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07 Aug

All you Need to Know about Internet Speeds

Best Internet

Internet Speed Tips

No matter what kind of internet user you are, serious gamer, Netflix binger, or a professional who does a lot of their work online, you need good internet speeds to be able to properly meet your needs. If you are yet to get a connection set up at your place of residence or employ, simply Googling “internet providers in my area” does not cut it. Before checking out the available options, you need to get a good idea of the kind of speeds you are going to need on a regular basis. Following is a look at the things you will need to know.

Terms to Be Familiar with

  • Ping: This is a test used to figure out whether or not a server can be reached. To ping a server, a data packet gets sent to it, and you wait for it to come back. If it does, that shows the server can be reached.
  • Ping Time: This is a measure of how responsive your connection is, which equals how fast the data packet moves in both directions. The basic unit of ping time is milliseconds. If the data request does not register inside a second or two, the connections is bound to be characterized by lags, which can be off-putting if you are trying to play a game, upload a file, submit a lengthy form, etc.
  • Latency: This is basically how fast data moves from source to destination, or in other words, the delay which occurs in communication. Latency needs to be low if you want to enjoy the best the internet has to offer, and you should keep this in mind while Googling “internet providers in my area”. Gamers find this affects them a lot, especially when playing games with someone on the other side of the globe.
  • Mbps: This is a unit used to measure internet speed, and is short for “megabits per second”. It is a measure of the bandwidth of the connection, which refers to the amount of data that can possibly be transferred in a second.

Difference between Download Speeds and Upload Speeds

These are two things, which you are bound to see after you Google “internet providers in my area” and start checking out options. Download speed is the speed at which data gets transferred from server to you. This is pertinent to downloading files, loading websites while browsing the internet, and streaming video or audio. Upload speed is the opposite of this, in that it is the speed at which data flows from your computer to a server. Although often overlooked, upload speeds are important when sending emails, files, etc., and also for gaming and video chats.

For Gaming

Most people normally go about finding the right connection for their gaming needs by initially Googling “internet providers in my area”, and checking out the ones that offer sufficiently high speeds. With regards to gaming, you need to remember that upload speeds are as important as download speeds, because your device needs to send information to the gaming servers. That, as well as latency and ping time, matter here. Following are the things to pay attention to.

  • Best speeds for gaming online: Normally, gaming online requires speeds of around 1-3 Mbps, but for the experience to be consistently satisfying, you might want to go with something to the tune of 10-25 Mbps. The ping time is the most important factor to consider, and while dependent on the upload and download speeds, it is more heavily impacted by internet latency.
  • Best internet for gaming: Cable and fiber-optic internet show up right off when you Google “internet providers in my area for gaming”, mainly because connection type each allows for low-latency connections that enable superb gaming experiences. Satellite internet falls behind in that department, because despite high speeds, the signals need to move a great distance between source and destination.
  • Best internet in rural areas: Assuming you have access to it, fixed wireless internet would make the best option for gaming out of a rural area. It ensures lower latency than what you can expect from satellite internet, owing to the much shorter distance that signals need to travel to and from the local tower. The best part is that fixed wireless speeds almost match those of DSL and cable.
Internet Providers In My Area

Video Streaming Services

  • Using satellite for gaming: This can go either way based on the type of game you choose to play online. Satellite internet does not have the rapid data-response times required by shooter or sports games, but manages to provide a satisfying experience if you choose RPG, strategy, card, or puzzle games.
  • Does using satellite internet get you blocked from online games? Satellite internet users experience a lot of lag compared to other internet consumers, allowing them to use this as an advantage of sorts when they are gaming. For this reason, many shooter and sports games refuse admittance to satellite internet users, so that the gaming experience among different participants remains fairly equal.
  • Speeding up your internet for online gaming: It is possible to make you internet at home faster by a slight degree, such as through boosting the Wi-Fi signal to reduce latency. You could also try moving the router to a position that stabilizes the signal. If your gaming device is placed a good distance from the router, consider setting up the Wi-Fi repeater, or even an extender. Google “internet providers in my area that provide repeaters”, and you will see a list of companies that help with bolstering your internet signal.

For Streaming

  • Speeds you would need for Netflix: The service generally recommends having speeds of at least 3 Mbps to load videos, but this can vary with the quality of the stream you wish to watch. For standard definition videos, you would need no lower than 3 Mbps in download speed. HD videos require 5 Mbps speed to stream, while streaming HDR or 4K would entail a connection speed of 25 Mbps.
  • Speeds you would need for Hulu: This service recommends having 3 Mbps speed for people who wish to watch on-demand programming of the best quality. Live TV viewing requires at least 8 Mbps.
  • Speeds you would need for DIRECTV NOW®: For steaming video of minimal quality on DIRECTV NOW®, the service recommends 2.5 Mbps speed, but if you wish to enjoy HD video streams on a mobile device, you would need access to speeds to the tune of 7.5 Mbps. On your computer web browser, the same would take no lower than 12 Mbps.
  • Speeds you would need for YouTube TV: When streaming standard definition videos on YouTube, your connection needs to have at least 3 Mbps download speed so that the video does not buffer. For HD videos, you would need around 7 Mbps, and if you were streaming on multiple devices, you would need access to about 13 Mbps download speed.

For Working from Home

The internet speeds you need to comfortably work from home would vary based on the kind of work that needs to get done. If it involves frequent downloads and uploads featuring large files, you would need a really fast connection with speeds of around 40 Mbps. Basic use, such as emailing and using small PC programs, would require 3-4 Mbps speed. If you have a lot of Skyping going on, no lower than 10 Mbps speed would be needed. It is wise to pick speeds that exceed the requirements of the program you use, because at-home speeds invariably fall short of what is advertised. Multiple devices can further hog the bandwidth.

  • Advisable home internet speeds: What you need in terms of internet speeds at home would depend on your internet use. 15+ Mbps would work fine for a family with multiple users who are frequently online.
  • Fastest speeds you can get: At present, the fastest internet speed offered for home use is a whopping 2 Gbps, which XFINITY® provides in select areas.
  • Figuring out the internet speed you currently have: A simple online test can show you how fast your internet connection is. It would also show the ping time and latency, as well as other details.

Benefits of High Speed Internet at a Small Business

Internet Provider

High Speed Internet

For many businesses, especially SMEs, it is imperative to keep operating costs as low as possible, so that profit margins stay high. Starting out as the owner of such a business, you may take the path of Googling “cheap internet providers in my area” and picking the best option you find. However, giving up speed to save on internet expense might not be the best idea, especially in the long run.

Faster internet can set the stage for increased productivity as well as other benefits. This is the main reason why most every successful business has a fast connection serving their offices, whether it has a thousand employees or fewer than twenty. Following are the top benefits you can expect if you take the same route.

  • Better productivity: Imagine your employees having to work with slow internet, and how it could delay or even stall many of the tasks, which need to get done inside the course of the day. Findings from some studies say that every year, around a full week of work can be wasted this way, and that is just for a single user at a computer station. From the productivity perspective, this can be costly for a business, and even more so if it relies on a portal or website to draw in customers or clients. One survey says that 8 out of 10 online customers tend not to return to a slow-loading website, while 2 out of 10 said they would wait a maximum of 5 seconds at each page, and leave if it did not load.
  • Lower stress: For most employees, there is stress accompanying the prospect of waiting for a site to load over a snail-paced internet connection. The reality of this issue only properly dawns when you realize that WHO has placed annual stress-related workplace costs at an estimated $300 billion. Even the tiniest bit of that is a lot, and your company would be saving as much by ushering in a relaxed work environment featuring reliable and fast internet.
  • Space for more users: Even a business with less than 10 employees could face office struggles stemming from a slow connection, because said connection needs to be shared between multiple users. Before long, it can become all but unusable. A high speed broadband connection, on the other hand, would supply the office with enough bandwidth to ensure every device and machine gets access to the speed it requires for smooth, uninterrupted work.
  • Ease in certain tasks: For businesses that require a lot of video conferencing to be done as part of their daily operations, speed is an important factor. This also holds true for cloud storage, online streaming, and cloud-based software use, which require fast internet so as to render a seamless work experience. The more you rely on these things, the higher the importance of a high-speed broadband connection.
  • Smoother downloading and uploading: Many modern business-related activities include sharing files through downloads and uploads. Each operation needs to be completed without interruptions, but a slow connection, which frequently times out can throw a wrench in the works. No one appreciates having to start over repeatedly, which is why a high-speed connection that eliminates this need is essential. Higher download and upload speeds can even make a difference in timesavings when handling small files, especially if you regularly move these to and from a shared storage space. To get set up with a connection that works well in this area, look up “fast internet providers in my area”, and then check out your options.
  • Lower costs: This makes sense when you look at things from the productivity perspective. A decently fast broadband connection can also bring savings in other ways, such as by eliminating the monthly cost of a traditional phone service because VoIP is now a reliable option.
  • Improved collaboration: You find SMEs aplenty that are ready to collaborate with far-placed partners, suppliers, and associates, because a fast internet connections eases this considerably. IT is much simpler to share files, send information, and make changes in shared platforms like Dropbox and Google Docs.
  • The chance to provide better customer service: Since the dawn of time, the customer has always been right, and that will never change. As a business, it is much easier to keep your clients and customers happy as long as you have superior tools to work with, and fast internet is definitely one of those.
08 Jun

AT&T® Conducts 5G Demonstration at Warner Bros. Studios

Fastest Internet Provider

5G Demonstration Conducted

AT&T®, who is the fastest internet provider in several parts of the United States, will have to patiently wait until June 12 to know whether their proposed $85 billion dollar deal will Time Warner will come into fruition or not. Reports from several reliable sources indicate that Judge Richard Leon will be finally making a decision on the mega-merger between the telecom companies. However, the officials from both Time Warner Inc. and AT&T® are highly hopeful that the judge will pass their request to complete the deal.

AT&T® recently staged a major conference at the Warner Bros. Studios of Time Warner in Burbank, California. The conference hosted by AT&T® featured presentations on artificial intelligence, immersive entertainment, and edge technologies. In addition to that, AT&T® also conducted a 5G demonstration and film award ceremony at the same venue.

The 5G-enabled virtual reality demonstration of AT&T® allowed three participants who were in different locations to enjoy a concert together at the very same time. The president of technology and operations at AT&T®, Melissa Arnoldi, claimed that the participants were able to enjoy an immersive experience through the 5G demonstration and they were fascinated by the quality of the service.

The telecom giant, AT&T® organized the 5G demonstration by seeking the help of their partners. Ericsson® and Intel® who are the partners of AT&T® had helped the telecom company during their first 5G tests, which took place in a carwash in Austin, Texas a few months ago. Reports claim that the partners of AT&T® are also happy with the results of the their recent 5G demonstration.

Best Internet Provider

High Speed Internet

“We had a lot of questions when we started. And we’re confident we have all the answers we need to deploy a mobile 5G network that works for people all over the country,” Arnoldi said. She also added that they were able to demonstrate 5G after two years of effort and testing. The officials from AT&T® also confirmed that they have already tested 5G in Michigan, South Bend, Indiana, Waco, Texas, and Kalamazoo over the last few years.

In a recent statement, AT&T® also confirmed that they will be launching a new mobile 5G network in about 12 cities in the country by the end of the year.

02 Mar

Charter Introduces Another In-Home Skinny-Bundle Streaming TV Option

Streaming TV

In-Home Skinny-Bundle

One of the best internet providers in the country, Charter Communications® recently launched a new in-home skinny-bundle streaming TV option, which is popularly known as Spectrum Choice. Reports from several reliable sources indicate that Charter® is introducing this new package to lure in new customers to their TV service. In addition to that, executives from the telecom company believe that this new offering will protect their video customer base from dwindling.

On their official website, Charter Communications® revealed a few vital details about the streaming service to help customers decide whether the new service is suitable for them or not. According to the website, the newly introduced Spectrum Choice will offer customers access to a number of local broadcast networks.

In fact, customers who subscribe to this new service will be able to watch 25 popular Music Choice channels. Moreover, customers also enjoy the luxury of adding more channels to their individual packages. If you wish to access premium channels such as Starz, Starz Encore, The Movie Channel, ShowTime, and HBO, then you will need to pay an additional amount.

Best Internet

Top-Rated Shows

Surprisingly, officials from the telecom company did not provide any information on the price of their latest skinny bundle streaming service. However, reports indicate that the monthly price customers will have to pay for the Spectrum Choice package will be around $25 for the first two years. However, after the two years, subscribers will have to pay more than that to continue accessing the channels in the Spectrum Choice package.

It is crucial to note that this new service introduced by Charter Communications® will be available on Xbox consoles, Roku players, web browsers, and even on tablets and smartphones. Another interesting thing to note is that customers will not need a Charter-supplied set-top box to enjoy the service. However, subscribers who wish to add a DVR will surely need a set-top box.

Officials from the telecom company have also confirmed the fact that they will be delivering this service to the homes of customers with the help of a managed IP connection. An official from Charter Communications® said, “Like Spectrum TV Stream, Spectrum Choice is also targeted at customers who don’t currently purchase a video product from us. We continue to launch and test new services to better serve customer demand for more choice.”

02 Feb

Charter® Claims Customer Complaints against Their TV Service has Dropped

Best Internet

New Service Options

One of the leading cable TV and internet providers in the United States, Charter Communications®, is currently pushing their Spectrum® cable TV customers to adopt an all-channel format, which will require every one of their TV subscribers to buy new set-top boxes. Several experts in the field of telecommunications had stated that this move from the telecom giant would displease customers.

Surprisingly, the executives from Charter® recently stated that the complaint rates against their TV service have significantly decreased over the last few weeks. Charter® also pointed out that the number of customer complaints that they currently receive is far less when compared to the number of complaints Time Warner Cable® received when they were in charge.

The telecom giant, Charter Communications® acquired Time Warner Cable® back in the year 2016. The State Public Service Commission that allowed this deal had asked Charter® to reduce the number of customer complaints by 35 percent by the year 2010. It seems that the telecom company has managed to pull off a terrific job as per reports obtained from several reliable sources.

A Barclay Damon Attorney, Maureen Helmer, who is currently representing Charter Communications®, sent a letter to the PSC. In the letter, Helmer stated that the customer complaints against the telecom company have considerably reduced customer complaints even though Charter® has rolled out a very different TV, internet, and phone offering than that of Time Warner Cable®.

Internet Providers

Customer Complaints Dropped

Helmer said, “As the commission is aware, change can trigger complaints as customers adjust to new service options, promotions, and packages. Notwithstanding these challenges of integration and product advancement, Charter® is pleased to report, as noted above, that complaints have actually declined in 2017 and Charter® is making significant progress towards meeting the complaint rate targets established in the merger order.”

She also added that the drop in the number of customer complaints was due to “an increased level of accountability for the complaint handling process within the company.” In addition to that, Helmer also said that all-digital conversion of Charter’s cable TV service would significantly improve the video picture quality and also enable the telecom company to boost their internet speeds.

In the letter, Helmer wrote, “Notwithstanding these ongoing changes, Charter® expects that the processes it has established to enhance how it handles complaints will continue to drive down its PSC complaint numbers. In order to ensure that we build on this favorable trend, Charter® will actively monitor and assess the number and type of complaints it receives from the PSC to ensure appropriate actions are taken to reduce the overall number of complaints that are received by and escalated to your agency.”

18 Jan

Greenwich Caps off CenturyLink’s Fiber Expansion in East Coast

Best Internet Providers

Metro Fiber Loop

CenturyLink® is the second biggest telecommunications provider in the US with a global customer base of millions. Being one of the best internet providers over the years, CenturyLink® has recently finished expanding the metro fiber loop in Connecticut’s Greenwich City. The new expansion from the Telco completes a series of network build out across the East Coast of the United States over the previous 12 months. Apart from Greenwich City, CenturyLink® also finished network expansions in Connecticut cities, namely Stamford, Norwalk and Hartford, and White Plains City in New York.

These new fiber routes would equip the enterprise level customers of CenturyLink® with their business continuity disaster recovery services, global product portfolio, and path diversity. With the completion of the build out, the Telco can now deliver best internet service for business customers with up to 100 gigabytes per second speed, alongside enterprise-level products and service that comprise of cloud services, big data analytics, SD-WAN, IT consulting, and so forth.

Best Internet

High Speed Internet

The fiber loop expansion is done by CenturyLink® to extend their network and services to more business subscribers in select areas. For instance, the route expansions in Greenwich enable CenturyLink® to add around twenty ‘Class A’ buildings at business offices, which adds to the on-net portfolio of the Telco. In addition to that, the expansions strengthen the points of presence and fiber routes of CenturyLink® diversifying the carrier’s offerings further. What is going to help CenturyLink® to distance from their competitors is they are one of the few Telco’s having fiber routes in Greenwich that extends up to Long Island Sound north and south.

“As a company, we understand how important it is for businesses to have safe, secure and reliable network connections that deliver faster solutions to move their businesses forward,” said Carl Bonitz, CenturyLink’s GM for NYC, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. “Our expanded network provides businesses in Greenwich with local network infrastructure and support alongside global connectivity, creating a gateway for information exchange across the region and around the world.”

The new fiber loop build out expands the optical fiber network of CenturyLink® to over 45,000 route miles along with connections in up to five hundred main cities around the globe. It also follows up CenturyLink’s acquisition of Level 3 Communications in 2017.

05 Jan

Comcast® Increases Prices of Triple-Play Packages and Other Services

Best Internet

High Speed Internet

Comcast Corporation® has stated that it has increased the prices for their triple play packages in 2018. The packages will now cost an additional amount of $5 per month for the year and will result in an increase in the monthly charges collected from customers. Comcast® in spite of being the best internet and TV provider faces stiff competition from various streaming services such as Netflix. The increase in prices for the year is to address the threats faced by these streaming services and ensure its continued operation by offering uninterrupted cable services to customers.

Comcast® first initiated the hike in charges in the regions of Philadelphia, New Jersey, and Wilmington by late December. Comcast® has informed Xfinity customers across the regions regarding the increase in charges of the services. The price increase is also because Comcast® customers are provided with more services for the charges paid. However, this increase in prices will not affect a majority of the customers as most of them are under contract or promotions. The increased prices will come into effect for customers after their promotions and contracts have been expired.

Fastest Internet Provider

HD Complete XF Triple Play Bundle

As a result, a Preferred XF Triple Play Bundle is going to cost about $166.49, which is higher than the previous amount of $161.49. Likewise, for the Starter XF Triple Play Bundle, the price has increased to $153.49 per month while the monthly rate of HD Complete XF Triple Play Bundle has also been increased to $251.49. In its broadcast television lineup, the rate for the channels has also increased to $7.50 per month and regional sports fees to $6.75 per month.

Moreover, the modem rental fees of Comcast® have increased to $11 per month from the previous $10. Alongside that, Comcast® has also increased the rates for its services and installation to $40 from the $35.20, which is about 13.6 percent higher. The telecom company has put forward plans to minimize service calls and service personnel consulting by handling out self-installation kits and remote support and diagnosis via call centers.

Jennifer Bilotta, Comcast® spokesperson stated, “We continue to make significant investments in our network and technologies to give customers more for their money – like faster Internet service and better Wi-Fi, more video across viewing screens, innovations like X1 and a better customer experience. We must pass along a portion of these higher costs to our customers. As a result, on average, nationally, the customer bill will increase by 2.2% in 2018.”

02 Jan

Spectrum® Increases Internet Speeds in Dayton

Best Internet

High Speed Internet Access

Many bigwigs in the communication field are increasing their internet speed. Spectrum® internet has increased their starting download speed by 66%, that is from 60 Mbps to 100 Mbps, in Dayton. Surprisingly, even though Spectrum® is boosting their internet speed, they are not changing the pricing of their services.

According to the news released, new Spectrum® Internet users can avail the fastest 100 Mbps speed. On top of that, the company has increased the speed automatically for the current Spectrum® customers including both residential and business clients. Mark Dunford, the regional vice president of operations at Spectrum® said that more than 99% of their customers already have access to the internet speed of 100 Mbps in the region.

He also added that they are providing more speed for surfing, streaming, and accessing social media for their customers without any additional charges in their Spectrum® package. Moreover, the ultra customers of the company can avail the internet upgrade, which will increase their starting speed from 100 Mbps to 300 Mbps without any additional charges as well. This will create a big stir amongst their rival internet service providers.

Charter Spectrum® officials declined to release their customer strength in the county due to reasons of competition with other internet service providers. However, the Telco claimed that they offer the fastest internet speed in the Dayton area without any modem fees, data caps, or contracts. Still, it is to be noted that a small percentage of Spectrum® customers will have to rely on a new modem to avail the faster speeds until they get their modems exchanged by the company.

Cheap Internet

DOCSIS 3.1 Technology

Moreover, the company is also introducing its DOCSIS 3.1 technology this week. It comes with gigabits speed in Cincinnati, which will benefit some Spectrum® residential and business customers in that region. Besides that, they have not any timetable for the release of this super high-speed service in the southern part of Dayton region.

Charter Communications® wrapped up the acquisition of Time Warner Cable® in a deal worth $78 billion in May of 2016, which made them the second largest cable and internet service provider in the United States. Nonetheless, the Philadelphia-based Comcast Corporation® still holds the first position.

The customer service center of the Charter Communications® hired 50 customer service representatives in Kettering in January. On top of that, they hired 30 outside sales representatives and customer service representatives in May as well and created a series of hiring in the Dayton region. All the moves are great signs for those looking for the best internet options in the area.

27 Dec

Comcast Corporation® Upgrades Services in Monmouth County

Internet Providers Near Me

Upgrades To Available Services

Comcast® increased their network and services recently in Monmouth County. Experts say that this was done by the best internet provider to rival other Telcos in the area and reach the cord cutters as well. The upgrades from Comcast® cater to gigabit internet, cellular service, TV, and so forth. The services offered by Comcast® to business customers as of now are also in their upgrade plans, except for an office security system which they are planning to add to their portfolio.

“Typically to be able to offer all your services you need to build up a network,” said Jack A. Segal, Comcast’s Vice President of Communications for Greater Chicago. “We built up a network to be able to handle the capacity of what you need. When you offer services, when you offer TV programming, internet, when you offer a home security system you need the most robust system available.”

Even though Comcast® has been in the region for decades now, Segal said the company waited until last month to upgrade their service, since they needed to make sure that there was sufficient demand for their offerings. “It’s a significant investment to come to a location and offer all your services,” Segal added. “It’s the culmination of a lot of planning. That’s why we’re here now.”

Best Internet

High Speed Internet

Comcast’s announcement also surfaces at the wake of deregulations to net neutrality rules by the Republican-led Congress on a 3-2 vote in a recent meeting held earlier this month. On the other hand, Monmouth Director of Information Technology, Kenneth Helms said that it took Comcast® “around a month to set up the infrastructure for the city necessary to deliver the expanded services.”

Helms also talked about the expansion of the best internet provider and the benefits they bring to the residents referring to internet service, cellular service and TV with DVR Playability. “We’re happy to see a longtime service provider in town introduce expanded services for the citizens,” he said.

As of now, the rivals of Comcast Corporation® in the Monmouth County include MTC Communications, DerbyNet, and McDonough Telephone, the three companies delivering similar services in the area. So with the move by Comcast®, the options for the residents and businesses looking for ISPs near their area have been increased.

18 Dec

AT&T® Chooses Georgia for Trialing Their Project Airgig

Cable TV Alternatives

Project Airgig Trials

AT&T® has chosen Georgia for the second trial of their international ‘Project AirGig’ that would help deploy 1 gigabit per second internet via mmWave signals guided by overhead utility poles. The first trial of the technological project began earlier this year with an undisclosed electricity provider outside the United States. The latest technology from the Telco would deliver best internet service in rural areas and urban locations in the future. AT&T® is trialing ‘Project AirGig’ alongside Georgia Power in a rural location in the state as of now.

This would avoid building internet infrastructure for internet like new towers or burying optical fiber cable near overhead power lines. Instead, the electricity technicians can implement the patented technology of AT&T® onto utility poles easily for providing broadband signals. The technology also signals to a future wherein internet would come with ultra speeds anywhere in the world.

“Project AirGig is part of our ongoing effort to accelerate internet connections to a gig or more through both wired and wireless solutions,” said Andre Fuetsch, the President of AT&T® Labs cum Chief Technology Officer. “But it also stands alone as a radically innovative solution to bridge the global digital divide.”

Best Internet

High Speed Internet

‘Project AirGig’ is headed by AT&T® Labs and has the backing of a decade-long research from their part. The news comes at a time when state legislators are grappling with how to provide enhanced internet in rural locations of Georgia. In fact, the concept of redirecting internet over utility poles is not new, but the Telco has assured their technology would overcome the past technical hurdles.

“Georgia Power continuously utilizes technology research and collaborates with companies like AT&T® in order to introduce new products and services that help meet the changing needs of our customers,” said Paul Bowers Chairman, who is the President cum Chief Executive Officer of Georgia Power. “Expanding access to high speed internet is an important initiative that provides value for our all of our customers and helps us remain a competitive state in which to do business.”

If the trial turns successful in the state, the technology would help in expanding broadband access to underserved areas and would enhance internet speeds. AT&T® however said that they are yet to decide on when to deploy the technology commercially.

06 Dec

Comcast® Rolls out the ‘xFi Gateway’ Modem for Gigabit Internet Subscribers

Best Internet Provider

Xfi Gateway Modem

Comcast® unveiled the xFi modem recently. Billed as an ‘advanced gateway’, the modem for Gigabit internet promises the users 1Gbps downstream speeds and 35Mbps upstream speeds. The modem is offered by the best internet provider on a monthly rental scheme and would allow the customers to use it as a Wi-Fi router. The existing subscribers who wish to order the xFi gateway can do so through the Xfinity xFi application or by calling the service personnel of Comcast®.

Other aspects to note regarding the xFi modem is that it is being offered by Comcast® for $10 monthly rent inclusive of taxes as well as fees. The Telco also said that the terabyte broadband cap would apply to the gigabit internet plans and added that the majority of the subscribers in their nationwide broadband network seldom cross the set cap. In case you are a hardcore broadband user and cross the data cap in the gigabit internet plan, you may need to either manage the broadband usage or subscribe the unlimited broadband plan from Comcast® for an additional cost.

Best Internet

Gigabit Internet Subscribers

Comcast® said that the areas that are unable to access gigabit internet can still gain the modem and added that around 70 percent of the company’s network can gain benefits from the 1Gbps speeds. They also added that network upgrades are bound to prolong until next year. Pricing mechanism from the Telco for the best internet connection would differ as per your region. For instance, in select areas of the country, the Telco provides the Xfinity broadband in 1 Gbps speed for $79.99 a month for the first 12 months and $104.95 a month after the first year of subscription.

If you constantly browse, play online games and stream videos over the web in 4K resolution or upload plenty of videos, then subscribing to gigabit internet from Comcast® may be the best option for you. Comcast’s numbers seem promising in the third quarter of this year at a whopping 25.5 million subscribers of their internet.

Further, Comcast® also plans to provide the Xfinity application to the subscribers with Xfinity TV adapter and Sony’s Android TV, beginning 2018. When the app launches next year, the subscribers meeting the requirements can access live broadcasts from regional channels, public channels, and channels sponsored by the government.


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