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17 May

Fox Sports™ to Broadcast US Open Golf to Select DIRECTV® Customers

DIRECTV Family Package

Pay TV Broadcaster

The golfers who will participate in this year’s US Open Championship will tee off at Long Island’s Shinnecock Hills Golf Club. The 117th edition of the annual golf championship is set to commence by mid-June, as it has been the case over the years. What makes the event a highly anticipated one is United States Golf Association’s announcement that Fox Sports™ will broadcast it. For that, Fox Sports™ team will place 2 cameras at the golf club’s 7th pole and will air the 4K footage through DIRECTV® platform.

As part of this initiative, Fox Broadcasting Company’s division also has arrived on a 5G partnership with Ericsson®, AT&T®, and Intel®. While Intel® will provide its 5G Mobile Trial Platform, which can transmit data at up to 1.6 gigabits per second speeds and deploy 5G to Internet Protocol (IP) translation, Ericsson® will provide baseband, 4K video encoder and decoder, and simulated network core. On the other hand, AT&T® will make use of its mmWave spectrum for delivering the 5G connection through their network.

The low latency and high-speed network of the best internet provider will allow the DIRECTV® customers with 4K compatible set-top-boxes and packages that include Fox Sports™ to watch the annual US Open Golf live, which gets bettered by the ultra-high-definition quality. This is not the first time that 5G gets used for broadcasting purposes. For instance, Intel® has distributed dozens of live 5G links in multiple sites and has supported network capacity of up to 3800 TB for 2018 Winter Olympics. Yet again, the Fox Sports™ broadcasts for DIRECTV® customers is going to be the 1st time 5G will be used for a top-tier golf event.

Best Internet Provider

High Speed Internet

AT&T® owns the DIRECTV® service and offers channels as per tiered pricing system, bundled packages. The subscription cable TV service is separated into DIRECTV® Family package, Sports package, and so forth. DIRECTV® Family package provides a mixed bag of channels focused on entertainment for the entire family, including cartoon channels for kids, and news channels for mature audiences. AT&T’s DIRECTV® Sports package provides programming from Fox Sports™ network and several other sports channels. Further, more details about which DIRECTV® packages will air the golf event is yet to be confirmed. It is best to contact an AT&T® store or cable dealers for more information.

10 Feb

A Comparison Of DirecTV Now And PlayStation Vue

DirecTV Family Package

TV Streaming Services

The introduction of over the top streaming internet television services has meant a severe blow to the traditional cable TV services. They enable the customers to watch TV programming over the internet without relying on the packages offered through cable services. Many streaming services have enrolled in the competition to provide the best TV packages for the customers.

In 2015, Sony launched its OTT service PlayStation Vue, followed by AT&T’s debut into the field with DirecTV Now recently. In light of the increased competition between these two, it is important to compare these two services to highlight their many differences and other features.


PlayStation Vue has plans that range from $30 to $65 per month. It includes a basic plan that offers channels like ESPN, Disney, and Fox, where premium channels are accessible with higher end packages. AT&T owned DirecTV Now is the newest to debut in the live streaming services. It has packages that range from $35 to $70 per month.

The $5 add-ons of HBO and Cinemax are one of its advantages over PlayStation Vue. However, upgrading to higher plans for individual channels requires paying a big amount to upgrade. This is, in fact, one of the major disadvantages of both the services.


The addition of DVR is one of the biggest advantages of PlayStation Vue. It will help the users to record live shows for viewing it later. It has other numerous features like automatic recording of the new episodes of every bookmarked show. PlayStation Vue will also aid in making available any episodes in the On Demand service, if they are not available for DVR.


High End Packages

DirecTV Now lacks the DVR feature, although they had announced it earlier. A date for the specific release of the new updated version with DVR has not yet been revealed, but it is likely to be released sometime this year.

Viewing Platforms

Apps are required to watch the programs aired over the two services. DirecTV Now comes with its own app that is compatible with both Android and iOS platforms. Besides that, it also has the ability to support both Apple TV and Chromecast. The interface of DirecTV app is much easier to use with innovatively laid out buttons and other features to aid the user in viewing his/her preferred content.

PlayStation Vue has the PlayStation app with varied supporting platforms like Android, iOS, Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Apple TV. Like DirecTV Now, the home screen of PlayStation Vue app is easy to navigate and find the required content.

12 Jan

AT&T Pays Homage To Film And TV Classics With New DirecTV Commercial

DirecTV Packages

New DirecTV Commercial

The new DirecTV commercial titled ‘Everywhere’ is an absolute delight to watch. The previous advertising campaigns of the network have been equally promising too, but this one truly stands above them all.

Director Tom Kuntz has put up such a grand venture onto television advertising, which has surely impressed us all with its elaborate production design and magnitude. What is more highlighting about this ad is its homage to all those film and television classics of the past.

The new DirecTV ad is certainly a tribute to the contributions made by timeless classics to the world of entertainment and art. The inclusion of many references, cameos, and musical cues in the advertisement has surely served its very purpose to attract the viewers.

AT&T Entertainment Group director of advertising, Dave Brown shared his excitement about the new commercial recently. Brown said, “Our hope is that viewers will really begin to look at AT&T from a whole new perspective. The past few years have been really exciting when you think about where we are going and what we are now bringing to our customers.”

“You can watch a blockbuster movie on your commute to work and we help make that possible. We want to bring a little bit of that wow we feel to our customers in a way that reflects this new reality,” he added.

DirecTV Family Package

David Hasselhoff

There is also the presence of many big stars in the commercial like David Hasselhoff, who appears as a black knight, alongside the characters of John Ratzenberger, George Wendt, and Matt Vogel. In fact, their random appearances throughout the commercial have surprised the audience a bit.

BBDO New York executive creative director, Steven Fogel voiced his opinion about the decision to include the numerous references from such iconic film and television productions, and said, “We wanted to use shows and movies across the entertainment spectrum, from modern to classic, to really give the viewer the sense that everything is at your fingertips. At the same time, it was important that the music be very recognizable and iconic, and that each piece work well as a part of the music track.”

The DirecTV commercial truly catered to the demands of the growing influence of media and pop culture fandom in the society. This is the sole reason for its immense popularity among the audience. The dialogues, characters, scenes, and theme music are deeply ingrained into the mainstream culture of today, specifically the youth.

21 Dec

AT&T Plans To Unionize DirecTV Call Centers


DirecTV Call Centers

AT&T has extended their successful labor negotiations and they have recently announced a new tentative deal. AT&T and the Communications Workers of America union made three separate agreements to cover the workers at facilities in Colorado, Minnesota, West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Alabama. As per the deal, a raise will be offered to 2,000 employees at five DirecTV call centers that AT&T acquired last year. The offer is yet to be approved by the workers.

The Telco giant said that with the latest deals, they have made nine agreements that cover 8,000 workers at DirecTV after they acquired the service in July 2015. In the month of October, AT&T reached agreements to cover 2,000 DirecTV service workers. The success of AT&T with DirecTV and telecom workers is in contrast with the 7-week strike by about 40,000 Verizon internet, telephone, and TV service workers, and the sparring between T-Mobile and CWA over unionization of the mobile phone workforce of the carrier.

AT&T is one of the major carriers with unionized mobile workers and they have been extending the union across DirecTV. With International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers and CWA, they have made more than twenty agreements. Reports show that the last major strike in AT&T happened in 2012 and it lasted only two days.

DirecTV Family Package

Communications Workers Of America Union

Issues in call centers have resulted in particularly tough standoffs in telecommunication industry, as these jobs are seen as important cost cutting and overseas outsourcing method. At time of strike in Verizon, workers moved to Philippines to see the call center workers there.

AT&T is making a contract with 15,000 telephone employees on West Coast, where outsourcing concerns are already being discussed. Under the deals that were announced last week, employees who were paid hourly salary in range of 16 to 19 dollars per hour will see small hikes and 500 dollars ratification bonus after the contract is approved. For instance, workers who get a top scale salary of 17.90 dollars per hour will see a hike of two percent in the month of February, and another two percent after a year.

“This achievement was built on months of hard work by DirecTV members all over the country to stand together and demand a voice at their workplace,” the CWA said in a statement. The agreement is made after a “mobilization” of the call center employees, who wore red shirts and called for a deal by Christmas.

16 Dec

U-Verse And DirecTV Customers Will Lose Access To Esquire Network

DirecTV Family Package

DirecTV Customers

AT&T U-Verse and DirecTV customers will no longer be able to access Hearst Magazine and NBCUniversal’s Esquire Network. This is because the satellite and wired TV service from AT&T has decided to drop the channel. In a recent statement, AT&T said, “We routinely modify our channel lineups based on many factors, while continuing to strive to offer more choice, control and convenience to our customers.”

AT&T had approximately 25.3 million subscribers altogether in their U-Verse and DirecTV services as of September 2016. AT&T wasn’t offering Esquire Network to all these subscribers at that time. However, about 11 million homes subscribed to DirecTV service later, and approximately 4 million homes that are currently under AT&T U-Verse service, will lose their access to this channel.

The executives from the channel have responded to this decision from AT&T to drop the channels to be disappointing. This network has an abundant collection of entertaining contents about family, relationships, travel, drink, food, style, and fashion, and it targets affluent men.

The program lineup of this network includes Joyride, Wrench Against The Machine, Car Matchmaker, Team Ninja Warrior, American Ninja Warrior, and Friday Night Tykes. However, it seems that AT&T’s decision to drop Esquire Network might not have a huge impact on the network, as it will be still available in approximately 45 million homes via other cable TV providers.

The network bills themselves as a destination for fans of “a well-played life” including “classic and contemporary passions and interests, from fashion and style to food and drink, travel, family and relationships.” Reports indicate that Esquire Network will be removed from the channel lineup of both U-Verse and DirecTV packages subscribers from December 15, 2016.

DirecTV Packages

Dropping Channels

“It is disappointing that AT&T and DirecTV will no longer carry Esquire, but it continues to be carried across the nation to millions of subscribers and it is business as usual for the network,” officials from Esquire Network commented. “We remain excited about our dynamic slate of original programming, including hit franchises Friday Night Tykes, American Ninja Warrior, Team Ninja Warrior, Car Matchmaker, Wrench Against the Machine, Joyride and diverse projects in development.”

On the other hand, AT&T firmly believes that the removal of these channels from U-Verse and DirecTV services will not urge the customers to cut the cord, as the provider is offering plenty of popular contents at an affordable price. In addition to that, reports indicate that AT&T is also planning to add more channels to their offerings.

14 Dec

Access To Local NFL Games Blocked On DirecTV Now

DirecTV Family Package

NFL Games Blocked

The latest streaming service from AT&T, DirecTV Now, was launched a just few days ago, and AT&T is offering one of the best and cheapest streaming service deals through the streaming platform. The basic package of DirecTV Now gives subscribers access to more than 60 channels at just $35 a month. However, DirecTV Now did encounter a few technical errors after its launch and things haven’t been easy for the major telecom company.

Recently, DirecTV Now subscribers shared their concerns and disappointment on the social media, when the streaming service experienced a few temporary service outages. DirecTV Now subscribers were not able to access the NFL games, which were broadcasted on their licensed channels. Subscribers were furious over this issue and some users took the issue to Twitter and complained that they were disappointed to find an error screen on the streaming service.

Interestingly, representatives from AT&T refused to reply immediately to the issue. However, they did post a message to the affected subscribers on Twitter saying that, “We appreciate your patience! We’re fixing our streaming issues now.”

It is also reported that a few of the DirecTV Now subscribers had complained about streaming troubles on Twitter on December 1 (a day after the launch of DirecTV Now). AT&T replied to these concerns by stating, “We experienced an issue last night that prevented some customers from streaming. Engineers resolved the issue and we haven’t experienced it since.”

DirecTV Select Package

No Access

It is still not known how outspread these temporary service outages are or how many DirecTV Now customers were affected by this issue. However, reports indicate that DirecTV Now is not the only virtual MVPD to encounter live streaming issues. The streaming service from Dish Network, Sling TV, also experienced numerous service outages since its launch in 2015. In addition to that, Sling TV’s app is still unplayable on a few platforms such as Xbox One.

AT&T engineers are trying to the resolve the issue in order to eliminate the service outages and to offer their contents without any lags or technical errors. On the other hand, the marketing team from AT&T will have to explain customers about the licensing terms of the steaming service. Company officials said that DirecTV Now subscribers will be able to access NFL games within a few days.

12 Dec

CBS Might Be Available To DirecTV Now Subscribers In The Near Future

Dish Vs DirecTV

AT&T’s DirecTV Now

At the UBS Global Media and Communications conference, CBS CEO Les Moonves said, “I’m assuming we’ll be able to make a deal with them.” He was commenting on the recently released online streaming platform, DirecTV Now. “As they said in The Godfather, ‘We are not unreasonable people here’,“ he added.

AT&T’s DirecTV Now was highly successful in acquiring the rights of many major broadcasting networks in order to air their contents on the streaming platform. Even though AT&T failed to acquire the rights for CBS Network, it did not stop the Telco giant from launching DirecTV Now. And now, reports indicate that the two companies are trying to reach a settlement.

Moonves said, “[DirecTV Now] is obviously something they’re going to lose money on initially. There’s no way it can last a whole long time at $35 for 80 channels.” He added that the companies discussed many things other than the “economic factors” during the negotiations.

At present, DirecTV Now subscribers who wish to access popular channels such as Cinemax and HBO need to pay an additional amount of $5 per month. However, Moonves confirmed that the network is not willing to offer CBS-owned Showtime at just $5 per month.

CBS CEO further added that there is a chance for CBS programming to air on the unannounced live streaming service from YouTube. However, he refused to give any details on the CBS All Access customer numbers.

About DirecTV Now

DirecTV Family Package

DirecTV Now Subscribers

DirecTV Now is offering four different packages to their customers and the basic package, which is called as Live a Little, is available to subscribers at just $35 a month, offering access to more than 60 channels. Call 855-398-2985. The second package, Just Right, offers more than 80 channels at $50, and the third package, Go Big, is available to customers at $60 and it has more than 100 channels. The last package, Gotta Have It, offers more than 120 channels at $70 a month.

AT&T has also announced that subscribers, who pre-pay for DirecTV Now for three months will receive a 32 GB fourth-generation Apple TV and a Siri remote. In addition to that, AT&T is also offering a free Amazon Fire TV stick to customers, who pre-pay for DirecTV Now for one month. AT&T has also promised that the latest streaming service will deliver contents without any lags or technical errors.

29 Nov

Reese Witherspoon Partners With AT&T To Launch Digital Media Company

DirecTV Select Package

Reese Witherspoon

One of the familiar faces in the Hollywood Industry, Reese Witherspoon, recently confirmed that she is launching a digital media company, named as “Hello Sunshine”. Witherspoon has teamed up with Otter Media for the same, which is a joint venture between one of the leading telecom industries in the country, AT&T, and Chernin Group.

The partners of this latest venture commented that this digital media company would put their primary focus to tell female-driven stories, with an aim to curate, create, and discover “powerful content by and for women across all platforms.”

Reports indicate that “Hello Sunshine” will initially launch content on their official website and on other platforms such as Snapchat, Twitter, and Instagram. The contents in this platform will include TV shows, movies, and other entertaining and motivating content, which will be appealing for female viewers.

Pacific Standard, the film and TV Production Company owned by Witherspoon, is going to be a vital part of this new digital media company. To oversee the proceeds, Kerry Tucker, a media and tech industry veteran, has been selected as the CEO of this new venture. Reports say that she is assigned with the responsibility to supervise and manage all the operations and strategies of the newly formed company.

DirecTV Family Package

Digital Media Company

Speaking about the venture, Witherspoon said, “I’m thrilled to be partnering with Peter Chernin and AT&T on this exciting new company. My lifelong passion has been to tell women’s stories with authenticity and humor. This partnership will allow me to reach a greater audience that is eager for more female driven content. Kerry Tucker is uniquely qualified to run this company with her extensive marketing background and her understanding of the female audience.”

“Hello Sunshine is deeply committed to creating content that will reach women where they spend time, whether it is at a movie theater, at home or on their mobile device. Women are looking for entertainment that speaks to them about what they value. Hello Sunshine will make content that entertains, educates and brings women together,” she added.

The CEO of Chernin Group, Peter Chernin added, “Reese has been a force in empowering women to create and innovate, and has led by example both through the characters she portrays on screen, and by her efforts as a producer and storyteller. We are proud to join forces with her to introduce Hello Sunshine as a distinctive, versatile platform for women today.”

21 Nov

AT&T Plans To Expand Their Fiber Internet Service To More Metros

DirecTV Select Package

Fiber Internet Service

One of the leading telecom industries in the country, AT&T, recently launched their ultra-fast internet service in certain parts of Baton Rouge region, which includes certain regions of Denham Springs, Central, Zachery, and the surrounding areas. In a recent announcement, AT&T confirmed that they are providing a 1 gigabit connection to apartments, small business locations, and individual homes through their latest 100% fiber network, which powered by the AT&T FiberSM. AT&T also added that the company has connected approximately 20 condo properties and area apartments to their high speed fiber internet service.

Reports indicate that the telecom company is also planning to expand their ultra-fast fiber internet service to a minimum of 67 metro areas. AT&T fiber internet service is now available in 44 metros and the Baton Rouge area is one of them. Sonia Perez, State President for AT&T Louisiana, stated, “We are excited to add North Baton Rouge to the growing list of areas in Louisiana where our 100 percent fiber to the home network is bringing customers the fastest internet speeds available.”

“At AT&T, we are committed to innovation and offering cutting-edge technologies, products and services that provide enhanced opportunities for the many ways our customers live, work and play,” Perez added. Commenting on that, State Senator Regina Barrow said, “I applaud AT&T’s continuing investment in the Baton Rouge region. We celebrate the expansion of the AT&T Fiber network to our area and look forward to the new possibilities this service brings to North Baton Rouge communities.”

DirecTV Family Package

AT&T Internet Plans

Adam Knapp, President and CEO of BRAC said that, “The Baton Rouge Area Chamber commends AT&T’s commitment to provide innovative services to our area. Together, we continue to focus on strengthening our region’s economy and connecting our businesses and community with leading technology services. BRAC supports the goal of growth and development of software and technology firms, and the desire for a more connected, digital society. AT&T’s commitment to furthering our infrastructure will help us achieve these goals.”

Subscribers can access the ultra fast fiber internet service from AT&T at just $90 a month. The Telco has also allowed the subscribers to bundle their cable, internet, and home phone packages, or bundle either two of these packages for better AT&T deals. The bundling of these services will help the subscribers to save a lot of money and it will give them access to numerous exciting features.

18 Oct

Few Features Offered By AT&T Home Phone

DirecTV Family Package,

AT&T Home Phone

Home phone is becoming more popular these days and many subscribers are relying more on their home phones due to the exceptional plans offered by major companies. In light of that, AT&T has introduced amazing offers for its home phone subscribers, which includes unlimited local and international calling and advanced features. Here are some of the main features of AT&T home phone service.

Call Return

The call return feature in AT&T home phones automatically redials the last incoming call for the next minutes, and notifies the user when the call becomes available. Call return feature can be activated by pressing *69 on your AT&T landline. You will hear an announcement upon pressing the code.

You can redial the last incoming caller by pressing the digit 1. You will hear a normal ringing tone, if the called number is available. You will also receive a confirmation announcement, which alerts you that call return is trying to get reach of the number in the next 30 minutes.

Hang up your phone and wait for a special ring, which will indicate that the call is complete. Subscribers can cancel call return by pressing *89 around 30 minutes before the completion of initial activation.

Call Trace

The call trace feature present in AT&T landlines will allow the user to trace the origin of phone calls, which the user founds to be threatening, obscene, or harassing. If you receive such a call, wait ten seconds and make sure the call is disconnected.

Press *57 after hearing a dial tone then an announcement will follow, which will ask you press the digit 1, if you want to trace the call. You will receive a toll free number after a successful trace through the network announcement.

Call this toll free number to take legal action or to register a complaint. However, you will receive an error message if the trace is unsuccessful.

Call Transfer

DirecTV Select Package

AT&T Phone Features

The call transfer feature gives an opportunity to the users to transfer or divert any incoming call to another line. Press the flash button or switch hook button on your home after receiving a call to put the caller on hold. This will allow you to make a call. Enter a third party number to speak privately with them, when they answer.

A three-way call can be established by pressing the flash or switched using the hook button. Hang up your phone and disconnect the call after pressing the button in order to connect to the remaining callers.


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