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06 Mar

How to Save on Cable and Internet before Choosing to Cut the Cord

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The trait of cord cutting is growing in the market, and cable providers are losing customers. However, millions of American customers still have cable at home. There are some ways to retain your cable service and lower your bill, which helps mitigate the exorbitant cost of subscription-TV. In several cases, customers only have to give a call to their service provider, threatening to cancel, saying that there are many companies, which provide cheap cable and internet near me. In other cases, it is just about being a savvy customer.

Steps to Prepare for That All-Important Phone Call to your Cable Company

Start by identifying the hidden fees. Companies that provide the cable service are known to quote a price, and add multiple fees (like local channel fees). Challenge each added fee, and see which one you can get cut.

From there, ensure that you know your present cable use and requirements. If you are upon a cable plan that contains channels you do not watch, you may want to downsize the plan.

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Being a cable customer, you have to arm yourself with sufficient knowledge about everything that affects you. That means you have to know the promotional offers, and learn what other service providers in your area are offering. Search for “cheap cable and internet near me”, make a list of the major cable companies in your area, and use that to negotiate a better deal with your present service provider.

Saving on Internet Service

Most people choose to bundle cable and internet into one plan, and most of them are overpaying there also. For instance, residential customers who consume data on an average basis do not require as quick an internet service as they are sold. They can get by upon 25 megabits per second or so. Except if you have someone who plays online games, which go on and on for a number of hours, you do not have to choose a big data plan. Most customers having issues with slow internet and buffering have Wi-Fi setup issues, not those concerned with internet speed.

As for cable modem, customers can surely save there also by buying a modem instead of renting one from their cable operator. However, note that you will not get the same kind of support from your service provider in setup and troubleshoots if you are to go down this route.

06 Feb

Industry Awaits Confirmation of Coming Streaming Service’s Rollout

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Streaming Service Roll-out

Comcast® is reportedly planning to not support Apple TV for streaming services of them. “Comcast® is focused on the Now TV solution as the future of its streaming infrastructure and Apple has been told this,” said a source connected directly with the Telco. “Apple has also been informed Comcast® will concentrate its efforts on this platform, not on adding other third-party devices to the product mix with separate apps.”

While this is extremely possible, there are some issues with this particular report. The Comcast® source also said, “It especially makes sense as Sky has a completely ready software and hardware solution for Roku that can be easily modified for mass distribution on every cable system in the country.”

Comcast® is the largest cable provider in the US. Search by ZIP code, and you will most likely find Comcast’s “cheap cable and internet near me”. It recently acquired Sky, which also includes NOW TV.

The issue here is the NOW TV streaming service, already available on Apple TV. As per the NOW TV site, you can stream it on Roku, Chromecast, and third generations and newer Apple TVs alongside the NOW TV service players. (The NOW TV service players are Roku-rebranded with the logo of NOW TV on them.)

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“At this time, we have not reached terms with Apple to bring our XFINITY Stream® app to Apple TV devices,” a Comcast® spokesperson said. For a while now, the Philadelphia-based cable cum fastest internet provider has had an XFINITY® streaming application on Roku players as well as has a fine relationship with the digital company.

It would be an extremely strange move for the Telco to base its new service on the NOW TV technology, but not wish to use the already existing application of Apple TV. For now, the representatives of NOW TV are still insisting that they have the Apple TV support, with no plans to stop the NOW TV support of it.

The question is would Comcast® stop supporting the NOW TV service on Apple TV? It is also likely that the Sky streaming service will still get the Apple TV support in the United Kingdom, not in the United States of America. It could be that the Philly-based cable giant plans to launch on Roku first, with more device support later, like how Sling TV® and YouTube TV rolled out.

Experts also say that negotiations were no longer required with Apple Inc. if Comcast® planned to use an application already approved by the tech company. For now, rumors are all there is to it – we will thus have to wait and watch how Comcast® will roll out this new streaming service.

25 Oct

An Address-Based Approach to Fill the Data Gaps

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Telecommunication Services

Federal regulators have a concern that is well documented – they do not know where exactly telecommunications services are. However, the Dallas-based Telco giant AT&T® is proposing a possible solution to it – one that comprises getting the address of everyone. There are many customers looking for cheap cable and internet near me, while some have access to both services.

In describing its proposal, AT&T® wrote to Federal Communications Commission, “While it may seem logical to map where broadband is available in order to determine where it is lacking, collecting data only on deployed areas does not provide the information necessary to effectively promote deployment to areas that still have no broadband. To support the deployment of broadband to unserved areas, it is also necessary to have detailed information about the locations of homes and businesses in those areas. As AT&T® and others have found, this type of information is not readily available, but it is critical to accurately estimating the cost of deployment, designing efficient networks, and assessing when adequate deployment has been achieved.”

Particularly, the best internet provider said that the Commission should consider “An address-based approach to fill the data gaps. The result of the approach we proposed would be a data source that enables the Commission and other policy makers to more accurately target and direct funding to the communities and locations that do not have broadband.”

That is critical taking into account FCC’s “Mobility Fund Phase II” is designed to give government funds to private wireless providers so that they will roll out wireless services in rural locations, but before funds can be allotted, the Commission must figure out areas in the country that require wireless coverage. Those are the kind of areas, where people will likely be seeking cheap cable and internet near me or just data services.

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In the filing with the Commission, the Dallas-based carrier laid out a process that it said would eventually result in a map that contains each address in the nation and what type of telecommunications service was available at the address.

Firstly, AT&T® said that all telecommunications operators should put forward whatever street address info available to them to the Commission, and that data would be supplemented with that of from public resources as well as a crowd-sourcing campaign. The Commission should then identify the longitude and latitude for every street address in its master database, and then it should let customers develop the database by adding data.

AT&T® said, “Consumers who live in areas unserved by broadband could be encouraged to make sure their location information is in the database and add it if it is not. Consumers with access to handheld GPS devices should also be allowed to submit more accurate latitude and longitude data”.


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