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11 Dec

Running Ads When Viewers Pause Streaming Content

Cable And Internet Companies

Video Streaming Services

As video viewing trait of consumers gravitates to on-demand streaming platforms or services, cable and internet companies will obviously get astute about how to keep generating ad revenue that would have otherwise come from traditional commercials.

Reports  say that Hulu and AT&T® are apparently considering a type of advertisement that would run when customers pause a video content, such as a TV show on AT&T’s DIRECTV® or a movie on Hulu.

“As binge-viewing happens more and more, it’s natural they are going to want to pause,” said the VP and Head of Advertising at Hulu, Jeremy Helfand, while speaking about cord cutters. As per Helfand, they will roll out “pause ad” sometime next year and the company hopes that it will give “a natural break in the storytelling experience.”

AT&T® also intends to introduce a similar type of advertisement in 2019 when an audience pauses a video. Matt Van Houten, the VP at AT&T’s advertising and analytics unit named Xander Media, said that, “We know you’re going to capture 100 percent viewability when they pause and unpause. There’s a lot of value in that experience.”

Of course, an adversarial relationship is at play here, with solid arguments on both sides. Audiences generally do not take to commercials, and a lack of them on major streaming platforms became an early selling point for cord cutting and sparked the adoption of On-Demand, Over-the-Top-TV many years ago.

Cable Providers

High Speed Internet

Getting rid of advertisements is considered a perk now for a certain streaming service tier, such as “No Commercials” of Hulu and YouTube Premium. Prior to the advent of streaming, viewing TV sans commercials was a key pillar of paying for a DVR service from any of the cable providers or, several years ago, recording people’s favorite shows on VHS.

Audiences expect that shifting to streaming services from cable and internet companies should translate to fewer advertisements, which makes this “pause ad” idea especially remarkable on several counts. At the same time, they have no easy way to keep producing topnotch shows and offering high-quality movies at the rate in which streaming platforms offer, without additional revenue streams.

Netflix earlier said that it planned to produce original content, and that it has begun experimenting with running advertisements during Netflix Originals shows. Other companies have also begun running them on the home interface of their streaming service, and allowing production firms and studios to pay to endorse certain programs and movies.

Companies could increase subscription prices, but subscribers might switch. So that would make it tougher to produce more video content, which in turn means that it will be less likely that new subs will sign up or previous subs will return. It is a cycle, which appears to indicate that creative ways to get viewers to watch ads is the easiest solution, despite the fact that not all viewers will appreciate it.

05 Dec

Deer Park Residents Get Better Access to Internet and Cable

Best Cable Deals

Residential Internet Services

Comcast® recently announced that it has invested around $2 million over 9 months in order to upgrade its network situated in Washington’s Deer Park. The Philadelphia-based best internet provider did it by setting up highly advanced fiber optic network as well as coax cable infrastructure. Thanks to the upgrade, the full suite of Comcast Business® and residential XFINITY® services are available to most of the occupants and business owners in the Washington area.

Comcast’s residential services now comprise XFINITY® X1 TV platform, with up to two-hundred and twenty-five programming channels, gigabit internet, complimentary access to around a million Wi-Fi hotspots throughout the state, home phone, round the clock professional monitoring residential security, and its wireless service titled XFINITY® Mobile. Local business customers are able to get speeds up to ten gigabits per second and all of Comcast Business® services and products – from its most-advanced voice and data solutions to security, backup as well as video services. Comcast® provides some of the best cable deals to both residential customers and businesses of all sizes.

Best Internet Provider

High Speed Internet

“There is a lot of excitement among residents and in the business community around the new offerings from Comcast®,” said Deer Park’s Mayor, Tim Verzal. “We are pleased by the company’s investment in Deer Park and work to upgrade its network.”

“Comcast® is excited to be the new media and technology provider in Deer Park. We have worked diligently to upgrade our network so that we can offer all of our products and services across the area,” said Amy Lynch, Regional VP at Comcast® for Washington region. “Deer Park residents can now take advantage of fast Internet speeds – up to 1 Gigabit – along with XFINITY® X1, which features voice remote, Video On Demand, DVR storage, residential phone service, and home security products.”

Residents of Deer Park also have accesses to new and innovative products such as xFi pods for Wi-Fi coverage extension, and unparalleled control through the XFINITY® xFi application, which gives subscribers complete access to their home network via mobile devices. Comcast® subscribers can take advantage of XFINITY® X1, which comprises a voice remote, integrated applications such as YouTube and Netflix, and several channels and programs for subs’ viewing pleasure, both On Demand and live.

Residents also have the chance to take advantage of Comcast’s Internet Essentials, a broadband adoption program meant for low-come groups.

23 Nov

How Carriage Disputes are Affecting American Pay TV Users

Dish Network Packages

American Pay TV Users

Terming the negotiating approach of Dish Network® “bizarre”, the CEO of Univision Communications®, Vincent Sadusky, explained that the carriage dispute of the media company with the satellite provider is “likely permanent”.

While Sadusky issued warnings earlier along the same lines, his comments during the third quarter earnings call of the media giant with some Wall Street analysts signaled a fresh chapter in the era of cord cutting. Carriage disputes have gone rampant as the subscription-TV bundle now shows a strain of competing with cheap customer options, though the language’s finality is remarkable. Unsurprisingly, the impasse and the effect of it on Univision Communications® dominated its earnings call.

Taking into account Dish Network® packages of satellite TV and the company’s Sling TV® streaming service, it has millions of customers. Dish Network® packages for Hispanic audiences, served under its DishLATINO™ brand, enjoy a leading position in the US market. Yet Univision Communications® estimates many of those subscribers have switched.

Sadusky said that, “conversations have been ongoing,” when asked for the latest information on talks between the companies, “but we’ve been really challenged”. While the media company has taken “every reasonable effort,” he said, “it’s all about economics. It’s very odd that they’ve been unwilling to recognize the power of the Hispanic audience. It’s really strange. Normally, these conversations are challenging … but their position has been bizarre.”

TV Providers

High Speed Internet

During the third quarter earnings call of Dish Network®, its chairman Charlie Ergen said that Univision’s blackout, and a new conflict with HBO®, explain why it lost many customers in Q3. However, he said that it had intensified to the point that he would risk even a backlash from customers in case he was to restore the network, given the likely increases in price that move could necessitate.

The third quarter outputs of Univision Communications® showed the carriage dispute’s impact with its revenue declining 17 percent. While the company is a privately held one, it has chosen to hold conference calls from time to time and report quarterly outputs to communicate them with both the investment community and media.

Vincent Sadusky joined Univision Communications® last year, replacing its previous CEO Randy Falco. He has strategically led a return to its traditional Hispanic media origins following a phase of exploring digital as well as crossover English content during the management under Falco.

Sadusky told analysts a marketing campaign would get going soon. The advertisements will inform its audiences about the end of the road with Dish Network®, pushing viewers toward the streaming service titled Univision Now or other subscription TV providers.

16 Nov

Video Streaming Platform in the Offing for Broadband-Only Subscribers

Cheapest Cable TV

Video Streaming Platform

One of the top cable providers, Comcast® plans to launch a product for internet-only customers that will allow them to aggregate some streaming applications, comprising Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime, with a voice remote. According to sources close to the developments, the company is planning the launch in reaction to the challenge of navigating video amid an array of sources.

The product, which will initially be an STB and meant to be a similar platform to XFINITY® X1, will rollout in 2019, according to reliable sources. However, the cheapest cable TV provider has declined to comment on its future plans.

It presently gives video subscribers access to X1, which aggregates cheapest cable TV with several of the same applications that will also be available on the upcoming product, like YouTube and Netflix. However, sources say that the new product will not have cable TV, even though it will give Comcast® subscribers the option to rent movies and shows and upgrade to a video package.

The product is not a competitor to Apple TV or Roku since it will not allow subs access to hundreds of applications, comprising streaming TV bundles such as DIRECTV NOW® or Sling®. Those services are competitors to the video bundle of Comcast®, and the company would not be able to push video service to broadband subs if it lets them access those bundled over the top (OTT) services. The company has not decided the precise number of applications that will be made accessible through the product, revealed sources.

Cable Providers

High Speed Internet

Rather, the company said they want it to be the hub to connected home. Besides aggregating streaming applications, it will also let customers control anything that is connected to the web, comprising smart locks and thermostats.

Comcast® will be marketing the new product to broadband-only subscribers, which seems in line with the recent business situation of the company. It added 334,000 residential broadband subs in the third quarter of 2018 and sees broadband as the main growth factor of its telecom business. It has around 25 million overall residential broadband subs. Recently, Comcast® also announced that it is now the largest gigabit internet provider in the US.

Sources also revealed that the cable giant has not decided on its upcoming product’s price. One thing is for sure going by reported information – it will be a streaming platform for internet-only subscribers.

12 Nov

TOKU® to Premiere Hair Extensions to Us Audiences This November

Cheapest Cable TV

Video Streaming Services

TOKU®, the 24/7 live as well as on-demand TV network that delivers sought-after Asian action films and cult classics that are dubbed to English language, recently announced the US premiere of the horror movie titled “Hair Extensions”. The spine-tingling horror film will premiere on TOKU® on November 17, 2018, at 10:00 pm EST.

The movie tells the story of a mortuary attendant, who sells black hair that holds a dark secret. The hair sold by the morgue attendant comes from the dead body of a girl, and things turn chilling when it keeps growing. The work directed by Sion Sono has standout performances from Megumi Sato, Chiaki Kuriyama and Ren Osugi.

“The U.S. premiere of Hair Extensions is a testament to our commitment to offering the very best in Asian-Pacific entertainment. Starring the unforgettable Ren Osugi, the film’s unique theme promises to keep audiences on their toes,” said Jesús Piñango, who is Olympusat’s Director of Television Content Strategy.

Adding more excitement, TOKU® is featuring Young Sherlock beginning November 08, each Monday at 08:00 pm EST. The drama from China is about Di Ren Jie, who stops an attempt to assassinate Empress Wu. Impress by Di Ren Jie’s quick thinking and bravery, Empress Wu orders him to look into the matter. Directed by Lin Feng, the drama features an ensemble cast led by Stephy Qi, Bosco Wong, and Ma Tianyu.

Cable Providers

High Speed Internet

Besides, TOKU® will feature Gachinko Running’s network premiere on November 11, 2018, at 10:00 pm EST. The story of the Japanese film, directed by Akira Hirose and set in Kirikaze High, follows the continuous battle for supremacy between school class cliques. When new school kids tip the balance, stakes are determined in a speedy drift race. The movie stars Joe Hyûga, Takeshi Hokumen, and Hisashi Fukuda.

TOKU® is owned and operated by the media corporation named Olympusat®. The corporation is a leader in Hispanic TV and media space, a position it established via its English and Spanish TV networks. TOKU® is presently available also on cable providers AT&T’s U-VERSE® and Comcast’s XFINITY®. In case you do not subscribe to cheapest cable TV, you can tune into TOKU® via its online streaming service or Amazon Prime®.

03 Nov

Consumer Traits in the Cable and Internet Segment in Q3

Cheap Cable And Internet Packages

Cable TV Services

Cable television viewership and customer counts keep dropping as the segment sees ever-growing competition from streaming upstarts. Cord cutters see them as alternatives to standard cable TV. However, Comcast®, which provides cheap cable and internet packages to customers, had a fine third quarter (Q3). Further, it added to its footprint in the country, picking up 288,000 net and new subscriber relationships. In the Q3 earnings call the CEO of Comcast®, Brian Roberts said, “We surpassed 30 million customer relationships.”

In an age when people are also looking for alternatives to traditional cable TV, the Philadelphia-based telecommunications company is unperturbed by the signs cable TV segment is dwindling.

“The cord is still intact,” said the Executive VP of XFINITY® Services, Matt Strauss. “When people describe cord cutting I think in many ways it’s a misnomer because we don’t see people cutting the cord for high-speed data.”

In Q3, the Philly-based Telco added new broadband customers. Its broadband customer base is increasing at around 5.5 percent, which is more than the rest of the segment, as per Cowen analysts. They predict that the company could add another one million customers in 2019.

Part of its strength in broadband additions can be attributed to an increasing requirement for a quick and persistent residential internet connection and a strong economy.

“The utility of broadband access is high and rising,” wrote Morgan Stanley analysts. It conducted an industry survey and found that the risk of cutting the internet broadband cord was actually low among respondents but particularly among cable subs. That possibly has to do with distinctions between how telecommunications companies and cable providers deliver the internet. The latter have a natural leg up on the former when it comes to providing quicker internet due to the differences in infrastructure.

Cable Providers

High Speed Internet

In the telecom segment, the cheapest broadband option is usually Digital Subscriber Line. The DSL internet service is delivered over existing copper wire. It is slow, which limits the capability for streaming. On the other hand, the cheapest cable-based internet option is delivered over existing coaxial cable. You can also subscribe to cheap cable and internet packages from any of the coaxial cable operators.

At a comparatively higher cost, coax cable internet provides quicker speeds as well as more reliability. Fiber-based internet is the quickest and most expensive option delivered by telecommunications and cable operators.

Comcast® has a bigger broadband business than subscription TV business. The Telco also touts the time its subs stream Netflix programs on their XFINITY® X1 device. Strauss said, “In a relatively short amount of time we’ve become, in our footprint, the number one platform for Netflix.” That is a positive thing for Comcast®.

25 Oct

An Address-Based Approach to Fill the Data Gaps

Cheap Cable And Internet Near Me

Telecommunication Services

Federal regulators have a concern that is well documented – they do not know where exactly telecommunications services are. However, the Dallas-based Telco giant AT&T® is proposing a possible solution to it – one that comprises getting the address of everyone. There are many customers looking for cheap cable and internet near me, while some have access to both services.

In describing its proposal, AT&T® wrote to Federal Communications Commission, “While it may seem logical to map where broadband is available in order to determine where it is lacking, collecting data only on deployed areas does not provide the information necessary to effectively promote deployment to areas that still have no broadband. To support the deployment of broadband to unserved areas, it is also necessary to have detailed information about the locations of homes and businesses in those areas. As AT&T® and others have found, this type of information is not readily available, but it is critical to accurately estimating the cost of deployment, designing efficient networks, and assessing when adequate deployment has been achieved.”

Particularly, the best internet provider said that the Commission should consider “An address-based approach to fill the data gaps. The result of the approach we proposed would be a data source that enables the Commission and other policy makers to more accurately target and direct funding to the communities and locations that do not have broadband.”

That is critical taking into account FCC’s “Mobility Fund Phase II” is designed to give government funds to private wireless providers so that they will roll out wireless services in rural locations, but before funds can be allotted, the Commission must figure out areas in the country that require wireless coverage. Those are the kind of areas, where people will likely be seeking cheap cable and internet near me or just data services.

Best Internet Provider

High Speed Internet

In the filing with the Commission, the Dallas-based carrier laid out a process that it said would eventually result in a map that contains each address in the nation and what type of telecommunications service was available at the address.

Firstly, AT&T® said that all telecommunications operators should put forward whatever street address info available to them to the Commission, and that data would be supplemented with that of from public resources as well as a crowd-sourcing campaign. The Commission should then identify the longitude and latitude for every street address in its master database, and then it should let customers develop the database by adding data.

AT&T® said, “Consumers who live in areas unserved by broadband could be encouraged to make sure their location information is in the database and add it if it is not. Consumers with access to handheld GPS devices should also be allowed to submit more accurate latitude and longitude data”.

13 Oct

Magic Leap Campus to Get 5G Network Access by Early 2019

Cheap Internet

5G Mobile Network

The telecommunications company AT&T®, which provides cheap internet and DIRECTV NOW®, will launch a 5G trial zone next year at the Magic Leap campus in Plantation, Florida. As per an AT&T® news release, having the 5G connectivity at the campus of Magic Leap in Plantation city “will give developers and creators the ability to test devices and applications where the work is being done.”

AT&T® Communications’ Chief Executive Officer, John Donovan, said, “New and immersive experiences from Magic Leap’s developers eventually riding on the AT&T® mobile 5G network will redefine entertainment and productivity.”

The best internet provider AT&T® announced the news during the first Magic Leap conference held in LA recently. It is the exclusive wireless distributor of Magic Leap One to subscribers in the US. Magic Leap One is a “mixed reality headset”, a product designed for content creators like artists and developers.

The L.E.A.P. Conference featured many speakers, comprising the CEO of Magic Leap, Rony Abovitz, and science fiction author cum the company’s Chief Futurist, Neal Stephenson. Abovitz said that the company selected LA as the location of its conference for accesses to West Coast developers, and commented that, “Holding our first conference on the West Coast helps us to start new conversations and relationships.”

Best Internet Provider

High Speed Internet

Magic Leap is now one of the most-watched tech companies in South Florida, having attracted big investments from other businesses comprising Alibaba, Google, and Saudi Arabia’s investment arm named Public Investment Fund.

The Telco giant also made another important announcement during the conference. In addition to the 5G mobile pilot network, it will launch the DIRECTV NOW® application’s beta version to the mixed reality headset Magic Leap One next year. AT&T® says that the beta app “will give you a new level of control in how and where you watch.” With the app, users of Magic leap One will be able to place a maximum of four live streams simultaneously, and they will be a cooking show, a previous film, news and the game of football.

The cheap internet provider plans to offer the content of WarnerMedia, through demonstrations in select shops, comprising scenes or characters from Warner Bros. movies reimagined for the mixed reality headset. Alongside Magic Leap, AT&T® will also host in San Francisco a Spatial Computing Hackathon from November 09 to 11, 2018.

05 Oct

Business Phone Options: Landlines vs. VoIP

Best Phone Deals

Business Phone Services

Every homeowner might have experienced setting up a phone service at their residence at least once, usually after having chosen from among the best phone deals they could find at the time. Doing this does not take nearly as much effort as it used to in the past days. Now, you only need to find out which phone companies service your neighborhood, research and compare the best phone deals, and call up the provider you decide to go with. Here, it is essential to first be clear on what your family’s phone needs are, as well as have a rough idea of the usage and budget that would work best for you. The best phone deals balance all aspects so that you get the finest service for your buck.

Business Phones

For small companies, especially startups, availing a business telephone service is about as easy as the procedure described above, except that it would cost more. For larger companies, however, the issue does not stop at the markup itself; the same holds true for organizations with clear goals of rapid growth. For such parties, it becomes imperative to figure out many things: the number of likely phone users, what calling features they would require, how many international and long-distance minutes would be used, etc. The most direct approach would be researching phone service providers and the best phone deals they offer. These days, there is also the option of getting a VoIP system instead. Following are the things to consider when getting a new business phone line.

  • Cost: Business lines typically cost more than residential ones – often by over 75 percent – but the markup does bring a number of extra calling features. The monthly cost on a business telephone system can vary based on the system type, the provider, and the plan. You could get something on the low end, like a KSU-less system; an all-out PBX system, or another option in between. The best phone deals usually land somewhere in the middle. Degree of sophistication is what mainly drives pricing, and after that comes the number of users the system is intended for.
  • Usage: Business telephone lines generally carry much higher traffic than residential ones, because there is a limit to how much the average homeowner would talk to people on a landline. The most use they would get out of it on a regular basis, is staying in touch with relatives and friends, ordering pizza, setting up doctor’s appointments, etc. Businesses, on the other hand, rely heavily on their phone systems to communicate with clients and customers, as well as collaborate with near and far-flung associates. International and long-distance calls are nigh-inevitable, and the need for these two needs to be considered carefully before syringing up with a service.
  • Equipment: Telephones used in business offices are more refined than what home phone users are likely to avail for themselves. While the latter might carry an answering machine, caller-ID, and speakerphone, a business phone system needs to be equipped to handle several lines at the same time, as well as conference these if the need arises. A VoIP service provider would require you to pay for digital IP phones as part of their best phone deals, allowing you to exploit the total extent of the services being offered. Based on your needs, the service provider would advise you on the equipment model you should probably buy.
  • Call features: While homeowners generally only need one or two lines with limited calling features, modern offices typically require access to a superior slew of features and options. You may be fully satisfied with call-waiting and voicemail on a home phone, and the same could even suffice for a home-based business. In contrast, a company looking to grow is almost sure to need multiple lines, automated call handling, call forwarding, conference calling, extension dialing, fax, dial-by-name directory, etc. To zone in on the best phone deals in this regard, you first need to have an idea of how many calls you would probably be handling at specific times of day. If multiple simultaneous calls are a given, then the setup should be able to accommodate that as well as other things.
  • Phone numbers: Residential lines get dedicated phone numbers assigned to them, and the same goes for business lines, unless the company buys a toll-free number. These can be assigned randomly, but specific vanity numbers too are buyable for an extra charge. Businesses generally set up separate numbers on which customers and clients can get in touch, while being treated to the level of professionalism they expect and desire. Toll-free numbers can be bought from phone companies, or even from providers listed online.
  • Tax deductions: For home-based businesses and individuals that work from home, the IRS allows tax deductions for those calls made for the business, which are placed from inside the residence. This could cover either itemized calls on the regular home line, or the entirety of calls connected from the second business line, assuming the latter are all business related.

Choosing Between VoIP and Landline

Best Cable Deals

Type Of Phone Systems

The modern business environment holds precious few similarities with what was common a couple of decades ago, mainly owing to technological advancements that allow for the best phone deals in the market. Companies these days can focus heavily on boosting productivity and efficiency, thanks to myriad useful introductions such as VoIP phone systems. The internet has made over how telephony is done – you no longer need a landline or a cellular service to be able to talk to people at a distance. Before choosing from the best phone deals for your business (VoIP vs. landline), you need to understand that this choice would majorly impact intra-office communications, costs, and the options available to employees and customers.

What are Landlines?

The commonly used term “landline” refers mostly to telephone using twisted pair wires made of copper which plug into a wall jack. This technology has remained pretty much the same since its invention in the 19th century. Landline phones use analog technology to send signals through switchboxes, and the latter connect the phones at each end of the conversation. The main downside to this is that new features are limited, and generally only include voicemail, caller ID, call waiting, and call blocking. Wiring is another source of concern, in that it is costly to maintain, and always takes up a lot of space. The redeeming quality of landlines is that they are highly reliable due to the use of physical wires, which are much more immune to shutdowns and interruptions.

What Is VoIP?

VoIP is short for Voice over Internet Protocol, which is a technology that facilitates calling people over the internet. These systems do not use copper wires; instead, phones are connected through the internet, which means the only setup you need is fast broadband. Calls get converted into digital signals right inside the phone, eliminating the need for physical exchanges, as well as the chaos that comes with wires.

Everything is digital, in that it all runs through the internet. Because of this, VoIP service providers can provide a plethora of useful features which allow businesses to ramp up productivity through efficient communication. In terms of reliability, VoIP works without a hitch as long as your internet connection stays uninterrupted and sufficiently fast. This is why your existing broadband weighs so heavily into the suitability of a VoIP phone system for your phone.

VoIP vs. Landline

The four main factors to compare the two by, are as follows.

  • Features: Landline phones bring only the basics under features. VoIP phones, in contrast, carry the whole spectrum of options ever devised and included in telephones: voicemail-to-email, virtual receptionist, three digit dialing, automatic call forwarding, and lots more. Advanced features that can be accessed at several office locations are always a plus, especially when they integrate well with the cloud. In current times, VoIP phones are uniquely capable of making these available to you, as well as plenty more if you choose among the best phone deals.
  • Technology: Landline phone systems work through copper wire infrastructure that is already in place in most parts of the country, and they will continue to be in use for some time. At the end of the day though, they are a legacy system which are a hassle to upgrade. Digital communication setups are quickly replacing them as the standard, and the infrastructure for these are being rapidly laid.
  • Reliability: This is one area where VoIP phones lose out to landlines, at least at present. High-speed internet can bridge most of that gap. If you are particular about this aspect of a VoIP service you are considering signing up for, talk to your ISP and find out what ways there are to ensure better connection stability.
  • Cost: One of the main reasons VoIP phones appeal so much to businesses is that they cost a lot less – to the tune of 40-80% – than traditional landline services. Having more than one of the latter set up in the office can run up costs considerably, and would further require a private branch exchange or PBX. This is hardware that needs to be maintained on-premises, which of itself can cost upwards of thousands of dollars. VoIP not only bumps off that initial outlay, but also does away with the need for expensive maintenance and service. VoIP phones are a no-brainer, especially For SMBs and startups.
  • In with the new: This just clumps the above four points, but adopting new technology into the daily operations of your business brings many benefits, much the same way as the move from cassettes and CDs to iPods did. Since digitization is inevitable, shrewd business owners may as well make us of the best that VoIP offers in relation to traditional landlines. The technology is bound to improve with time, and early transitions can often net the best advantages.

Things That Signal the Need for a New Phone System for your Business

Cheapest TV Internet Phone Bundles

High Speed Internet

You may have a phone system in your office that was top-of-the-line when you bought it a decade back, and which has since served you well in streamlining operations within the organization. Now, however, with VoIP reigning as the preferred choice among more and more companies, you may want to switch over if the following things are already happening.

  • The business phone guy is hard to get hold of: The company that installed and maintained your phone system has become hard to contact when you need them, and is also impossible to replace. This narrows your options as long as you still use a landline.
  • Compatible phones and cards are harder to find: The phone models you use are no longer being serviced, and compatible expansion cards are no longer easily available.
  • The voice mail card has crashed, and you are unable to find another one to replace it with: There were actually companies which were rendered incapable of taking voice mail from customers and clients, all because the dedicated component in their phone system would no longer work properly. In such an instance, it is a gamble to try and repair it by yourself, because there is no telling that stored messages will not get deleted.
  • Your telephone numbers are too costly: First generation landlines coming in may cause confusion where business numbers are concerned. Many straggling businesses even end up overpaying telephone companies for this service because they cannot keep track.
  • It is not possible to install business extensions at other locations: In today’s business environment, you simply cannot do without the option to call up employees at other offices using simple three-digit Without this, you could not even tell whether an employee outside the building was on the phone.
  • You are moving office to a building, which precludes voice cabling: Traditional telephone cables used to be the norm, or at least the option to lay them did. Some places pose exceptions in that only data cabling is available. This means getting a new VoIP system installed would cost a lot less than getting infrastructure for your existing landline. Moreover, doing the latter does not guarantee the old system would power up and function correctly afterwards.
  • Your salespeople require their business line forwarded to their mobile phones: The pros of this usually far outweigh the cons, making it much more sensible to get a system installed that allows call forwarding. This way, you can rest assured that your sales team would not miss customer calls if they were off-premises.
  • The phone system needs to be programmed with a dial pad: Making widespread programming changes on a traditional phone’s keypad is tedium incarnate, so the sooner you switch to a digital option, the more quickly this side of things becomes remarkably easier to handle.
29 Sep

beIN SPORTS Sign a Long-Term Renewal Agreement with Dish Network®

Dish Network Packages

Video Broadcasting Services

The executives from beIN SPORTS, a global network of sports channels, recently announced that they have signed a new long-term content distribution renewal agreement with Sling TV® and Dish Network®. This means that the sports channels of beIN SPORTS will be available in all Sling® and Dish Network® packages.

Dish Network® is one of the leading TV providers in the United States and they have been partnering with different networks and channels to offer more content to their customers. In addition to that, most of the Dish Network® packages offer customers access to a wide variety of channels with excellent TV shows, blockbuster movies, news updates, sports events, and more.

According to this new deal, customers of both Dish Network® and Sling TV® will be able to continue accessing the programs offered by beIN SPORTS. The sports channels under this global network broadcasts live football club matches from both Ligue 1 and La Liga. In addition to that, Sling TV® and Dish Network® subscribers will be able to watch races from MotoAmerica championship series and MotoGP.

The sports networks under beIN SPORTS also offer the coverage of tennis tournaments that feature some of the top players from the Women’s Tennis Association. Apart from that, game analysis, player stats, and expert opinion on different sports events will also be available to customers through the amazing sports channels of beIN SPORTS.

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The Deputy Managing Director for the US and Canada division of beIN SPORTS, Antonio Briceño, said, “This renewal, which allows beIN SPORTS’ availability across the U.S. via both satellite and over-the-top streaming, could not come at a more exciting time given the new soccer season and the kick-off of the Conference USA football season. These popular sporting events have proven to be fan favorites, and we’re thrilled that both our existing Dish® and Sling TV® viewers will be able to catch all of the action this fall.”

Commenting on the reports, the Vice President of Sling® and DishLATINO, Alfredo Rodriguez Diaz-Marta, said, “Our goal is to deliver great content at a great value, connecting our viewers to the news, sports and entertainment they want in both Spanish and English. We are pleased to continue our relationship with beIN SPORTS, delivering fans the season’s must-see soccer matches and coverage.”

Customers who are planning to subscribe to the TV service of Dish Network® to enjoy the contents of beIN SPORTS should check whether the sports channels are available in all Dish Network® packages or not before making a buying decision.


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