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DIRECT vs DISH Cheap Satellite TV Pricing

When you’re shopping around for satellite TV, one of the most critical steps is figuring out how many channels you’ll need and the max you’re willing to pay. To help you out, we’ve put together a list of the base prices for the leading satellite TV packages available (see table below). Keep in mind these prices are BEFORE any of the current deals or bonuses, so they’re mostly just for reference (ie, to compare the relative cost of each package). Click the banners above to view the latest promotional prices.

Once you’ve settled on your target price, don’t forget to compare the premium sports and family programming options for more specialty channel and broadcasting lineups. We’ve tried just about every package in this table and there’s really no dud in the lot. For most, it comes down to how many different types of channels you’ll need and the amount of time your household spends watching TV (vs online streaming, treks to the movie theater, etc). Fortunately, both DIRECT and DISH let you easily up or downgrade packages without penalty, so if you’re stuck, go with the cheaper package and upgrade if/when needed.

DIRECTV Package # channels Monthly Price
SELECT™ 145+ $50.00
ENTERTAINMENT » 150+ $55.00
CHOICE™ » 175+ $60.009
XTRA » 220+ $70.00
ULTIMATE™ » 240+ $75.00
PREMIER™ » 315+ $125.00
Add HD to any package Yvaries/package $10

DISH Package # channels Monthly Price

(formerly DISH Family)

55+ $19.99
AMERICA’S TOP 120 » 190+ $29.99
AMERICA’S TOP 200 » 240+ $39.99
AMERICA’S TOP 250 » 290+ $39.99
Add HD to any package varies/package $10 Free for life

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