DirecTV is a satellite TV service owned by AT&T. It provides coverage in almost all the 50 states in US. There are many satellite TV services in US. Yet, DirecTV has a huge customer base and popularity, serving millions of customers.

You can watch DirecTV with HD quality. In spite of it, there are several additional features like DVR which allows recording your favorite programs and watching it later, viewing the details of the programs, and many others.

DirecTV Packages

DirecTV offers six packages, which are Select, Entertainment, Choice, Xtra, Unlimited, and Premier. The packages offer a range of channels which include more than 150 to 325 channels. Let us take a look at the various factors of DirecTV which make it popular.

DirecTV Ready TV – Know The Compatible Television Models

It is possible to choose your packages based on your choice of channels and also on your budget. In order to save your money, you can bundle your TV services with internet and phone services.

Benefits of DirecTV

A drastic change has taken place due to the introduction of satellite TV, which is the improvement in quality of picture and sound. Also the cost is affordable compared to the entertainment and picture quality provided by the cable TV.

The DirecTV packages assure you with the maximum entertainment to all your family members whatever may be their age. You can watch your favorite programs like sports, news, kids channels, movies, shopping channels, and others.

There might be certain programs which you would like to hide from your kids as they are meant for adults. In such cases, DirecTV allows features to block the channels.

HD and Ultra HD services have been introduced to the DirecTV customers to have them watch the channels with good picture quality. It is possible to upgrade your packages to view the HD channels.

DirecTV also provides DirecTV app, which is the streaming entertainment service of DirecTV.

DirecTV provides a sports package, namely, NFL Sunday Ticket. NFL Sunday Ticket gives access to live sports happening out, every Sunday.

DirecTV also allows you to record your favorite shows and programs that you have missed, when you go out with your family or kids. This gives an opportunity to relish your favorite programs without missing them.


What’s DirecTV Ready TV?

One of the latest technologies added to DirecTV is RVU. This facility is actually a built-in feature which allows you to watch DirecTV services along with HD DVR facility, without having a receiver, when you are using it as an additional television in your Genie HD DVR setup.

This technology is like a virtual set top box which can be used to record programs and watch content.

If you are not using DirecTV Ready models, you will need to use Genie Mini in order to access Genie HD DVR.


Is your TV DirecTV Ready?

The system comprises of a server, which is an RVU compliant source. It sends TV programs to your home RVU compliant TV.

Several popular television models are compatible with DirecTV ready feature. Few of them to name would definitely include Samsung, LG, Toshiba, and Sony. Here is a list of TVs and their model details which are compatible and can access DIRECTV Ready feature.



Samsung is one of the popular brands which possesses numerous models compatible with DirecTV Ready feature. Samsung introduced smart TVs from the year 2012 onwards, which are quite compatible with DirecTV Ready feature.

At the same time, there are models which were introduced in Samsung after 2014, which have some compatibility issues. The models are 5201, 6201, 5203, and 6203 series.

Samsung TV models like J6300, J5500, J550D, and J630D are also compatible with DirecTV Ready feature.



LG is yet another famous brand which is quite competitive to Samsung and has introduced many DirecTV Ready TV models. The list of models include LB7200, LB7100, LB6500, and LB6300. These models were introduced in 2014.

The LG models, LF6300 and EG9100, which are also compatible to DirecTV Ready feature were introduced in 2015.



Toshiba is also a renowned brand in the market, which has also introduced a model 55L7400U in 2014. This model is compatible with DirecTV Ready feature.



Sony is also a trademark brand in the world of television. The models Sony BRAVIA R550A and R520A series were released in 2013 which are compatible to DirecTV Ready feature.

The other models which are also compatible to DirecTV Ready feature include KDL-75W850C, KDL-65W850C, KDL-55W800C, and KDL-50W800C. These models were introduced in 2015.



With a satisfactory customer service, DirecTV possesses millions of customers throughout US.

As the aforementioned television models of the popular brands are DirecTV Ready TVs, you can watch DirecTV with HD DVR functionality without any disturbance