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AT&T®, who is the fastest internet provider in several parts of the United States, will have to patiently wait until June 12 to know whether their proposed $85 billion dollar deal will Time Warner will come into fruition or not. Reports from several reliable sources indicate that Judge Richard Leon will be finally making a decision on the mega-merger between the telecom companies. However, the officials from both Time Warner Inc. and AT&T® are highly hopeful that the judge will pass their request to complete the deal.

AT&T® recently staged a major conference at the Warner Bros. Studios of Time Warner in Burbank, California. The conference hosted by AT&T® featured presentations on artificial intelligence, immersive entertainment, and edge technologies. In addition to that, AT&T® also conducted a 5G demonstration and film award ceremony at the same venue.

The 5G-enabled virtual reality demonstration of AT&T® allowed three participants who were in different locations to enjoy a concert together at the very same time. The president of technology and operations at AT&T®, Melissa Arnoldi, claimed that the participants were able to enjoy an immersive experience through the 5G demonstration and they were fascinated by the quality of the service.

The telecom giant, AT&T® organized the 5G demonstration by seeking the help of their partners. Ericsson® and Intel® who are the partners of AT&T® had helped the telecom company during their first 5G tests, which took place in a carwash in Austin, Texas a few months ago. Reports claim that the partners of AT&T® are also happy with the results of the their recent 5G demonstration.

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“We had a lot of questions when we started. And we’re confident we have all the answers we need to deploy a mobile 5G network that works for people all over the country,” Arnoldi said. She also added that they were able to demonstrate 5G after two years of effort and testing. The officials from AT&T® also confirmed that they have already tested 5G in Michigan, South Bend, Indiana, Waco, Texas, and Kalamazoo over the last few years.

In a recent statement, AT&T® also confirmed that they will be launching a new mobile 5G network in about 12 cities in the country by the end of the year.