DirecTV focuses on entertaining its customers by offering a wide collection of channels to browse and watch. The DirecTV packages provide perfect entertainment to individuals and families.Since the packages are available as ready-made bundles, the customers can opt for the packages of their choice without ease.Choosing DirecTV doesn’t mean that you have to select the channels only as a package. Consider that you’ve selected your favorite package and still have your favorite channel left out in the selected package. Even then you have an option to add that extra one to the package that you have selected.

Advantages of Opting DirecTV

DirecTV is a satellite based service provider having a wide coverage in almost 50 states of US. If you are living in a rural area, you might not find cable operators in your area. DirecTV, being a satellite based provider, will be able to cater your needs.

DirecTV provides packages are focused on the specific needs of variety of customers. It provides high quality TV services and channels in bundles.

DirecTV focuses on customer satisfaction. Due to its wide coverage and customer-centric approach, you can easily obtain the service and also trasfer the service to any part of US easily. Moreover, DirecTV provides its customer a chance to enhance their equipment when they move to some other location so as to show a good will to its customers.

With every DirecTV package, you can get the audience channel, which provides an advantage of watching all sorts of entertainments like music, dramas, movies, sports, news, and many more. DirecTV also concentrates on kids’ channels, so as to keep the younger minds also entertained.

DirecTV adapts High Definition (HD) and Digital Video Recording (DVR) technologies. You can have a refreshing, novel experience while you watch your TV programs with DirecTV due to the presence of HD technology. The DVR technology allows you to record your programs and viewing it later.

DirecTV also ensures you with the privacy you require. They allow you to keep control over your kids by providing control features in your subscription. By this way, you can watch certain channels which are not meant for your kids, when you are alone.

DirecTV provides many offers to its customers. This has helped it gain many new customers. When you opt for DirecTV, you can get introductory offers from DirecTV. If you sign a contract period for 24 months, you can avail low prices for a year. This will help you save much of your money.

The Packages Currently Offered

Entertainment is never ending with DirecTV. You can select from a wide range of packages including direcTV choice package, entertainment package, and others.
These packages are clearly designed to cater to the needs of various types of customers. Let us take a look at the packages available currently.

DirecTV Packages

How To Add An Extra Channel?

Adding extra channels to the current package is quite simple. All it needs is searching for the channel which you want to pick and adding it to the basket. It can be done either online or via your TV service.

Adding extra options

You can also find two standard ‘extra’ options with DirecTV. The two ‘extra’ options coming with direcTV package cost $4.99 each.

The first ‘extra’ pack which you can opt is DirecTV HD extra pack. This pack offers additional HD channels for people who prefer viewing programs with high quality. The package includes Sony Movie Channel HD, Crime and Investigation HD, MGM HD, and many more.

Another ‘extra’ pack that you can opt is DogTV. When you are not in your home, your dog might feel lonely. In that case, you can keep your dog entertained by opting for DogTV.

How to Change your DirecTV Package?

Once you have selected a package, it is not mandatory to stick on to the same package. Imagine that you have selected DirecTV Select package. You would now prefer to switch over to the Premier package. It is a simple process.  

Give a call to your service provider. They will get you in touch with a DirecTV specialist. Then, you can give your request for change of package. They will help you in changing your DirecTV package.

While changing your package, the DirecTV specialists also help you even in seeing if they can qualify you for an equipment upgrade, if requir med. This helps you get your equipment upgraded at no cost as a good will.


DirecTV offers you a chance to customize your world of entertainment. You can precisely make use of all the advantages available with DirecTV, add the channels you require or change your packages as required and have complete fun.