What Is Digital Cable TV

While searching for television services, the first thing that you need to decide is the way you need to get connected to the service. There are many options like cable TV, Fiber Optic TV, or satellite TV for you to choose from, and these services make use of different technologies to deliver the services. Moreover, all these options are available with a variety of pricing and add-ons and their own set of benefits.

Many users prefer cable TV services over satellite and Fiber Optic TV, as most of the cable TV providers offer a wide variety of channels and allow users to choose the channels they want. If you are looking for the best cable deals, you can choose from the plans offered by the cheap cable providers like Comcast Xfinity® and Charter Spectrum®.

Note that cable TV does not have to be expensive to be good. If you are in the search of affordable and cheap cable deals, you will need to compare the cable services that are offered by the various providers in your area.

Digital Cable TV

Digital cable TV is a cable distribution mechanism that has introduced a transformation in the TV viewing experience. With the digital cable TV, users will have better picture and sound quality with a wide selection of channels. In June 2009, the United States Federal Communications Commission made the nationwide switch to the digital TV. This replaced the analog signals that entertained the viewers for the past sixty years with digital TV signals, which offered clear picture and sound.

Benefits of Digital Cable TV

The advanced technology used in digital cable TV transmission makes it easy to compress the signals and transmit it to more distance than the analog TV signals. This is because the digital TV signals can transmit more than one TV channels at the same time by compressing the signals, whereas the analog signals can handle the transmission of only one channel at a time. This makes digital cable TV a very cheap cable TV offering.

By using the available bandwidth more efficiently, digital TV companies can provide the subscribers with more value added features like High Definition programming and non-TV services like interactivity and multimedia. Digital cable TV services also offer special services like other language channels and program guides. What’s more, with the introduction of the digital cable TV services, almost all of the TV stations these days are offering 100% digital, high clarity signals to the homes of their subscribers.