Vietnamese TV Packages On DirecTV

DirecTV Family Package

DirecTV Vietnamese

DirecTV offers the best programming in its international packages. For its Vietnamese subscribers community, DirecTV has the VietDirect Plus package, which offers eight popular channels at a monthly rate of $19.99.

The channels included in the package are SBTN, Tai Seng Vietnam, Honviet, Little Saigon Radio, Viet Global Network, Vietface TV, TViet Network and Vien Thao. You can also add SBTN as la carte to your base package.

SBTN (Channel no. 2072)

Saigon Broadcasting Television Network (SBTN) is a 24-hour Vietnamese programming network that broadcasts movies, news, sports, talk shows, children’s programming, and more in Vietnamese.

Top music shows include Vietnamese pop idol TRISH and Lam Quynh’s Music Show. Uyen Thy & Bep Nha Ta Nau is a popular cooking show hosted by Uyen Thy, featuring authentic gourmet and diverse Vietnamese dishes.

News programs include Story of the Day and Law and Society, which is a legal talk show presenting participants including lawyers, who debate on the latest issues faced by the Vietnamese people.

Viet Global Network (Channel no. 2073)

This is a US based channel, which airs Vietnamese programs like the top game shows, top reality shows, and the top dramas.

Tai Seng Vietnam (Channel no. 2074)

This channel offers the latest and the best Vietnamese dubbed movies and TV series from Korea, China, and other Asian countries.

Vien Thao (Channel no. 2075)

This channel is devoted to entertaining, enriching, informing, and empowering Vietnamese families and audiences in the US. Chuan Com Me Nau is a hilarious and exciting game show where family members team up to cook a meal.

Vietface TV (Channel no. 2076)

This channel has some of the hottest Vietnamese shows like V-Star and Paris by Night. It offers a mix of music, fashion, lifestyle shows, and dramas.

Little Saigon Radio (Channel no. 2077)

This is the premier Vietnamese radio station in the United States. Programs include music, news, talk shows, commentary, current events, and children’s programming, which runs 24-hours.

Honvietv (Channel no. 2078)

DirecTV Select Package

International Channels

This channel offers a large variety of programs ranging from popular movies, reality shows, Korean dramas (dubbed in Vietnamese), documentaries, and much more.

Do Thanh & Nghe Sy is a celebrated live TV talk show in this channel, featuring a panel of famous entertainment and news personalities who discuss current events and various topics with host Do Thanh.

TViet Network (Channel no. 2079)

This channel offers exciting dramas, movies, cooking shows, and documentaries from all over Asia.