Comparing Satellite TV vs. Cable TV

Cheapest cable TV providers in the country such as AT&T®, Comcast Xfinity®, Dish Network®, DirecTV®, and Cox® offer services in several parts of the country. So, both satellite TV and cable TV services will be most probably available in your location, which means that you enjoy the luxury of choosing between these two excellent options.

However, the availability of these different types of TV services often raises confusion among customers, as they are unable to decide which one would be the right TV service for their needs. Below are a few simple points that will help you determine whether you should opt for a cable TV service or a satellite TV service.

High Definition

It is true that most of the TV customers in the country need more HD contents in their TV channel package. Satellite TV service providers offer a better selection of HD national channels whereas cheapest cable TV providers have an incredible selection of local HD channels. So, if you wanted to watch popular channels in the country in HD, it would be wiser to go for satellite TV.

You should also note that some HD channels are included in every basic TV packages. However, popular channels such as Showtime and HBO are usually included in expensive packages only or they will be offered as add-on channels.


Cable TV service providers use a wireless router and then wire it to the set-top boxes that are placed adjacent to your TV sets. In addition, cable TV service requires another wired connection, which begins at a trunk line in the neighborhood and goes to the connection point in your home.

On the other hand, satellite TV providers attach a dish to the side or roof of your home. Even though dishes are usually positioned unobtrusively, it might affect the look of your home. Additionally, satellite dishes may also get damaged quickly since they are exposed to exterior elements.

Paid Content

Both satellite and cable TV services offer a wide variety of excellent channels. Most of the TV service providers usually allow their customers to access and watch the contents of premium channels such as HBO, Starz, and Showtime for free for a limited number of months. Besides that, TV providers also regularly update their paid content offering to steer ahead of competitors and to lure in more customers to their offerings.

It doesn’t matter whether you are opting for cable or satellite TV, make sure to compare the TV plans of different providers because it will help you acquire better deals.