Dish TV and DirecTV are the top brand satellite TV providers in US. Both the TV providers are present in all the 50 states. Both of them provide a professional customer service and free installation.

It would be worthy to go in for these providers as they provide a satisfactory channel line-ups and DVR functionalities. Let us take a quick look at their features.

Comparison of Features

Both the providers offer multiple packages comprising of numerous channels catering to the needs of customers with varied interests and age groups. The satellite providers provide quality service to movie, music, sports, and entertainment lovers.

As there are a wide range of channels and packages available with both, it is easy to choose the packages as per your choice and budget.

With both the providers, you can have some of the advantages like having more than 200 HD channels and HD DVR facility.

The DVR facility allows the customers to record the programs and watch them when they get time later on. The HD feature helps the customers to obtain a high picture quality.

Dish Offers $250 In Savings If You Switch from Your Provider

These satellite TV networks provide a price guarantee period, which helps the customers to have a breathing time on entering the service, before they face a huge bill. This facility also helps the customers to save money during the price guarantee period.

Switching Over from DirecTV

Dish TV offers incentives to customers who move from DirecTV, and they are so serious that said incentives comprise pretty heavy savings.

The satellite provider is trying out a new marketing strategy where DirecTV customers can save a substantial price of $250 a year by switching over to Dish. Customers who are able to prove at the end of the year that they didn’t save as much will get a refund.

The company has set up a website for customers who want a go at the promotion. Existing DirecTV customers can head over to and avail themselves of the offer, which runs through April 8.

Chief Marketing Officer James Moorhead says the change in marketing tactics is based on the need to address aspects such as pricing and technology, so as to distinguish Dish from rivals. In recent years, Dish has been involved mostly in incorporating new technologies such as the Hopper DVR, as well as the controversial ad-skipping speed-up feature.

Until now, the company has not been this aggressive about marketing itself as a low-cost satellite TV provider, which is the main appeal it has garnered among the masses while climbing to the top of the Pay-TV arena. Moorhead said in an interview that “superior technology and the best price in the industry” could drive people to witch providers, and that the current approach is way to talk about both these things, “not one in isolation of another.”

Dish claims it has never used a savings/rebate strategy, and says this shows the rising challenges faced by the operator, especially in light of disputes with TV programmers. Moreover, Dish does not sell bundled TV, voice, internet services, the way phone and cable companies do.

Enticing customers buying lower-end services from DirecTV, their major competitor, is a more logical step than trying to win back customers from Charter, Comcast, or Time Warner Cable. It is obvious that the Dish versus DirecTV battle is set to pick up momentum.

Potential new customers will need to register on its website, sign up for a 24-month contract, as well as submit for a credit check. If the first year’s savings falls below $250, customers can turn in their last monthly DirecTV bill for online verification. If this supports their claim and Dish agrees, they will get a $250 prepaid card.

Moorhead opines that this approach aims to win over both high-value customers and more cost-conscious customers. “Consumers don’t want to stay home on a Saturday and miss their kids’ soccer game to get a new pay TV provider installed in their house. You have to give them a real reason,” he added.


If you are interested in watching more number of channels, then, DirecTV would be the best choice. At the same time, after a year, there is a change in price, when people look for another option, when they are particular at lowering the cost.

Dish TV offers a price guarantee for 2 years, which would be a good competitor for DirecTV. At the same time, both the providers offer a reliable service, which is of no doubt.