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Xfinity Packages Archives

Many of us do not use the Wi-Fi router that is offered by our cable companies, as you will have to spend an extra of about ten dollars just to use the router. Moreover, it is difficult to manage these routers, because they come with wonky passwords and network names, and most of these passwords […]

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In a recent announcement, Comcast Corporation stated that they have increased their number of outdoor hotspots in Burlington city to 120. The provider did this by adding additional 50 outdoor Xfinity WiFi hotspots in the city. The launch of these outdoor hotspots is actually a part of the ongoing WiFi network expansion in Comcast’s Vermont […]

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Approximately five decades ago, Ronnie Colvin’s dad, Glen Colvin became the eighth employee at a cable company in Tupelo, which eventually went on to became Comcast Corporation. Comcast is currently one of the leading satellite, internet and cable providers in the nation, and Ronnie Colvin is a senior director of external affairs for Comcast. Ronnie […]

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