DirecTV, a satellite TV provider, is a subsidiary of AT&T. DirecTV provides its coverage in all the 50 states in US.

With a good customer service, it is able to serve millions of customers in US. In order to cater to the needs and interests of its customers, DirecTV offers several packages.

DirecTV packages are aimed at serving the sports, music, movie, game shows, and other types of entertainment lovers. It serves as a family entertainment provider. Let us take a glimpse at the features of DirecTV.


DirecTV Features and Advantages


DirecTV provides packages starting from a price of $35 per month for 12 months. Wide range of packages is available, which can be chosen as per your interests.

The provider offers a good picture and sound quality due to its HD picture quality feature. It also provides provision to record the TV programs and view them later on through its HD DVR feature.

The satellite TV provider is also able to provide parental controls to block the channels which you would prefer your children not to watch. You can then use the special codes to unblock the channels, when you require.

Having a good coverage in US, it is easy for the customers if they shift their residence to some other location in US. They need not have to look in for another provider. Instead, they can easily move their services to their new location.

All these features and advantages give the required flexibility and facility to bring all your entertainment at your doorstep.


DTV International Channels with Focus on Vietnamese Channels


DirecTV provides a world-class entertainment to its audience through its international packages. This includes several popular channels from around the world, including, but, not limited to English channels, Spanish Channels, and Vietnamese channels.

You can add the DTV international channels as per your choice. It is possible to choose the international add-ons by calling the customer representatives or by having a chat with them.

Customer service representatives are available 24/7 to serve the DirecTV customers. The customers can ask any queries regarding the packages, prices, and others, for which, they are ready to provide apt resolutions.

For its Vietnamese subscribers’ community, DirecTV has the VietDirect Plus package, which offers eight popular channels at a monthly rate of $19.99. This is the low cost Vietnamese package which provides 100% entertainment to its Vietnamese customers.

The channels included in the package are SBTN, Honviet, Tai Seng Vietnam, Little Saigon Radio, Vietface TV, Viet Global Network, Vien Thao, and TViet Network. Your base package can also added with SBTN as la carte. Let us take a look at the channel names and numbers of the Vietnamese channels in the package.

Vietnamese TV Packages on DirecTV




Saigon Broadcasting Television Network (SBTN) Vietnamese programming network that broadcasts movies, children’s programming, sports, talk shows, news, and more in Vietnamese language for 24 hours.

Top music shows in this channel include Vietnamese pop idol TRISH and Lam Quynh’s Music Show. Uyen Thy & Bep Nha Ta Nau is a popular cooking show hosted by Uyen Thy, featuring authentic gourmet and diverse Vietnamese dishes in SBTN.

News programs in the channel include Story of the Day and Law and Society, which is a legal talk show presenting participants including lawyers, who debate on the latest issues faced by the Vietnamese people.


Viet Global Network


This is a US based channel, which airs Vietnamese programs like the top reality shows, top game shows, and the top dramas.


Tai Seng Vietnam


This channel offers the latest and the best Vietnamese dubbed movies and TV series from China, Korea, and other Asian countries.


Vien Thao


This channel is devoted to enriching, entertaining, informing, and empowering Vietnamese families and audiences in US. Chuan Com Me Nau is a hilarious and exciting game show in this channel, where family members team up to cook a meal.


Vietface TV


This channel has some of the famous and entertaining Vietnamese shows like Paris by Night and V-Star. It offers a mix of lifestyle shows, fashion, music, and dramas.


Little Saigon Radio


This is the premier Vietnamese radio station in United States. Programs include music, news, talk shows, commentary, children’s programming, and current events, which runs 24-hours.




This channel offers a large variety of programs ranging from popular movies, Korean dramas (dubbed in Vietnamese), reality shows, documentaries, and much more.

Do Thanh & Nghe Sy is a celebrated live TV talk show in this channel, featuring a panel of famous entertainment and news personalities who discuss current events and various topics with host Do Thanh.


TViet Network


This channel offers exciting dramas, cooking shows, movies, and documentaries from all over Asia.




Taking into consideration various communities, DirecTV offers its international packages. Thus DirecTV is considered as one of the prominent TV providers delivering a quality service to various communities around the globe.

With the Vietnamese package, DirecTV provides ultimate entertainment to satisfy the needs of its Vietnamese customers at affordable prices.