What Is Satellite TV Service?

Satellite TV services work by sending digital signals to your home from satellites that are hovering above the Earth. The signals are one-way signals that are transmitted from the broadcast stations to the satellites and then to your home.

As these signals need to travel much to reach your house, there can be a small delay in reception. However, the delay is very small and it averages to just 600 ms, meaning that the satellite TV can be 600 ms slower than the other earthbound TV options like Fiber TV or Cable TV.

Comparing Satellite TV Providers

Although there are many satellite TV providers in the US, DirecTV® and Dish Network® are two reputable names in the industry, and both of them offer great entertainment experience. Nonetheless, when comparing the satellite TV services in your area, you will need to keep the below factors in your mind.


Satellite TV providers offer many bonuses and benefits to subscribers, together with great prices. To attract more and more people to their services, these TV providers offer discounted packages in some select markets. They have also increased the number of channels available at the same price in some other markets.

Contract Terms

It is also important for you to understand the terms and length of the contract with the TV provider. The first year of service can be a great bargain, but you need to confirm that the same pricing applies for the full contract period. In addition, it is important for you to understand the contract period duration, as you may feel the need to change the TV provider later.

Number Of Devices

The satellite TV provider may charge you separately for connecting extra TV or device to the network. Therefore, you will need to enquire and understand if there is a charge to connect more devices to the service network, as it can help avoid confusions in the future.

Bundled Packages

Bundling the satellite TV service with internet and home phone service is a very good idea to cut costs, but before that, you will need to find out if the satellite TV provider is offering services in your locality that support bundling. Bundled packages can also help you avoid the hassle of many bills, as you will get a single bill for all the three services.

Add-Ons And Bonuses

Satellite TV providers like Dish Network® and DirecTV® offer some of the popular TV channels in High Definition and if your television supports High Definition video, you can opt for such packages. In addition, they also provide DVR facility that can help you record your favorite programs and watch them later.