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28 Apr

Gen5 5G Internet Of HughesNet

Internet Providers

Gen5 5G Internet

Subscribers who are used to the low speed internet are about to get a surprise from one of the major internet providers. It is reported that the HughesNet Gen5 service is available via the GSA Satellite Subscription Services, as per the IT schedule 70.

HughesNet Speaks in Favor of Public Sector Broadband

HughesNet executives have recently conducted license talks with government officials to bridge the gap of telecommunications. “HughesNet Gen5 brings improved capabilities to the public sector by delivering not only high-speed Internet access everywhere – such as for our rural schools and remote offices – but also as a satellite back-up to terrestrial networks for federal and state agencies,” said Tony Bardo Assistant VP of Government Solutions.

Taking Satellite To the Remote Places

HughesNet intends to break new grounds in best internet service through the Gen5 plan. The first of its kind satellite service offers 25Mbps download and 3Mbps upload speeds. Offering broadband across local counties and rural areas come under the FCC jurisdiction. Satellite internet travels to millions residing even in coastal areas, schools, and other remotely accessible places.

Satellite Broadband Increases Transparency in Speed

E-Rate was funding schools and libraries for low-speed broadband through standard internet providers until now. With the HughesNet tie up, the E-rate schools could get best internet service in prompt speed. Some parts of urban America get high-speed internet through fiber cable; others get low speed via copper.

New Broadband from Hughes Network Systems LLC

Hughes Network Systems LLC is a registered subsidiary of EchoStar Company. The company is about to bring the best internet service through IT schedule 70 regions. The schedule delivers broadband internet from providers to federal agencies in America and home subscribers. HughesNet is one such internet provider whose satellite internet would presumably raise the stakes among standard internet providers.

HughesNet and EchoStar as a Responsible Entity

Best Internet Service

Hughes Network Systems

A few years ago, HughesNet tied up with EchoStar to diversify their broadband service across American homes. With their latest press release announcing Gen5, EchoStar promises to provide the best internet service. Take the words of Tony Brado himself: “This ensures greater network resiliency when disasters strike and more responsive emergency services”.

The EchoStar flagship satellite internet service is now available over 1 million residential and business customers across North America and Brazil.

27 Apr

Explaining AT&T Fiber Deployment Strategy

Best Internet Service

AT&T Fiber Deployment Strategy

AT&T finds special interest among American neighborhoods. To working class people in California, AT&T provides DSL, which offers a broadband speed of up to 6Mbps. The VDSL pack has a speed of 75Mbps down in Los Angeles. What separates best internet service is the great flexibility available for the users.

Subscribers Await Fiber Plans

Representing 42.8 percent of AT&T internet service is the California County. There are millions of Americans residing in California, out of which 68, 000 neighborhoods await access to fiber plans. When the internet providers cross the 50,000 mark, Californians could see a drastic increase in subscribers.

Getting Best Internet Service with President-Elect

Amid all the FCC licensing talks, AT&T may take away a major chunk of Oakland. The company has just announced fiber service in Oakland much to the surprise of other internet providers. It is reported that a 10Mbps speed plan awaits the whole of America following a pact with the Trump administration. Trump is seemingly interested in getting AT&T to 1 million rural homes and 18 business states!

What about Cleveland and Oakland

Best internet service is coming to Cleveland by both wireless and wired connections. The leading executives of the company are ready to skip mobile broadband internet as a thing of the past. One could understand the company executives who are on a high as AT&T awaits 12.5 million happy Americans by 2019 mid. Cleveland may get rid of its airport jams as Oakland has just bagged the fiber plan.

The Connect America Fund Obligation

Internet Providers

AT&T Wireless Initiative

Connect America is an AT&T wireless initiative which uses fiber cables instead of the outdated copper. The pact with Trump has also resulted in an obligation for AT&T who promises to serve 140, 000 customers in California. Parallels to that is an FCC analysis, which points out a major shortage of best internet service in America.

Get Busy Living or Get Busy on AT&T Broadband

In a press release last week, AT&T announced fiber plans across the 52 metro areas in America. The equation is pretty simple by the end of the year, it seems: Get busy living or get busy on broadband!


25 Apr

CenturyLink Cuts Down Broadband Tier Pricing In Nevada

Fastest Internet Provider

Broadband Tier Pricing Lowered

CenturyLink, the fastest internet provider in the regions has announced various measures that aim at simplifying its broadband tier pricing in Nevada. This will offer the consumers with a price for life guarantee across its three major internet speed tiers. The company has initiated this new move as a measure to attract and keep more broadband customers from switching to cable. CenturyLink has offered the pricing details of its three main internet speed tiers. These cheap internet plans include 1.5-25 Mbps service at $40, 25-80 Mbps at $50, 81-100 Mbps at $60 and 101 Mbps-1 Gbps at $80 per month.

According to a CenturyLink spokesperson, the new pricing scheme is a measure to tighten the bond between the existing and new broadband customers. The spokesperson stated, “In an effort to help enhance the customer experience, CenturyLink is offering Las Vegas residential customers new simplified pricing options for broadband and phone services. While a broadband cost recovery fee won’t be part of these offers, the fee will still apply to other broadband service offers in Las Vegas.”

The spokesperson further added, “CenturyLink will evaluate the response to our new offer before considering expanding these pricing options to additional markets in the future.” The new proposal to give away its broadband internet cost recovery fee (ICF) has been favored by many customers. They began implementing the fee in 2013 and have raised the fee to about four dollars over the years.

Cheap Internet

High-Speed Internet Broadband

CenturyLink has stated that this renewed fee is applicable for its broadband customers excluding the high-speed internet customers in the Price for Life scheme. CenturyLink came out with the fee proposal as a means to support the broadband services and other networks operating under the company. They stated on their website, “This fee helps defray costs associated with building and maintaining CenturyLink’s High-Speed Internet broadband network, as well as the costs of expanding network capacity to support the continued increase in customers’ average broadband consumption.”

The new efforts of fee elimination and simplification of its broadband packages are the result of the company’s effort in restoring its broadband customer base. Over the years, the company has suffered significant loss in its internet subscriber base. To counter this loss, CenturyLink has formulated a series of goals that aims at having 10.5 million broadband-enabled units providing speeds of above 40 Mbps by the year 2018. CenturyLink’s primary priority is to enhance the speeds of its existing customers, with the new 40 Mbps service having the most demand among the customers.

24 Apr

Cox Demonstrates Smart Home Using Its Fast Gigabyte Internet

Fastest Internet Provider

Cox Smart Home

Cox Communications Inc, the fastest internet provider in the region, has successfully demonstrated a complete smart home in Phoenix. It involved displaying the seamless and uninterrupted working of the home with 55 devices connected simultaneously using their fast gigabyte internet. Cox intends to expand its home connectivity services by 2020 by providing simultaneous linking of more than 55 connected devices. The telecom major is in the last phases of developing its gigabyte-speed internet and Panoramic Wi-Fi service to be released by July.

According to Susan Anable, who is the vice president of public affairs in the southwest region, the bandwidth consumption is doubling every two years. This has prompted the company to come up with more advanced and cheap internet connectivity options offering faster speeds and bandwidth. The demonstration also included Cox displaying many of its home and business services like Cox Homelife. It is an advanced home automation system featuring professional monitoring with live high-definition video streams, smart locks, thermostat, and automated lights.

Leslie Benner, product-marketing manager for Cox Homelife said, “This system makes any home a smart home. You can set rules to have devices work together, like your doors locking every day at 9 p.m. and your lights turning on when you enter the home. I even have a chime on my back door so I know when it’s open for safety reasons with my pool and my daughter. This makes it super simple to control everything from an app.”

Cheap Internet

Fast Gigabyte Internet

In addition, the newly designed Cox Contour comes with a voice remote that enables vocal input for searching the internet, TV programming or for purchasing movies. Besides, it contains a six tuner DVR having about 2 terabytes of storage space. The Panoramic Wi-Fi service for smart homes is set to be released in July and can assist in optimizing the internet experience in homes. This is made possible by offering wall-to-wall internet coverage at high speeds.

Matt Severson, the product manager for internet and phone at Cox west region said, “You can get the same internet experience throughout your entire home through our modems and wireless extenders. It’s a different approach to optimizing your internet, while also using the My Wi-Fi app to see your connected devices and data usage, control your kid’s Wi-Fi and reset your modem.”

22 Apr

CenturyLink Offering Fiber Gigabit Services to Businesses in Utah

Internet Providers

Fiber Gigabit Services

CenturyLink, Inc. one of the major internet providers in the country has announced that it is now offering fiber-ready gigabit broadband internet services to more than 13000 small and large businesses across 1,150 multi-tenant unit offices in Utah. With this, the business customers in the region can access broadband internet with speeds up to 1 gigabit per second. Along with the MTU-based gigabit services for business, CenturyLink is also offering voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), cloud-based services, and managed IT services.

This new expansion of its fiber broadband services comes because of the ever-increasing use of digital technology and internet across all domains. Accenture’s Digital Economic Value Index, released last year has concluded that by the year 2020, around 25 percent of the world’s economy will switch to digital. The growing demand for internet-based services in business and economy has made CenturyLink expand their Fiber broadband services.

Jeremy Ferkin, vice president of Utah operations of CenturyLink said, “By offering fiber-ready services to multi-tenant unit office buildings across the state of Utah, we can more quickly connect our business customers to the power of the digital world and offer them access to the same blazing-fast gigabit service from CenturyLink that enterprises throughout the country already trust for affordable and scalable business solutions.”

He also stressed that “Because CenturyLink owns, maintains and controls seven fiber routes that transit the state of Utah; we are able to offer the lowest latency connectivity to meet increasing bandwidth demands from businesses.”

For businesses based in MTU buildings, CenturyLink offer access to multiple, wide-area cheap internet connections, distributed through its fiber-optic network infrastructure. This includes multiprotocol label switching virtual private network (MPLS-VPN), metro Ethernet and software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN).

Broadband Internet Services

This will offer high speed and wide bandwidths of fiber-based broadband connection, which will help businesses access top quality-hosted voice, cloud-based solutions, and other IT services. In addition, they also facilitate the sharing of such services among multiple business locations.

Theresa Foxley, president, and CEO of the Economic Development Corporation of Utah said, “CenturyLink’s continued commitment to delivering advanced, convenient and affordable fiber-based solutions to businesses is helping Utah maintain its standing as one of the best states in the country for business. Having CenturyLink’s world-class network infrastructure in Utah is instrumental in helping us attract new businesses of all sizes to the state.”

22 Apr

Charter Mocks Google For Abandoning Customers

Best Internet Service

Charter Mocks Google

Google has been struggling to maintain their momentum in their efforts to break into home internet service. As they are struggling hard, their competitors are sensing that it is the time to attack. Charter Communications, which is the second best internet service provider in the nation after Comcast, has started sharing newspaper advertisements in the city of Kansas, where they are on head-to-head competition with the Google Fiber internet service.

“Abandoned by Google,” begins the ad, in colorful letters resembling the logo of Google. “Kansas City residents have Fiber accounts canceled.” The advertisement then chronologically recounts how Google took orders right from 2011 for the home internet services, but stopped expanding their services and even canceled some of the orders from the customers in the city of Kansas this year. Some of the cancelled orders were as old as two years.

Interestingly, Google replied that they are still active in the Kansas City. “Google Fiber loves Kansas City and we’re there to stay,” the company said, and highlighted their recent neighborhood expansions to Overland Park and Raymore. “We’ve been grateful to be part of the community since 2011, and for the opportunity to provide superfast Internet to residents.”

Charter Communications acquired the local Kansas City users after they bought Bright House Networks and Time Warner Cable last year. TWC was very infamous in the Kansas City area for poor customer service, so Charter made quick moves with their best internet service offering to rebrand their acquired markets in the Midwest region, which includes Milwaukee, Cleveland, and Kansas City. This move was focused to reduce cord cutting and customer defections at a time when Google was not willing to respond to customer queries.

Best Internet

Google Fiber Internet Service

Google Fiber was started in 2010 and aimed to sign up millions of users for their fast internet service. However, the economics and numbers never added up and Google had to stop their aspirations for Google Fiber service, while they are thinking to shift to a wireless delivered home internet service. There were rumors that the Google Fiber effort, which is now a part of the Google Access Unit under the holding company, Alphabet, might be sold or spun off.

More bad incidents happened for Google last month when many customers who were waiting for the fiber internet service got cancelation notices. Google said that they are still expanding to the neighborhoods like Overland Park and Raymore.

22 Apr

Charter Introduced Spectrum Internet Assist To Provide High Speed Internet

Best Internet

Spectrum Internet Assist

Charter Communications, one of the most popular internet providers in the US, has recently introduced a new standalone broadband internet offering, which is high speed and low cost at the same time. Charter introduced the service, named Spectrum Internet Assist, in their efforts to bridge the digital divide.

The service was introduced at a special ceremony that was conducted at Robert Louis Stevenson Middle School. Spectrum Internet Assist is said to offer best internet speeds to their customers. The service provides eligible customers with low cost broadband internet service that has speeds up to thirty megabytes per second. In fact, the speeds offered by the service exceed the Federal Communication Commission’s high-speed requirements, and includes standard features like internet security program, email inboxes, and a modem at no extra costs.

Charter announced that the Spectrum Internet Assist service is available throughout the legacy service area of Charter. Officials also added that they would continue to rollout the service market by market with an aim of covering their remaining footprint by the middle of the year. “We’re excited to bring a whole new world of digital access and opportunity to low income families and seniors,” said Tom Rutledge, Charter’s Chairman and CEO. “Spectrum Internet Assist is an important next step in providing true high-speed connections to those who would otherwise continue to face a digital inequality in this country.”

Internet Providers

High Speed Internet

The ceremony was conducted on April 7 in an auditorium filled with parents and students at Stevenson. Assemblyman Miguel Santiago, chair of the new Communications and Conveyance Committee of the Assembly, joined in the ceremony together with many other government representatives. Other organizations like School2Home, the California Emerging Technology Fund, and the Hollenbeck Youth Center of Boyle Heights also attended the function.

“In my new role, I am 100 percent focused on what we as a state can do to bridge the digital divide and ensure that everyone has equal access to technology,” Santiago said. “I am proud to stand with Charter Communications as they launch their new Spectrum Internet Assist program in my district. I applaud their efforts toward helping California progress, and I can’t wait to see what these students and teachers are able to achieve with regular access to the most up-to-date information at their fingertips.”

21 Apr

AT&T Plans To Bring High Speed Internet To Park Ridge City

Fastest Internet Provider

AT&T Internet Plans

One of the best internet service providers in the country, AT&T recently announced that they are planning to install new fiber optic cable throughout Park Ridge City. The officials from AT&T also added that this is actually a part of their plan, which is to offer high-speed internet service to all their customers in the country.

The area manager of design engineering for AT&T, Keith Harn described the latest technology as an “ultra fast” internet platform, which is popularly known as AT&T Fiber. Apart from installing new fiber optic cables on the existing telephone poles, the telecom company will also be introducing new cabinets or connection boxes, which will be located either above the ground or on the ground of existing poles.

Harn also added that the incorporation of this incredible technology has allowed the telecom giant to reach a larger area with each connection box. “I’m able to put these boxes in better locations, more aesthetically pleasing [locations],” he said. “I’m also able to maybe take a neighborhood, or two or three, put them together, and put in one of these boxes, resulting in less of them.”

Harn further indicated that almost all ground boxes would be 47 inches wide and 48 inches tall. The dimensions of the aboveground boxes are comparatively a lot smaller. Public Works Director, Wayne Zingsheim stated that the locations of the boxes will be approved by the city and they will also issue the permits as soon as possible.

Best Internet Service

High Speed Internet

The boxes are actually reminiscent of what the telecom company had earlier proposed back in the year 2013 when the representatives approached the City Council with their plans to expand U-Verse telephone, internet, and cable services to the community. However, the infrastructure and boxes were never installed, which prompted the acting Mayor Marty Maloney to question the chances of a new fiber optic system coming to the city.

In a recent AT&T presentation, the acting Mayor Maloney said, “Maybe I’m a little cynical here, but what are the odds that what we’re talking about tonight moves forward? We went through it a few years ago. City staff spent a lot of time on it, [the City Council] spent a lot of time on it, and nothing ever came of it.”

However, the recent reports from AT&T’s website indicate that the telecom company is currently installing AT&T fiber in communities such as Wilmette, Skokie, Oak Park, Norridge, Arlington Heights, and Chicago. The fastest internet provider is also planning to install fiber cable in many other cities soon.

04 Apr

Cox Communications Joins Hands With Libraries To Offer Non-Stop Internet

Internet Providers

Digital Learn Concept

Pith has it children from the lower income groups in the United States of America have less internet access despite all the digital progress unto. But what if an astute stu`dent from your home could hop around libraries in a bid to complete his/her online project? In fact, you wouldn’t have to imagine that, all thanks to a digital movement set to break new grounds in the cyberspace.

The Digital Learn Concept

Cox Communications has joined hands with the Public Library Association and Pima County Public Library to bring out a enormous change in the internet access. Think about this thought from the Scottish-American Industrialist Andrew Carnegie: “A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people. It is a never failing spring in the desert.”

The keyword is desert only, and the concept is an agreed pact between the giant internet providers of modern times and the two libraries. In fact, the commitment from Cox came five years ago, although in a different context altogether.

It is to be noted that Cox earlier collaborated with National School Lunch Program, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families, and Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program for providing free lunch to help members in the low-income families. The initiative yielded up to 200,000 responders back then.

Best Internet

Cox Communication Offerings

The Digitallearn program, however, is a web resource that is a collection of books and anthologies from the internet, designed to help the students gain literacy in computers. The internet provider’s dreams of a world that connects families from the basic of computing or at the very least to cloud computing is almost here. Their fifteen minutes and ten minutes apiece chit modules won’t take much time for those who are poor, rich, or just simply sitting in front of the computer.

However, the question that may hang like a noose in front of thousands of people, is that whether there is a catch for best internet service. Yet note that Cox Communications have been making their voices crystal clear being one of the best internet providers for all these years throughout the country. And now they are simply coming forward to provide the same type of services for a charity purpose.

27 Mar

Spectrum Offers Faster Internet In Central NY But With A Catch

Fastest Internet Provider

Charter Communications

Charter Communications is on its way to be the fastest internet provider in the country. It can be said so as they are now offering new internet service to the Central New York area that is faster than the plans that were offered by their predecessor, Time Warner Cable.

Charter Communications officially launched their Spectrum brand this month in the Syracuse area, which include Oswego, Rome, Auburn, Oneida, and the Ithaca areas. The cable television, phone, and internet service from Charter will be branded as Spectrum from now on, and the Time Warner Cable name will be gone.

Two important changes that the former TWC internet customers will note are:

  • Internet plans of Spectrum starts at 100 Mbps. This is about seven times faster than the speeds offered by Time Warner Cable, as their internet plans started at 15 Mbps.
  • Spectrum will not charge internet modem leasing fee from the customers, even though TWC charged ten dollars per month from the customers as modem lease charges.

Nevertheless, not all the customers of Spectrum will see the changes immediately, as the offer applies only for the new customers and those who have switched from the TWC internet plans to Spectrum internet plan. Charter users with slower Time Warner Cable internet plans will continue to have the slow speeds until they move to a Spectrum package.

Additionally, those users who have subscribed to fast internet offering from Time Warner Cable will get those speeds even if the speed is above 100 Mbps, if they continue with the TWC internet plans.

Charter officials said that they would offer improved modems, which are capable enough to handle the higher speeds, to their existing customers who switch to a Spectrum plan, provided that they have old devices that are not capable of supporting the higher internet speeds. They further added that such customers can collect the modems from a Spectrum store or it will be mailed to them once they make the switch.

Charter Communications

Better Internet Plans

Note that those users who stick to their cheap internet plans from Time Warner Cable will not be eligible for the new modems. These users will also need to pay the ten dollars modem leasing fee monthly, if they do not have their own modems. Customers can switch to the Spectrum plan to avoid these charges.

NY Attorney General Eric Schneiderman had earlier filed a lawsuit against Charter Communications claiming that they offer much slow internet than that promised in their advertisements. An important reason for the slower internet speeds is that Charter does not routinely offer their users with the latest modems that are capable of offering the promised speeds, alleged the lawsuit. Charter responded to the lawsuit saying that they have made significant investments to upgrade the Time Warner Cable infrastructure in New York.


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