, kid’s programs, documentaries, movies, musical programs, drama series, news, sports events, and more.

TV Providers

Favorite TV Shows

The French Bouquet TV package is available to customers for just $19.99 a month, and it lets you watch eight popular international channels. Some of the best TV networks that are included in the package are EuroNews, TV5 Monde, TV5 Monde HD, Afrotainment Movies, and France 24.

French TV5 Monde

This excellent Dish Network® package gives you access to a number of excellent TV programs from Canada, Quebec, Switzerland, Belgium, and France. Customers who subscribe to this package will be able to watch sports events, cultural entertainment programs, movies, documentaries, current affairs programs, and latest newscasts.

French TV5 Monde TV package contains just a couple of channels though, namely TV5 Monde and TV5 Monde HD. So, if you need access only to just a few French channels, it is best to choose this package. French TV5 Monde TV package is available to customers at $9.99 per month.

12 Jan

AT&T® to Launch New Structural Monitoring Solution

TV Providers

Structural Monitoring Solution

AT&T® takes the New Year resolution to make the communities and cities safer, smarter, and more efficient by developing and delivering the Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. Reports  say that the company is now trying out a new structure monitoring solution to improve the safety of the railways and roadways.

AT&T® recently launched a digital infrastructure solution, and the new project will team up with this and other client smart cities including the US spotlight cities. According to AT&T® officials, the US infrastructure project is maturing and in disrepair. Almost half of the bridges in the US are built before 50 years. They also said that to analyze the state of the railways and roads, the organizations generally count on the visual inspections only, which often fail to inspect many rural and remote roadways and railways, as they are not easily reachable.

The company representatives also added that most of the alternatives used for monitoring the remote areas is not suitable for a long-term use because of its bulkiness and age-old technology solutions. AT&T® is determined to deliver the solutions for this so that the team can monitor the environmental and structural factors of remote areas also, once they launch it.

According to Mike Zeto, the General Manager of AT&T® Smart Cities, “Safety is a top concern of citizens and cities alike. This concern extends beyond the realm of crime and natural disasters. It also includes the safety of our infrastructure.” He further added that, “We’re pleased to test this solution, which will allow for smart infrastructure analysis and monitoring”

Internet Providers

High Speed Internet

With the latest structure monitoring solutions of AT&T® Smart Cities, the selected infrastructure will get an AT&T® LTE- enabled sensors that will help to monitor the remote structural factors. The sensors mainly measure the tilts and cracks, and alert triggers; email alerts are also employed in the sensor to notify and capture the significant events.

The AT&T® structural monitoring solutions have a lower operational cost because of its lesser manual inspections and it would help to improve the planning and safety measures. Furthermore, the organizations can monitor the remote structures using the internet and a web-enabled device with these structural monitoring solutions.

This product will join their growing smart city solutions that include AT&T® smart irrigation, AT&T® Smart Cities Digital Infrastructure, AT&T® Smart Cities Grid Solutions – Prepay Energy, AT&T® Smart Cities Operation Center, and AT&T® Smart Grid – Solar Solution.

24 Oct

CenturyLink® Seeks FCC Approval For 3.4 To 3.7 GHz Wireless Spectrum Trails

TV Providers

Wireless Spectrum Trails

One of the fastest internet providers in the United States, CenturyLink® is seeking the approval of FCC to conduct new trails of 3.4 to 3.7 GHz fixed wireless spectrum bands. Reports from reliable sources claim that the telecom company is conducting trials in order to extend their broadband internet service to hard-to-reach rural parts where the company is unable to extend wireline facilities.

The officials from CenturyLink® refused to share any further details on the 3.4 to 3.7 GHz trail to the public. However, in the FCC filing, the telecom company stated that they want to see how they could use these wireless spectrum bands to offer broadband internet service to their customers.

In the filing, CenturyLink® said, “In its experimental license application, CenturyLink seeks a license to conduct fixed testing in the 3.54 GHz to 3.70 GHz frequency band. The testing seeks to understand the viability of new technologies in this band that may be useful in providing fixed broadband services.”

Officials from the company also added, “CenturyLink® seeks confidential treatment for the Exhibit on the basis that it contains confidential commercial information, technical data, and trade secrets concerning CenturyLink® services under development and related testing processes, all of which CenturyLink® customarily guards from public disclosure.”

Internet Providers

Wireless Build-Outs

In addition to the above-mentioned wireless spectrum bands of 3.4-3.7 GHz, the telecom giant is also planning to look at how this could work other wireless providers who have started to roll out the future wireless networks to their customers. The CEO of CenturyLink®, Glen Post recently confirmed that they are open to new partnerships that will help them to boost the speed at which they are currently rolling out service to rural parts of the country.

Post said, “On the wireless side, we want to partner with 5G providers and other wireless providers where we can bring higher speeds to customers at less costs. If some of the proposed wireless build-outs occur in the CAF-II areas we cover, we think it will be a lower-cost opportunity to reach those customers and cover higher speeds for a lot more customers with that type of technology.”

CenturyLink® is not the only telecom company who is planning to offer better broadband access to customers in rural areas. Fellow rural-centric providers such as Windstream®, Consolidated®, and Frontier® are also trying to expand their broadband service.

21 Apr

What Makes Time Warner-AT&T Deal Interesting

TV Providers

AT&T-Time Warner Deal

The Federal Communications Commission might have done a huge favor for AT&T, whose intentions to strike a deal with Time Warner cable is nearing. The deal worth $85.4 billion, when done, would presumably leave other cable TV providers on their own in Atlanta.

Recently, Time Warner sold one of its stations in Atlanta to Meredith Corp to clear licensing terms with FCC and the public review. The direct license transferring between Time Warner and AT&T would now be counted as just an acquisition, and not a merger. FCC conducts public interest review only when licenses transfer directly between TV providers in mergers and acquisition.

It is quite natural the consumer needs regarding entertainment are heard and so do their claims when major mergers and acquisitions happen. The extensive public reviews via FCC depend on the Department of Justice Senate Democrats who holds the key now. When the deal is over, Time Warner channels such as HBO, CNN, and Turner Broadcasting System would be under AT&T license making revisions a formality.

Even among standard cable TV providers, American consumers seek info on subscription, so one would expect relevancy in ads and broadcasts from AT&T cable. Going by the ISP merger with Charter, AT&T might as well adopt the same strategy to cable also once the Time Warner deal is done.

The Trump Intervention

Cable TV Providers

Time Warner cable

The United States President gave his views on the Time Warner-AT&T deals only during campaigning. In fact, President Trump has an appointed antitrust chief under his jurisdiction to ensure trustworthiness in mergers and acquisitions to American consumers. Then again, those subjects of diplomacy matter relatively to all parties concerned for entertainment sells in America.

It is going to be very interesting to see what would happen next when the proposed deal gets down to its elements. Is the AT&T-Time Warner deal going to invite further competition from cable TV providers? Is Time Warner going to reveal sequential status updates to their present pay TV partners? Would the initial offering of $85.4 billion stay as essentially the same? As of now, we would simply have to wait to get answers to all these questions and many more.

13 Feb

CenturyLink May Offer Streaming TV Or Just DirecTV Now Service

CenturyLink TV

CenturyLink Streaming TV

More and more users are cutting the cord these days, and moving to options like PlayStation Vue and Sling TV. This has made many traditional TV service providers to think about cable TV alternatives and the recent name in the line is CenturyLink. Reports say that CenturyLink TV is in the middle of testing their OTT streaming service in four of their markets.

The CEO of CenturyLink, Glen Post said that they would consider providing a streaming TV service, like the DirecTV Now service of AT&T. This service will be offered in addition to the in-house TV service of the company. Post explained in a call with analysts that their progress on TV offering will make channels widely available to viewers who live in locations with copper lines that are not capable enough to handle the traditional TV signals.

Third party services like DirecTV Now can help CenturyLink to have a control on the cost of carrying the popular channels. CenturyLink Chief Financial Officer, Stewart Ewing said that they might be interested in reselling the DirecTV Now service, instead of offering their own streaming service.

“Content costs have really gone out of sight in recent years,” Ewing said. “We are looking at every option. If we can get a better deal where we can get some of our content costs down with a DirecTV, we will certainly take a look at that. We are talking to all the service providers, looking at every possibility there.”

Experts believe that the streaming service is meant to act as a replacement for the Prism IPTV service from CenturyLink. CenturyLink said that they are planning to de-emphasize the Prism IPTV service.

TV Providers

DirecTV Now

The OTT offering from CenturyLink is expected to offer a slimmed down set of channels, but might not include local channels. CEO Post said that the network DVR functionality, which is currently being offered by PlayStation Vue, is planned for their streaming service also.

“Our trials are getting really strong reviews right now,” Post said in the company earnings call. Although he did not say anything about testing the service in more markets before the official roll put, he said that they are planning to offer the OTT service by the second quarter of 2017.

Either options of CenturyLink will pose issues to the existing streaming TV services like PlayStation Vue and Sling TV. However, CenturyLink does not plan to dominate the market. Post said that they do not view streaming TV service as a “significant revenue opportunity” in 2017.

10 Feb

AT&T Labor Negotiations – 21000 Workers May Vote For Strike

TV Providers

AT&T Call Center

It is expected that another 21,000 workers at AT&T will authorize a strike in votes this week. This strike is intended to be a show of seriousness at the start of negotiations over a recently made contract. It is reported that the current contract that covers wireless retail, technical, and call center workers in 36 states will expire on February 11, 2017.

This expected vote follows a similar move by 17,000 AT&T employees in the traditional wired phone business of AT&T in California and Nevada. These employees were working without a contract since the month of April. “AT&T is underestimating their workers’ anger, frustration, and commitment to winning a fair contract,” said Dennis Trainer, who is the vice president for District 1 of the AT&T workers’ union, under the Communications Workers of America.

However, despite of the strike authorization vote, which is not an uncommon bargaining tactic, AT&T said that they remain committed to find common ground. AT&T had a long history of labor peace with their employees and their main union, the Communications Workers of America. Last strike in AT&T was before five years and it lasted only two days, whereas about 40,000 workers in Verizon went out on strike for seven weeks last year.

“A strike vote is not an unexpected step in negotiations of this sort and is often a part of the process,” an AT&T representative said. “We’re continuing to bargain with the union and we’re committed to reaching a fair agreement that will allow us to continue to provide solid union-represented careers with excellent wages and benefits.”

DirecTV Choice Package

Workers Vote For Strike

AT&T proposed removing the pension benefits for the fresh recruits, decreasing the number of sick days, and paying one third of the health care insurance premium cost, but they declined to comment on their specific proposals. However, one of the officials said that they are not seeking to take away any benefits or cut employee pay.

Like the Verizon employees, who went out on strike, AT&T workers also highlighted the outsourcing of call center jobs outside the country. Employees of Verizon said that the carrier has moved 8,000 call center jobs since 2011 to different countries like Mexico, Dominican Republic, and Philippines. Halting the offshore outsourcing of call center jobs was also the prime point of a letter from seven Democratic senators to President Trump.


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