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Many of us do not use the Wi-Fi router that is offered by our cable companies, as you will have to spend an extra of about ten dollars just to use the router. Moreover, it is difficult to manage these routers, because they come with wonky passwords and network names, and most of these passwords and network names are impossible to remember.

You will be able to save a lot of money in long run if you opt to buy your own cable modem and router. However, Comcast is all set to improve the value that their users get from the routers supplied by them. It is reported that Comcast will start to roll out a service to their Wi-Fi routers soon. The service will feature many benefits like those offered by companies like Starry and Eero.

Comcast will also offer a new router that offer faster connection speeds and some other internal upgrades. The most important things that the users will be able to do with the Comcast Xfinity service are explained below:

Set Up Wi-Fi Network Easily

It is reported that the Comcast router has a QR code that can be captured with the Comcast app. This will guide the users through the network setup process.

Enable Parental Control And Monitor Connections

Making use of the Comcast app, users can manage access to the network. This can be done by making a profile for each of the users and their respective devices. Parents can control and disable the connection to a device when their kids are eating dinner, doing homework, or going to bed.

Troubleshoot Connections And Extend The Range Of Wi-Fi

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Comcast app can help you find out and avoid barriers to the Wi-Fi connection. If you live in a large home with thick walls, the app can help you optimize the connection and get the most out of it. Users also have the option to add extenders to automatically boost the signal of the primary router. This will help the signal to reach the hard-to-reach areas of the house. Extenders from Comcast are much like those from Eero and Google.

It is reported that Comcast will roll out the new service to about ten million current users of Xfinity internet in the first half of the year and the service will not have any additional charges. It is estimated that about fifteen million users will have access to the latest service by the end of the year.