Gone are the days when using a cell phone was a luxury. Today, people use cell phones in all walks of life. Business is not an exception to it.

Verizon, T-Mobile, Sprint, and AT&T have high speed internet plans, which are dedicated for small to high-end businesses. These business plans help the employees to stay connected, even if they work remotely.

Choosing the business cell phone plans depend on your business requirements and budget. If you prefer choosing the right cell phone plan for your business, you can obtain detailed information about various cell phone plans, their unique features, reputation of the providers, and the discounts offered and then take a right decision.

Choosing Business Cell Phone Plans

Usage: The employees or the users of the business cell phone plans may require certain amount of data, text, and calls every month.

There may be certain employees who might do remote work or use more data. While choosing a business cell phone plan, usage thus becomes a primary point to consider.

Travel usage: When there is a need of using the business cell phone plans during business visits, the users may consider choosing the right provider suitable to it. The provider who gives coverage to different travel destinations might be suitable for business purposes.

Cost: Prices and discounts offered for the business plans by various cell phone providers is a factor which cannot be ignored while opting for business plans.

Bundles: Certain cell phone providers offer bundle services which are quite suitable for business needs. These bundle offers come with cell phone plans, fixed phone plans, devices, data services, and many more.

Types of Cell Phone Plans Suitable for Business

Shared data plans: Shared AT&T high speed internet plans are available which are suitable for small business requirements.

Unlimited data plans: Unlimited data plans are much suitable for businesses that require heavy usage of data. Such data plans are available with reputed providers, which are used for large businesses.

Why are Cell Phone Plans Preferred Over Landline Phones for Business?

You might be into a business where your employees might have to do lot of traveling for business needs. Sometimes they might work in remote locations. In such cases, landline phone plans might not work. Instead, if they are provided with cell phones comprising of business plans it would be beneficial.

Such business cell phone plans can be used by the employees to check emails for business, look out for Google maps to reach the destination or browse information for their business needs.

Most of the top brand plans such as Verizon, Sprint, T-Mobile, and AT&T high speed internet plans provide a vast coverage in US and other travel destinations, multiple connections for business needs, unlimited calling and data facilities as per the business requirements, and cost benefits for cell phone plans.

Comparison of Top Cell Phone Plans of the Year for Business Needs


AT&T high speed internet plans for business offer several features such as unlimited talk time, unlimited messaging, unlimited roaming facilities, caller id, call conferencing, voice mail, and many more. All these factors make it suitable for small to big businesses.

Verizon offers unique features suitable to your business needs. You can make use of the bring-your-own-device facility, free night and weekend calling, free same-carrier calls, travel pass facility, and other standard phone features suitable to your business requirements.

T-Mobile offers all the basic phone features suitable for your business like caller id, voice mail, messaging, conference calling, and many more. T-Mobile also provides additional features like free weekend and night calling, free calling to same carrier phones, unlimited roaming and calling in US, Canada, and Mexico, and unlimited mobile hotspot device at 3G speeds.

Sprint offers certain special features for businesses. Apart from the regular features, Sprint focuses on providing unlimited calling to US, Mexico, and Canada. Businesses whose focus is on countries in southern hemisphere like Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and so on can opt for plans available with Sprint, which give reduced rates for calling and texting to these countries.

Teltik offers many features suitable to your business needs. Especially, the feature of providing unlimited media streaming facilities might be one of the most advantageous factors suitable to most of you. Even if you download many videos, your data will still be sufficient enough to run your business.


AT&T high speed internet plans are suitable for both small and large businesses, as they offer nearly 20 plan variations. You can choose your plan as per your requirement and budget. Unlimited roaming in US makes it highly preferred for business. You also have unused data rollover facility with AT&T high speed internet plans.

Verizon provides up to 10 GB mobile hot spot and wide choice of devices to choose. If your company has more chances to grow, you can avail the unlimited data and hot spot facilities of Verizon.

One of the major advantages that you can find with T-Mobile is free Wi-Fi calling and texting facility. The facility of having DIGITS in T-Mobile allows the use of multiple numbers on a single mobile. This helps you to manage your personal and business calls smartly.

As Sprint has a wide coverage as other reputed mobile plan providers, you can use the service with ease for your business needs including all your travel and remote operations.

Teltik provides 24 x 7 US customer service, which is not outsourced. This provides a way to cater to your business needs perfectly. It provides 4G network.


AT&T high speed internet plans are flexi share plans, which make it stand out of competition. The share plans are suitable for small businesses and the limited data obtained is shared between the devices you use. AT&T also provides unlimited data suitable for large business to keep up its pace in the industry.

Verizon also competes with other reputed providers by providing unlimited data plans which are scalable from four to forty employees. These plans are suitable for growing organizations.

T-Mobile offers business plans which are future adaptable. T-Mobile phone plans are aimed at eliminating contractual period. This offers opportunity to the customers to try out the phone plans of T-Mobile and then stick on to it later.

Sprint competes with the reputed providers in the market by providing quality service at cheaper rates. It accommodates 5 lines in its single business plan, thus making it unique.

Generally, Teltik tries to compete to keep up its pace in the industry by providing a reliable service on par with other reputed providers. At the same time, it tries to grab the customers by providing cheaper business plans.


AT&T high speed internet plans for business starts from $65 per month per line. Unlimited plans are also available at cheaper rates, which help big organizations in running their business smoothly.

Verizon provides its cheapest unlimited plan starting at a rate of $45 per month. It can accommodate 4 lines for it. This plan can be a better choice for a medium sized business. There are Verizon jetpack hot pack devices capable of providing unlimited data at cheaper rates.

T-Mobile provides business plans starting at $25 per line. You can also avail T-Mobile One plans, if your business needs 12 lines or less. The price for 2 lines start from $120 in case of T-Mobile One plans. This enables the customers to choose their plans as per their business needs.

Sprint provides phone lines starting at $60 per line for business requirements. It provides an advantage when the customer opts for the second line. Second line can be obtained at $40, and for the third, fourth, and fifth lines, Sprint doesn’t charge at all. This would be suitable for growing business.

Teltik offers unlimited business plans starting at $20 per line. If you wish to use more streaming videos, you can go in for $30 per month.

Let us take a quick look at the starting price of business cell phone plans of 5 reputed providers.

Provider Starting Price of Business Plan
(Per month/Per line)
AT&T $65
Verizon $19.95
T-Mobile $25
Sprint $25
Teltik $19.95


Conclusive Thought

Before opting for your cell phone plans, it is always good to make a thorough analysis about your requirements, expansion plans, and budget. In order to cater to the business needs pertaining to both cell phone and fixed phones, there are bundle plans available with the providers. You can also avail these bundle packages for your business needs, which will help you save money.